Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY: Cork Vases -- A Tutorial

After I did my "Cork Poppers Go Italian" post, Linda had asked me for a tutorial on the vases my friend Barb pulled together for our wine tasting (modeled below by Anne).

 I touched base with her on the details, and here you go!



Barb uses the little amphora-shaped glass holders from Bath and Body Works (to plug room fragrances into). You could also use a small glass vase available at craft supply stores

You will also need wine corks, a rubber band and a sturdy glue. Barb recommends Household Goop for the glue. She says it's flexible even when cured.


Taking your amphora, vase or small jar/bottle, glue corks around the edge. In the case of the amphora bottles, the corks will actually be the base on which the pointed bottle rests, so be sure that they are flush with a hard surface.

As you glue the corks around the edge, work around the side of your vase. You can go all the way or only part way. On the amphora vials here, there are openings, and the corks don't totally circle the vessel.

Hold the corks in place with a rubber band as they dry -- be sure to give the glue plenty of time to cure. If you are making them for a party, do them well in advance.

After they are completely dry, remove the rubber band and fill the vial or bottle with water and insert your flower.

You may also add a place card glued to a skewer and use raffia or ribbon as an added embellishment.

Barb has done more fun things with corks than I can count -- including this very simple arrangement -- just piling corks into tall vases for an impressive display.

Thanks, Barb, for the idea and sharing the instructions! I know I'm going to give them a try! Hope you do, too!


Mae Travels said...

I saved all our wine corks for years -- never thought of anything to do with them. Finally someone had a use for them and I gave them away, now throw them away. Too bad I'm not a craft person!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

What a grand idea! Thank you Jeanie, for sharing Barb's ideas.

Marilyn said...

Very clever!
Now my mind is thinking.
Love getting ideas to swim
around in my head.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is such a great idea and a really fun way to repurpose something like the wallflower container that you would otherwise throw away! Very cool. Thanks for sharing instructions on how to do it - this sounds easy enough that I could do it! May be something to consider for a future Julia Child Night!

Joanne Huffman said...

Looks like a fun project.

~*~Patty S said...

Great use of corks and so nice of you and your friend to share Jeanie.
Corks have a way of piling up don't they ;)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh, aren't these a great idea! I love the shape of that little bottle; it has an ancient look to it! Happy weekend, Jeanie! Anita

shoreacres said...

This really is a clever idea - and it's even better to have the step-by-step instructions to make it clear. I'd have to work a little to collect enough corks, though! Obviously, more wine is required!

Arti said...

Good to know the how-to instructions of cork crafts, and I'm attracted more by your very artistic close-up photos. ;)

Retired English Teacher said...

Thanks for the idea and the tutorial. Those would be so cute for a variety of parties.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Barb is very artistic - clever girl!
Thank you Jeanie for providing the tutorial as I wondered about it too!
Sadly most of our wine bottles are screw top now - I prefer the corks.

Bella Rum said...

Corks are so versatile. What a clever and pretty way to use them. I like the color of Barb's scarf.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you for your visit Jeanie.
Have a wonderful week.

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