Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rollin’ on the River

This week I did something new – took my first canoe trip down the Au Sable River, near Grayling, Michigan.
The day had a less than auspicious beginning, looking a tad gloomier than we had planned. This set our departure time back a bit.

But, with picnic in tow, we headed to the canoe livery. As we were leaving the parked car, I realized that my diamond necklace – which hasn’t been off my neck since Rick gave it to me for Christmas – was broken and the pendant part was missing.

Serious angst.

How we found it in white limestone parking gravel, I’ll never know. All I could say was “thank you” to the necklace gods.

After a brief moment of panic when I cut my toe open tripping on the steps, we were off!

I needed canoeing lessons from Rick!

I kept getting carried away by the scenery, none of which ever photographs as well as the original!

I was most grateful for our picnic, about a third of the way through the 17-mile course. Time for a rest.

Turkey sandwiches, ginger snaps and Tab. Does it get better?

The view from the picnic area was lovely.

The porta potties were definitely a welcome relief!

Then back on the water.

I almost ran us into a – well, it was bigger than a branch. More like a limb. Now I know why they call it “limbo” – I did a backbend on the canoe seat I never would have imagined I could do! (Steering is not something that is intuitive to me!) But there were so many pretty moments, I couldn't stop looking around (versus straight ahead).

Finally, we made it to the landing. I was actually sorry to see the time end.

While we waited for pick-up, two lost dogs hung out. They decided they wanted to take a nap in the pick-up van; it took food to coax them out.

The big one was especially sweet.

Then back to the house, where the Gypsy asked, “Where’ve you been?”


kris said...

Hahahah. Yes. She smells a rat.
I think I will go canoing this weekend. You have given me the bug!

Herzblatt said...

All the pictures are absolutely great, the canoe trip.....the picnic....your lost necklace and the necklace gods, who was very kind to you....your poor toe.....the turkey sandwiches, ginger snaps and Tap..... exciting, lovely, funny!!!.....And then lonely Gypsy.....poor cat!!!!
The landscape is marvellous....I love it very much....
best wishes

Rosa said...

I love Gypsy waiting at home for you!! What a fun trip. Praise to the necklace gods! Wow! That would have definitely been a finder's keepers, loser's weepers! Good for you. My good luck bracelet fell off when I was in France. A woman started flagging me down and the kid found it at the same time. Phew! Lovely pictures. xo

Artsy Etc. said...

Now THAT was an adventure from start to finish. Except for the necklace mishap and the toe--I'd say it was a great adventure. What beautiful photos too. Water in rivers is a pretty neat concept. Texas could try that! LOL

GardenGoose said...

looks like you had a nice refreshing time away. hope the necklace can be fixed.
hope you have a lovely week.

JessInFocus said...

Looks like such a great time! Glad you found your necklace! Poor Gypsy! Saber hates to be left out. Especially when we come back smelling like other animals.

My Crafty Little Page said...

What a trip - I'm exhausted! Really, I felt every swoosh of the paddle. Loved your pictures, agonized over the necklace and "awwed" over the two dogs - I hope they found their way home. Hugs, Nancy

Cami said...

Well, I love to canoe, but RAFTING is my true love! Sounds like fun and so glad you found your necklace. I once had a necklace fall off into a public toilet and go straight down the pipes. First gift my husband ever gave me. Ugh!

Beth said...

Oh,,that looked so pretty! Hope your toe has healed. And so glad that you found that wonderful necklace!

robin-bird said...

i'm sorry... but you sound like an I Love Lucy showl...in a good way! you told the story perfectly...all your little foibles based upon getting carried away with the beauty of the place and the experience. he he hee...the limbo can be done when need be eh? it was that or decapitation i guess. it looks like you were having a grand time in every way! a much needed 'normal' adventure.
xox to all of you

jet1960 said...

Loved reading about your adventures! The doggies were cute(and of course the Gypsy as well), especially the big one who looks like he is smiling in the closeup picture.

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