Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One More Kansas City Post

A free day in Kansas City! What to do? A grand idea!

Of all the things I was most looking forward to in Kansas City, the biggest was meeting blogger Beth (Gathering Dust).

Once again, it was that terrific feeling of meeting someone you've known a very long time! And I loved every minute!

Beth picked me up and we went to an area of Kansas City called Country Club Plaza. Originally built in 1922 by J.C. Nichols, it was then called "Nichols' Folly." He had a vision that the former hog farm and dumping ground would one day be the first suburban shopping area that could service the up-and-coming automobile owners.

Nichols had traveled in Europe and the Southwest and created a Spanish/Moorish style for the plaza with courtyards, plenty of outdoor seating, tile roofs and beautiful towers.

Sculpture is everywhere, from a large fountain ... a small wishing pool...

...And everything in-between!

There are just lovely bronzes.

There are plenty of tiled mosaics, as well.

I particularly liked this one.

On the buildings you can see strands of light. Beth tells me that at Christmas, everything is lit, with the towers and buildings outlined.

The Plaza managed to survive a number of challenging times including the Depression, the death of its original founder, Nichols, and his son's rise to the top of the company, and a 1977 flood.

Many national stores are there -- you'll find high-end chains like Restoration Hardware, North Face, Williams-Sonoma, Tiffany and more. But my favorite was Paper Source, where Beth and I had a grand time!

After Beth left, I stayed on, shopping a bit...

...and taking photos of the buildings and sculpture.

Several women rode by on horseback, promoting the rodeo. They looked right at home amidst the architecture.

(I loved their horses!)

And I loved the light fixtures...

...the towers...

...the details.

It was indeed an extraordinary day.

And as the lights went down and I returned to my hotel to figure out how in the world I would get the rolls of paper home that I bought at Paper Source, I just couldn't stop smiling! Thanks, Beth!


  1. Kansas city is now on my list of places to visit, right up there with Chicago. Honestly, Jeanie, I could create a travel itinerary based on your posts.

  2. Some of that Kansas City architecture reminds me of the southwest. Hope you didn't have to buy another suitcase!

  3. What an absolutely lovely day in a wonderful city! Thanks so much, Jeanie, for sharing your experiences! Makes me want to go back and visit my cousins there!

  4. Meeting up with blogging friends is a special joy.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day! Meeting up with blog friend is the best! I was able to see a friend while I was in Chicago for my niece's baptism/work!

  6. Jeanie- Looks like you managed to really capture the best of the Plaza- was so much fun to see you- and have someone to shop with at Paper Source!

  7. looks like very happy trails!
    Glad you and your paper
    made it home safe and rich
    with beautiful memories
    and photos
    (thanks for the share!)

  8. How fun to meet a fellow blogger and shop too. That paper store would be so tempting. Loved the art, especially the bronze.

  9. Somehow I missed seeing that part of KC and I'm sorry I did because it looks beautiful. And not only did you get to shop but you also got to meet another blogger. That must have been the best part....that and the Paper Source!

  10. You and Beth know how to make the most of a day together. What a fun place. I hope you got all you buys home safely.

  11. Previously "A hog farm and dumping ground"? What a change and what a beautiful Plaza that is. I really appreciate that Kansas City is not a typical 'concrete jungle' kind of metropolis. Thanks jeanie for giving us a detailed look into the city. I'll definitely visit these two places: Hallmark and this CC Plaza.

  12. "...Kansas City, Kansas City, here I come." I need to go to this cool place! Loved it.

  13. WOW...I honestly had no idea that Kansas City has sooo much to offer! LOVE Nichols' Folly :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  14. I know right where you are in KC ~ Looks like it was a fabulous time!
    Thanks for your kind words to me Jeanie ~ I appreciate you so much!
    Sending you blessings today ~ katie

  15. Love the photos, and the memories they evoke. The Plaza's a wonderful place. Going down for "the lighting of the Plaza" for the holiday season is a great tradition, and one of the most wonderful experiences ever.

    If the weather allows, I may drive up to KC for Thanksgiving, and if I do, I'll get to see the lighting again!

  16. What a neat area! I loved the paintings and the architecture - very European, right in the heart of the midwest!

    Isn't' if fun having blogging friends all over the place?

  17. I've never been to Kansas City. I love how you take us along on your travels. I bet it's especially pretty at Christmas.

  18. Oh boy do I wish we could have met up on your weekend. I would have dearly loved it. Maybe next tiem.


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