Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Few Reasons Why I Love Autumn at the Ditch

Lest you should thing the only thing I love about going to the Ditch is Harry the Heron, think again.

Yes, I find him striking and when I see him, he does take my breath away. But then, I think he does that for a lot of people.

No, I like passing the little garden on my walk down, where rosebuds are still in bloom.

I love the ducks. The mallards...

...the brown ones. Are they female mallards?

Some burrow their beaks under their feathers, ready for a snooze in the late afternoon sun. Yet, ever alert.

And this one -- a duck or a goose?

I don't know, but when I see those beautiful feathers, it doesn't really matter. They dazzle me.

I find the color at this time of year breathtaking.

And it isn't just the orange.

It's the purple astors...

...the golden leaves... (Do you see Harry, camouflaged against the shore?)

...the dazzling turquoise sky.

There are greens that soon will be gold.

Some, like me, walk about and take photos. Others walk their dogs or their children in strollers. Still others, like this fellow, just choose to sit back and meditate at this most peaceful of spots.

Yes, I love the blues and golds, oranges and greens. I can't resist the sumac.

But there is something so peaceful about the neutral colors...

...and those wonderful browns.

Yes, autumn colors tell stories.

And in the shadows of the early evening, amidst the beauty of these creatures, the sense of camaraderie amongst those who visit, the quiet of my footsteps on the path, I realize how very lovely my life is. And I say a little prayer of thanks.


Janet said...

These photos are just stunning....all the colors are so rich. You have such a lovely area to walk and observe all the beauty of Mother Nature.

anno said...

Gorgeous, Jeanie. Someone else who was born to take pictures!

Marilyn said...

Your autumn walk is just gorgeous. I had a dream about you last night. I dreamt I was riding my bike in the autumn sunlight, just like here, and saw a sign for WKAR. I rush right over and stopped to surprise you. You were surprised to see me there. What a funny dream it was.

Annie said...

Much as I love the brilliance of autumn colors, it is its faded glory that I lover the best.

Jeanie said...

The pink rosebud is just stunning...actually all the colors in you pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing this beautiful time of year from you point of view.

Privet and Holly said...

What a glorious
and peaceful spot,
Harry and all!
We love the fiery
red Tamarack, too!
I need to put in
Asters as the shot
of purple among
the yellows and golds
is really stunning.
xx Suzanne

Joanne Huffman said...

There is something "golden" about the light in autumn and you've captured it in these stunning photos. As I've told you before, it's my favorite season.

Keicha said...

What gorgeous pictures! Don't you just love the golden light of Fall? Thanks for sharing your walk. We all have much to be thankful for in life, sometimes it just takes a peaceful moment of reflection surrounded by nature's beauty to be reminded.

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Beautiful! I love this time of year.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Those are such beautiful pictures, Jeanie!! Thanks so much for sharing your fall with me (we don't get fall as such around these parts).

Arti said...

What wonders, Jeanie! Your fall, well, late summer, is magnificent. We too have been having (but not for long) a beautiful fall, but most of the leaves have fallen or blown away by strong wind. I did manage to take some photos while, like you, walking about looking for colors. Your last photo is mesmerizing. How did you take it?

Retired English Teacher said...

I've seen quite a few photos and commentaries on autumn in blogs lately. None have been as stunning as yours. Your narrative was perfect. Your photos were just beautiful. I think you captured the essence of what is so amazing about this time of year.

Anya said...

So so great collection autumn shots
I love love it all .....

Hugs :-)

Bella Rum said...

What gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. Nice way to start my morning.

Tracy said...

All this natural beauty just makes my heart since, Jeanie...*sigh*... Wonderful images and fall moments you've captured. I'm feeling much thankfulness just seeing these... Loved your comment you left for me. It was very interesting and exciting to hear about your time working as a grief counselor and using art. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a fabulous post! You really captured the beauty of fall so well. it is my favorite season here in the midwest. I hope we have a nice long fall! It's been gorgeous here w/ the leaves changing.

Oh said...

Jeanie - the pictures, oh, the pictures! especially the close up of the feathers! and those milkweed pods!

You have mastered that camera. Wehn can we go "shooting" together again? It's been ages since our meet up in Chicago, hasn't it?

Time for your first coffee table book...really.

more later,

~*~Patty S said...

Photo Captures dear Jeanie!

ahhh nature!

Barb said...

Great fall photos - even the ducks are cooperating with their yellow beaks.

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