Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things I've Noticed Recently...

Google Friend Still Works

I thought when Google Reader disappeared, Google Friend blog follow was part of that. For those of you who haven't noticed, when you follow as Google Friend you can still see the new blogs pop up in your dashboard and you can also follow others. I didn't discover this till way too late in my blogging life!

So, if you don't already follow me one way or another and you are interested in following The Marmelade Gypsy or my book blog, Chopsticks and String, you can still do so through GoogleFriend, bloglovin' or email (those links are on my sidebar).

Construction Makes Me Crazy

This isn't a new observation, but one that has popped up often here in Michigan! By the time they finish the highway change on my route to work, I will have retired! In Michigan we have two seasons -- Winter and Under Construction. Old joke; still works. (The cherries symbolize orange barrels.)

My Garden Doesn't Deserve the Name

I've always said I loved English gardens that look all akimbo -- a mass of colors, all seemingly unrelated (but I'm smart enough to know they are always planned.)
Mine is looking like that -- only not really. Everything is popping up and it's rather pretty -- and completely out of control. I can't keep it weeded well, I can't deadhead fast enough. Still -- it makes me smile when I come home.
At least most of the herbs are in pots where they can be controlled! Of course, one still has to water...

I am More Vain than I Like to Think

When I had the shingles, I couldn't get my hair colored. There are a lot of good reasons for this and if you ever have shingles on your head you will understand them all. Going gray for awhile didn't seem so bad.
But I realize that it's really getting to me -- and not in a good way. While the halo around my hairline is interesting, it doesn't necessarily make me feel good about myself. Therefore, a long last -- Voila!
(Note to Self: If you have a hair appointment and get head shingles again, make another for six weeks out when you cancel the original so you don't have to wait and extra four to get in!)

Lizzie Cosette Is Losing Her Inner Alley Cat

And that's OK. My girl is becoming sweeter by the day -- she's even tolerating holding a little longer when we practice (which hasn't been often lately because it's too bloody hot.) And when I'm having a bad day, all I have to do is look at her and I just smile.

Every Minute I Spend at the Lake is Lovely

Well, almost every minute. Nasty squirrel damage aside! We recently celebrated Rick's birthday at the cottage.
His mom added his name to the birthday cake we bought (he'll get a real one in a later celebration -- my famous carrot/pineapple/coconut cake. This had to do for now. And it was quite delicious!
I love the simple things at the lake -- Rick playing music...
...and his bread baking!
Warm days and cool  nights.
The weekend ended when I dropped them off at the family reunion at Torch Lake. Sigh. But I came back for merriment at the end of the week and I'll post about that soon!
Life is good.


Shelia Williamson said...

Well Jeanie, you're cute as a button both ways. But I'm like you, I'm keeping my grays covered up. I'm so sorry you had the shingles. I've had them too and they are so painful - but not on my head! I had them about 3 years ago and since I've gotten the shingles shot now. It won't keep me from having them again but hopefully not as bad as the first time. Now enough of that, your little kitty is so sweet.
Love your smile and I always appreciate your visits.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Jeanie,
First, I love your sense of humor.
We have two seasons, winter and under construction.. What a hoot!

I think your flowers are beautiful, and as for the weeds.. Well, weeds are but an unloved flower. Potted plants.. I see yours are doing well... You cannot trust me with them.. I will always forget to water.

I am so sorry to hear you had the Shingles.. Oh gosh, and on your head.. I have never had them, thank goodness.

I don't blame Lizzie Cosette.. Who wants to be out in the heat.. She looks quite comfortable.
Such beautiful photos of you and your family.. What a lovely time you must have had.
Enjoy your week my friend.

Joanne Huffman said...

I have to admit I'm too lazy to color my hair and have been grey for years; in fact, I'm starting to turn white. I think you look lovely with grey hair; but you're also very cute with brown hair. I like your observations and I'm glad you have your lake house - damn the squirrel! Good for Lizzie for becoming more domesticated.

Joanne Huffman said...
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Beth M. said...

Lizzie's sweetened demeanor + snuggly pose on the bed is a like page directly from Sebastian's story, when he transformed from "the scared-of-everything abandoned kitten" into "Mr. Sebastian Whiskerboots". :)

Tracy said...

Oh, but I love English garden style and have dreamed of a garden like the ones featured in the British edition of Country Living... Alas, climate differences, and realizing my thumbs aren't as green as they could be... My Country Living garden dreams I've had to settle for less of... LOL! Interesting with the Google Friends! Don't you look sweet with your hair newly colored! That color looks good for you. LOVELY to see Miss Lizzie C. Happy Birthday to Rick! Any chance of a recipe/link to your carrot/pineapple/coconut cake?! That sounds sooo good! I baked some bread today and shared it at my place for Lammas. Rick's loaves look much nicer--more "artisan"! Oh, yes, life is GOOD! :o) Fun there today, Jeanie--thank you! :o) ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

I like that there are good things about all that you have been noticing lately. Your garden looks beautiful. I would have a hard time keeping all those pots watered.
I had coffee with a friend yesterday and we were talking about when we would quit coloring our hair....she said never and I'm not sure, but not anytime soon. :)

I need orange said...

One of my husband's college friend's parents had a cabin at Torch. I have many fond memories of going up there....

I'm so glad you have your peaceful cabin to retreat to. And your beautiful garden and your lovely cat in your everyday life! :-)

Anonymous said...

You look great, Jeanie, gray or no grays. Your smile steals the show. :)
Love the garden and the bread. Happy birthday to Rick.
As far as google and all the crazy warnings and changes I needlessly panicked about, nothing changed just as you mentioned here. Google friend connect and blogroll still works as usual so I stuck with it after all.

Bella Rum said...

Guitar music and home baked bread, these are the important things.

So happy that you have you color back. I'm a redhead. You look beautiful in any color.

Happy birthday, Rick.

Lizzie looks so comfy.

I love those kinds of gardens. I had a perennial bed when I lived in MD and it always made me smile.

Retired English Teacher said...

Ahhh, life IS good indeed. So good to read your news. I went gray very early in life and colored my hair until I was in my mid or early sixties. I finally just got tired of coloring it. I loved my silver hair. Notice the use of past tense. Just today, I set up an appointment to get my hair cut and discussed coloring. We decided against it. I have a rather nasty form of alopecia. I have not written about it. It is on the attack again and hair is falling out like crazy. I say, I love hair no matter what color it is!

I love your garden, you photos of the cabin, and of course of your sweet kitty. Glad you are feeling better.

HerzBlatt said...

You seem to feel quite good, dear Jeanie. Am I right? Sorry, that I didn`t comment such a long time but my grandchild from Berlin was here and I was very busy.
I don`t like grey hair....I never would like to have my hair grey and let me say, you look much much better with the coloured hair...especially much younger!! I haven`t got grey hair,I have the opposite problem... my hair becomes dark brown, but an unsightly brown when I don`t colour it....But your brown hair looks great and your lovely eyes shine much more!!
Perhaps you write me how you feel at the moment...I would be happy!!
Best wishes

Linda said...

You've had quite a time lately. I hope things are calm now and it looks like you are enjoying each moment and smelling the flowers!

Marilyn said...

Though I am an avid follower I see I have never follow you, so now you have a new follower - me.
I like all the things you noticed from Rick's birthday at the lake, your sweet Cosette, your hair adventure, and your garden. I am so use to seeing you with dyed hair I wouldn't recognize you with white. I just never got around to dying my hair, so that is what people and me are use to. Enjoy snuggles with your fur baby.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Even with shingles, you manage
to have a beautiful life:)
I think it must be the inner beauty
you carry.
It's stronger than the messy stuff
of living, for sure.
thanks for sharing the light,

Paulita said...

What a lot of fun photos and facts. So sorry about the shingles. I have a friend who does henna. I wonder if that would work even while you have singles? She adds coffee to it to make the color darker and less red. Her hair is lovely. I learned something -- I wasn't a follower of your blog. So I joined!

Jenny Woolf said...

It always pleases me to see wild or semi wild flowers popping up. Perhaps it's not what a garden designer would want, but I like it!

Shelia Williamson said...

Thanks for popping in to see me Jeanie! Hope you have a good weekend.
Be a sweetie,Shelia ;)

Peter Olson said...

Nice to see you with your hair a little grey! I think it fits you well, but the choice is yours!

I like a lot in thi s post, but of course especially your last statement: Life is good! I already feel a lot more optimistic this morning! :-)

shoreacres said...

My goodness - I never ever would have imagined you with gray hair. It truly does look good both ways. Me? I'm another of the gray-heading-to-white crowd, but I don't care a bit. I don't want to spend either the money or the time keeping up with it, and it doesn't really bother me. I will say that it surprises me now and then when I get under fluorescent light!

Lizzie is turning into the littl homebody, isn't she? What a life our critters have - and of course they deserve them.

Happy birthday to Rick! I think I remember you making that cake last year, but whether you did or didn't, it certainly looks good.

What are these cool nights you speak of? We did get down to 75 one night last week, but I'm not sure that qualifies!

Cottage and Broome said...

Jeanie, sorry to hear you had shingles they are so painful I know! Looks like you all were having a great time at the reunion. That bread looks wonderful I have tried my hand at no knead bread baking this summer. Have a great weekend, Laura

Janet said...

I like this kind of post where you give us little bits and pieces about your life. It lets us learn more about you.

That photo of Rick beside the fireplace makes me yearn for cooler temps. I love having a fire in the evenings but not in the summer here!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

It is nice knowing that you have a lovely retreat, complete with a musician and baker! Your wildflowers are just fine and the slightly unkempt growing arrangement suit these flowers.

I am not sure that I would notice the gray in your hair. You have a smile that would win a prize and starry twinkles in your eyes.

Yes, life is good.


BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Your garden is lovely. I came back from the lake yesterday to find some unloved flowers in full bloom..."volunteers" would be another term. :) Glad life is good!

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