Sunday, August 4, 2013

Minisa 2013

It hardly seemed a year that I had met many of Rick's aunts and cousins at the family reunion on his mother's side. We recently gathered at Minisa, the family summer cottage on Torch Lake.
Torch is a very large, very cold lake.
And it is as blue as one can imagine -- even on a less than perfect day.
Minisa is more than a cottage -- with five bedrooms, this log cabin built in the 1920s is more of a summer home, and the perfect place for the Acklins to gather.
I dropped Rick and his mom off on the first Sunday and caught up with some of the cousins. I knew that when I left, I would be missing the renewal of Jim and Becky's vows for their 50th anniversary. They had spent their honeymoon at Minisa -- now they were there with their children and grandchildren.
When I returned the following Friday, all of Rick's brothers were there. It was the first time we'd had a photo of the five boys in years, this time with their mom.
Terrific meals on the big table on the porch.
Crossword puzzles, where everyone chipped in.
The fireplace and living room are empty in this photo...
...but it was pretty nippy later in the week. That meant stories by the fire -- both read and told. (There were lots of fires in the huge stone fireplace!)
Time for grandmother and grandson...
...and for lots of catching up. Rick and his brothers are spread around the country -- it was good to be all together.
The family pulled together a very long family tree on a very long roll of paper.
Later Rick and his cousin Kim (there were lots of Kims here!) recreated part of it for the "book."
And everyone had to sign the log book -- there are volumes of notebooks going back decades.
Everyone loved it when the dinner bell rang, because we knew we were in for a treat!
There was a shopping trip into the village of Alden with Rick's sisters-in-law and niece.
The town was charming and I couldn't resist a couple of photos of the shops...
...and gardens.
This fence was so "up north" pretty!
And this is northern Michigan during cherry season!
Of course we couldn't resist a market...
...or two!
Kim picked up some blueberries for blueberry pie.
It was the best any had ever eaten!
There was time for Petoskey stone hunting, too (we had some luck at that!).
And of course, there was always an unexpected discovery!
There were lots of photos -- I liked this one...
....and this one, too! (It was hard for us not to laugh!)
But I think my favorite is this (thanks to Olivia, who had a timer on her camera!)
As the weekend drew to a close and people headed back to Arizona, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts, Indiana and Minnesota, there was Rick -- last to leave.
And leaving the way he loves best!
Another gathering past. May we meet again -- for all the best reasons and in a spot we love!


Tracy said...

What a wonderful gathering... and so much fun! LOVE the kiss photo! ;o) My father's side of the family has a big family reunion annually. Sadly, we are seldom Stateside to be along.. but hopefully a gathering that will keep going through the years. Thanks for sharing your family with us, Jeanie ((HUGS))

Joanne Huffman said...

Great pictures. I can feel the good time, just by reading your great description and looking at the photos.

The Old Parsonage said...

How wonderful that you were all able to gather as a family. Loved the family history of the lake - congrats to the "newlyweds - 50yrs"


Marilyn Miller said...

Magnificent! How I would love a place like this and a family gathering such as this one. How very, very special. I can just picture sitting by that fireplace, playing games, sharing stories, and of course delicious food.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne, You have done it again, captured the essence and joy of a week. I am so glad you will be free to spend the whole week in the future! And a special, public, thanks to Mary Blanchard for all she does to keep Minisa in the family. In some ways it was a nice change of pace to have cold weather so we could enjoy the fireplace. And as usual, your pictures are wonderful. Kitty

Beth M. said...

kiss photo = adoorrr-able!!! :)

and i really, really love the unexpected kermit, too!
(miss piggy must have been at the market buying up all the delicious things.)

Mae Travels said...

That looks like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. I hope your petosky-stone finds were really good!

~*~Patty S said...

Looks like such a wonderful and special spot to gather and enjoy!!!

That rocky shore could keep me entertained for a long long while.

You always tell stories so well Jeanie with super photos and your perfect narrative!


Jenny Woolf said...

Oh goodness, Jeanie, this looks wonderful. I would simply love to have the chance to participate in a big family gathering like this, but I think you need a lot of people to get the full experience. In our case we have extended family but most English people only seem to have two or three kids. I suspect our houses aren't big enough for more!

Anyway you'll have some more wonderful memories now, till next year.

Annie Jeffries said...

It's odd, Jeanie, how this post got me to yearning for something that I very much missed out on in my life. My dad is from northern Wisconsin and his one brother had six kids. My dad left. All my cousins married and stayed in and around Rhinelander. Their lives are very much like what you have portrayed here. Mine wasn't, at all. Yeah. Yearning a little bit.

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Jeanie......what a cottage......what a family......LUCKY YOU!



anno said...

There's a novel in this place, in these reunions ... that I am sure of. Would love to read the story you could make of it. What a beautiful experience!

Sally Wessely said...

What a treasure this place is. I'm so glad the family has it in its care. I'm also so happy that all of Rick's brothers could gather there this summer.

The colors are all so sharp and beautiful of the fruits and the flowers. I appreciate seeing them so much. This year I just can't get enough flowers.

Bella Rum said...

Oh, how wonderful is this. I love this post: the pics, that beautiful cabin, and the idea of celebrating family. That pic of Rick doing the crossword puzzle is great. The one of the two of you giving each other a little peck is adorable.

I need orange said...

Sounds like a lovely time was had by all!

Remembering how cold Torch is.... Brrrr!

Anonymous said...

Who's the guy with all the gray hair???

Arti said...

A beautiful family album. I've enjoyed following you on your trips, and a lakeside cottage can only appear in my dreams. Yes, you look great with Rick in that pic. I particularly admire your artist's eye on things, the capture, the lighting. Esp. like the one with Rick in a sofa doing crossword puzzle. Vermeer like. ;)

Friko said...

What a wonderful occasion. When bloggers show pictures of their large family gatherings I get a little catch in my throat: there is no one I could meet which would make such a meeting meaningful.

I never thought I would miss having family, but with happy pictures like these I am learning what I missed and am still missing.

I bet it has made you forget your troubles for a while.

Willow said...

What a great spot to gather. Looks like a wonderful time. I was smiling.

HerzBlatt said...

What a great gathering!! I think it must be very interesting to listen to all the relatives who are everywhere in the States....So much to tell about.
And some of the brothers look very of them exactly like Rick!! Nice pictures of you two!! For me the USA stands for "family"...I think the family is very important for Americans, much more than for the Germans.
The log cabin is much rooms and possibilities for all the people to stay. And the lake looks great.....I love cold lakes because they are normally very clear.

Best wishes and thanks for the nice pictures

shoreacres said...

Oh, gosh - do I miss my family, and those family gatherings. Soemtimes it was at a Minnesota lake for vacation, and sometimes just at my grandparents', but summer always was the season for everyone to come home and touch base. The funny thing is that every cousin was an only child - I just can't imagine the joy of so many siblings!

And Torch Lake, with all the fruit and the Petosky stones and all that - has achieved almost mythical status in my mind. One day I'll get there.....

You and Rick look wonderful in your photos!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect gathering. Loved every photograph.

paris parfait said...

Looks like a wonderful reunion - so many great shots! I like the first photo of you and Rick together. That's a keeper!

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