Monday, February 8, 2010

If I Was...

Relyn recently posted this fun fill-in-the-blank meme! I hadn't seen this one -- feel free to share your answers on your blog, too! (By the way, these are my answers at this moment in time -- you neverknow what they'll be tomorrow!)

If I Was...

a color, teal

a verb, content

a day, Sunday

a TV show, Masterpiece (this was hard, because I equally love "The Next Food Network Star"

a taste, sweet and tart (like lemon bars!)

an emotion, joyful

a month, September

a flower, a tulip

a holiday, Christmas

a movie, Julie and Julia (this week)

an article of clothing, a fleecy shirt

a book, A Gift from the Sea

a car, a Toyota wagon (I'd like to think it was a faulty accelerator that totaled that car, but I fear the faulty accelerator was me.)

a piece of furniture, my antique kitchen chest

a scent, citrus

an instrument, harp

a store, Trader Joe's

a shoe, tennies

a fruit, blueberries

a song, Summertime

a tree, an autumn red maple

a planet, Jupiter

a tool, a paintbrush

What about you?


  1. Sorry, not time to fill it in all! There are a few where I may have chosen the same as you, some where I would have chosen something else...

    ... and I think I have done enough of painting, moving around, helping my kids...Next time I will ask a painter! :-)

  2. ohhhhh I would so be a paintbrush with you !!!
    actually today on my blog I kind of was...kind of...sort'll understand :)

  3. What a great post. Will have to have a think about it but the colour of the maple is speaking to me although I'm normally a blue tone.

  4. Love the food for thought! I think my answers change each day too...

  5. Fun answers! Many of mine might be the same....and I think I'll do this on my blog.

  6. Those tulips! Are they really that color? I love green, and I love THAT green, but the only green flower I ever have seen are those... ummmm...they turn pink or blue, depending on the color of the soil. Let me go see if I can.....

    Hydrangeas! I love google.

    I'm with you on lemon, too - and blueberries and citrus. Also, A Gift from the Sea. But I've never seen a Trader Joe's. I hear about them all the time, but there aren't any in Texas ;-(

    What a pleasant entry - except now I want lemon pie!

  7. Oh, shoot. Hydrangeas change color depending on the acidity or alkalinity of the soil - not the color.

  8. Oh, this was a fun one to read!!!

  9. Well we are very much alike! I think I would have many of the same answers. Did you ever watch Top Chef? I love that one too - if you like Food Network Star you might enjoy it.

  10. oh you did such a lovely job with this dear Jeanie! Love it!!!

    A Gift of the Sea is such a splendid and wonderful little book!!!


  11. If I Was...

    a color: teal...yes, I love it, too!!

    an adjective: healthy

    a day: Friday

    a taste: spicy

    an emotion: passion

    a month: September

    a flower: marguerites

    a holiday: Christmas

    a movie: Life is Beautiful

    Look here:

    an article of clothing: my loved jeans

    a book: "The reader" by Bernhard Schlink

    a car: Audi

    a piece of furniture: my very old North German red bench

    a scent: peach

    an instrument: the piano and the saxophone

    a store: Betty Barclay

    a shoe: boots

    a fruit: strawberries

    a song: Pavarotti "nessun dorma"

    a tree: an oak tree

    a planet: Venus

    a tool: screwdriver

    Best wishes from Germany

  12. fun things to contemplate. Is content a verb?

  13. Oh I love this post!!! So much to think about!

  14. I can't tell you how much I love that your song is Summertime. Wasn't this fun? I'm so very glad you played along.


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