Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 19

If you've been to this blog regularly, you may have heard me mention Stimpy. Well, July 19 -- Saturday, marks the third anniversary since Stimpy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and went to the Heavyside Layer.

So, I need to post a bit about my angel boy.

Stimpy entered my life as a cat belonging to the drug dealer living down the street (according to his next door neighbor). One thing was for sure -- he didn't care for Stimpy well (Stimpy maintained a healthy fear of brooms and feet for most of his life). Still, this cat would walk down the block and when he saw a passerby, roll on his back, waiting to be pet.

He managed to determine which car in the parking area was mine, and always slept on top of it. No one else's.

Well, of course I started feeding him. (He was skinny.) And when it was rainy, let him into my no-cats-allowed apartment.

I put a cat-house on the porch so he'd be warm in the winter.

And, when he tangled with another critter and had a bad wound on his tail, took him to the vet, where they managed to shave it so he looked like a cat-poodle. Then I put meds on it till he healed. (I have no idea what the neighbor thought.)

Some relationships are just ordained!

When the neighbor moved, he was going to abandon Stimpy and I asked if I could have him. I'm sure he was relieved when I took Stimpy off his hands. (I never knew his original name; I just liked big, dumb, red Stimpy on "Ren and Stimpy."

Well, quickly, he became my boy --

The cross dressing boy.

The Christmas cat.

The pillow where I buried my head when my eyes were filled with tears and my heart heavy, first with a break-up, then with the loss of my dad.

And, Stimpy was directly responsible for my meeting Rick, because if I'd not been evicted from my apartment for an illegal cat, I'd never have gone to his duplex, looking for a new place to live.

Stimpy loved the lake and sprawling out on the chaise on the porch. He even loved riding in the car.

I would often take him on walks on his leash, after he lost his outdoor privileges in an unpleasant experience after devouring a cardinal. (After that, he was grounded.)
When I was up north with Stimpy and Gypsy (he was a grand mentor to his little orange buddy as well!), he started having some seizure-like attacks. We raced home and took him to MSU's vet clinic (wonderful people). But after two days of Herculean efforts, we had to say goodbye.

I miss him every day. My sweet angel boy. The cat who taught this person who said "I'll never have a cat, I'm a dog person and I don't have a pet lifestyle" to love his velvety fur, sweet purr beautiful green eyes and gentle disposition.

This is Stimpy's last phot -- two weeks or so before we said goodbye. Do you ever really say goodbye? I don't think I do.


Rosa said...

Sniffle. Stimpy sounds like the best ever. That's how I feel about Bella. She is my favorite, and I've had a cat in my life since I was barely walking. Stimp is just precious and I know all our babies are up above. Sniffle.

Beth Leintz said...

No, I don't think we ever say goodbye- just see you later, I hope.

What a great story and great pictures. Does Stimpy have his own scrapbook? I've put them together for all my dogs, and really enjoy going back and remembering all the good times.

Herzblatt said...

My dear Jeanie,
it is heartbreakingly sad and moves me to tears... really, I am so sorry while watching this wonderful cat....I love cats....and this one was so unique....That is the terrible side of having pets, they die too early...
and I hate people wo don`t take care on their pets or treat them badly...pets are our best friends....
Thanks for showing Stimpy again....she is in the cat-heaven, I am sure.
Thank you for all the wonderful pictures about the yarn shop, the herb farm and above all about Debbie and her crew.
I love watching all the pictures you take!!! Very interesting!
your sad Iris

Anonymous said...

A lovely tribute. Stimpy looks like a very sweet boy. I am so sorry he left you... but what a gift while you had him. And the way he twisted you around his little paw to get you to adopt him! Very clever.

Beth said...

Oh,,,thats a wonderful tribute to Stimpy. He truly sounded like a wonderfully Loved friend!!! I know you still miss him!

Sandra Evertson said...

What a lovely kitty and I completely understand, we are lucky to have such wonderful furry little friends in our lives!
Sandra Evertson

Beth said...

our animals always have a piece of our heart and they take that with them when they leave us...that's why we never really say good-bye.

what a blessing he was in your life...or were you the blessing in his life ?

Amazing how that works, isn't it ?

{teary eyed as I write this and thinking of you}

Hugs to you my dear friend !!!

jet1960 said...

Well, Jeanie, you made me cry! What a lovely story. You can tell by looking in his eyes that he must have been a smart cat, especially when you consider he chose you as his person. He knew where he needed to be. A very handsome fellow, too! It sounds like he was a blessing to you as well as you were to him. Thanks for sharing, even though I sit here sniffling now1

Darlene said...

I happened to catch an online thread about "saying goodbye to my angel boy." Since I love animals,I had to visit your blog. I read your lovely story about Stimpy.

You're right - We never say good bye. I'm sure Stimpy is watching over you - standing right next to my little Shih Tzu - Most Honorable Teddi Bear.

Take care.

Janet said...

Stimpy must have had a wonderful life after you took him in....he looked so happy and content in all the photos. There's nothing like a purring little furball snuggling up to you. My two are spoiled rotten!

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