Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Art Prize

Several posts back, I took a look at some of the ArtPrize pieces exhibited in the same space as Greg's. They were all wonderful pieces, but we wanted to see even more! So, it was time for a return visit to Grand Rapids and check out some art.

ArtPrize reminds me that the term "art" is subjective. One person's art is another person's construction.

One person's can love a piece, another can hate it.

One person's treasure is another person's trash.

The pieces at ArtPrize are as diverse as styles of art, artists, and visitors. Some are tall.

Mantis Dreaming, by Bill Secunda

Others are wide.

But with great detail.

Other pieces, much smaller, like this inlaid table.

Roberto Cala

Some involve playing with sand...

Others are painted with sand.

Some move. (One of these statues is a living one.)

Some you CAN move.

Some are made of felt.

Jesiq and Horst

Others are made of popsicle sticks.

Some make you laugh.

Others make you think.

Still others made you think "What the..."

Some are really big.

Others are really, really big!

Some are made from cardboard.

Others are quilted.

Some are embroidered.

Jess Larson

And this one is made from lottery tickets.

70,000 lottery tickets.

By Ghost of a Dream

And I mean everything was made from lotto tickets.

Every little bit.

Some used a little water...

Another is a water creature.

Some give you the eye.

Others give you an eyeful.

Todd and Brad Reed Photography

And some just cop out.

(This is only part of the exhibit -- but basically, I found the whole exhibit a cop out. Subjective, remember?)

Next post -- my favorite exhibits!

NOTE: New book post on Chopsticks and String. If you like folk music or Christine Lavin or knitting -- you mustlearn about this book. (and you don't have to like all to enjoy it!)


Arti said...

And some are humorous. These are wonderful and eclectic ... as you said subjective. But what creativity underlying them, and audacity... like the last one. So your faves are not in here? I look forward to your next post!

Janet said...

This looks like a fun exhibit with something for everyone. I like the stacked wood pieces at the beginning, the one with the bear, the cardboard one, and the one made from lottery tickets....it's so colorful.

Annie said...

I was just scanning through, Jeanie, and thinking, nope, nope again, nope nope. Tossed in an occasional YES! and then I arrived at the lottery tickets. Holy cow!!! Pick any superlative. It will fit.

anno said...

what an amazing swoop of art... am with Annie: those lottery ticket pieces just flattened me. Couldn't get over there myself, so I appreciated the tour -- thanks, Jeanie!

Joanne Huffman said...

I went today (9:45 till 3:30) and certainly didn't see it all, but I saw a lot. I really disagree with some of the top ten choices ( chain saw bears, anyone?). Glad I went.

Bella Rum said...

Loved the praying mantis.

Can you imagine all those Popsicle sticks and all those lottery tickets!?!

Thanks for the treat.

Retired English Teacher said...

This art exhibit certainly had diversity! I couldn't help but wonder how anyone could gather that many lottery tickets.

I'm back from my blogging break and hope to catch up with reading soon.

jet1960 said...

Very well written and love the shots of the art to go along with your narrative!

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

What a wonderfully creative collection! Thanks so much for sharing it all with us! Love it!

paris parfait said...

Your fun pics are the next best thing to being there! Such lively, diverse artistic talent. Thanks for posting this!

So much to catch up with; will email soon. Please plan on coming to see us in A'dam when you visit Paris next spring (but hope not March 1-11, when I'm in Jordan). xx

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Very cool! You saw some amazing art. The lottery ticket thing is really clever. Too cool.

Relyn said...

Mantis Dreaming is my favorite. I love it!

Tracy said...

WOW... this was just FANTASTIC! This is just what I LOVE about art... that anything can be used to make art, make beauty. I like how "usual" definitions of things are broken and built of something new. I like things that make me think! It was a thrill to see all these fun exhibits with you--thanks for taking us along, Jeanie! And I have to say a big thank you for your lovely and sharing comments lately at my place, especially on my art/chakra project. It's been a blessing to share. And so glad we've met. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Marilyn said...

This was sure an interesting art show.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh WOW...what a great
walk-along with you
and all of this BEAUTY
...my soul feels well nourished:)
(loving the tire swing!)
thanks for the together time,

~*~Patty S said...

word verification: stylins ;)

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