Monday, July 7, 2008

Catching Up

I've really been trying to do art -- work on some UFOs (unfinished objects) and experiment with some new techniques. But I get sidetracked.

As I think I mentioned in a previous Greg-related post, he is the artist in the family. So, as he was confronted with this cancer diagnosis, I thought about his art and expressing himself that way. So, I had been thinking of making him an art journal.

Then in an e-mail, I think, Karla suggested the same. When the same idea keeps popping up, I listen.

This is what I came up with. Actually, this is it before I added the Japanese coins -- three of them, different sizes, in various spots on the top. I never got a photo of the finished thing.

I first covered the journal with a peachy wallpaper. (I couldn't get the spirals out, and I'm not fond of the black edge, but they were a little different than some and I didn't think I'd get them in again.)

Then I did the pull-down paint technique I learned about at Artiscape. I pulled down two colors with a buff, and then started using the turquoise as accent. The words are packing tape transparencies. After it was pulled together, I used Dorland's wax to finish it off.

Now, I hope he uses it!

While I had supplies out, I prepped some stock for future bookmarks.

I started out with the heavy white stock and put layers of modeling paste on both sides. While doing so I added texture with some stencils and mesh from an onion bag. Then I gave it a light bit of color.

I didn't like those, so out came my favorites -- turquoise and greens.

There you see the onion bag. Below is the stencil as well as marks from bubble wrap.

With both sides covered with the paste, the texture is like a leather or soft plastic. I'll slice them up for book marks and textured embellishments for an upcoming project. I'll show you how they turn out later!

7 comments: said...

Art is a great way to destress during scary times. I hope Greg does use the journal, writing down his thoughts and fears and hopes can help. So can just doodling.

kris said...

You have made some beautiful pages!
And the idea behind them is such a good one. I wonder how many people receive journals and hate to use them because they are so beautiful? I will try and remember this.

Naturegirl said...

Jeannie you have amazing skills in creating this journal! Using an onion bag gives it a snakeskin look!
Wishing Greg a speedy recovery and A big hug for YOU!
My husband and I are both cancer survivors and found for me it was cleansing writing my feelings in a journal while on the treatment journey.
Thank you for always stopping by my blog and leaving me kind words. xo

jet1960 said...

Jeanie, I love the journal cover! It is awesome! I'm sure Greg will love it, as well. Also, the texture pages are great! I may have to reference back and try something like this.

Beth said...

Great job on the art journal, I know Greg will enjoy that alot! I still have some great bookmarks that you made for me and use them all the time. I love your technique that you use on them.
Have a great Tuesday!

Karen Owen said...

Your art journal cover is gorgeous! Just perfect. And I love the textured paper you've created.

GardenGoose said...

lovely journal.

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