Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Mother Lode

For some, the thrill is making a big discovery -- some scientific breakthrough that will save the world from a dreaded disease, for example.

For me -- at least this weekend -- the thrill was the gift of a multitude of craft supplies! And, I got to cuddle with some cute cats on top of it all!

A very good friend is slowly selling off and giving away things from her home, in preparation for a move to an apartment. The home she lives in was owned by her parents and her mom, in particular, was a great crafter!

So, when she invited me over to take a look at things and have what I wanted, do you think I demurred? Of course not!

Let's just say three large boxes later, I have more ribbon than probably one person can every use in a lifetime (but I'll try); some fun beads; glitter; golden mardi-gras-type garland beads (the kind I use in my little snowfolk) and ever so much more!

(Not to mention a La Creuset casserole dish and a fabulous print by DeGrazia, one of my favorite artists.)

But there are always favorites, right? Here are a few of mine. Golden leaves and wire -- and those wonderful tiny vintage Christmas balls! Oh, how I remember those from when I was a child!

Lace. Glorious lace. Some is eyelet, some ecru, all lovely. And creamy pearl beads.

This gold rick rack. It's hard to find rick rack these days, and in large rolls? Oh, yes! (This was the roll that was already partially used; and check out the cigar box!)

The tulle net made my heart sing -- so pretty for making bows. And there were lots of wee things, like red berries for next year's holiday projects, and these wonderful birds! (I feel a birdhouse coming on!)

All this, plus I got to pet this divinely sweet cat...

And this one, too!

Thanks, Mary Jane! I'm in awe!


Rosa said...

The top kitty looks like my Abby. I used to have a white cat named Snuff. Awwww. I will soon be doing that too, getting rid of stuff! I need to start thinking about downsizing soon! Oooooof.

Joanne Huffman said...

What great loot!

Beth said...

Wow! You hit the lottery! What great freebies! And getting to hang with those cute Furbabies too!
Hope you have a great week-end!

culdesacchronicles said...

those are some fantastic craft supplies. beautiful. enjoy!

and what beautiful kitties. they look so soft and well cared for.

Herzblatt said...

You are a very lucky girl!!!!! If my neighbour moved away and I chose things from his household, I only would find artificial flowers....lots of old tractor, angling equipment and a lot of old frozen smoked trouts...*lol*.....
But he is a very nice old man, so I don`t hope, that he will move away...

Ruth said...

Craft heaven! And a Le Creuset casserole dish to boot! I don't enjoy cooking in anything else.

Pam Aries said...

O Boy O BOY OHH BoY!!!! Life can''t get much better than all this, huh? ! I a mdrooling all over looking at all those supplies..haha

shoreacres said...

I never do a thing with supplies like this, but I love looking at them - especially the beads and lace. I had cigar boxes full of little treasures like that as a kid.

You might be the person who knows. I had a jewelry making kit that had faceted "jewels" that went into "gold" settings. I loved it, and have searched and searched but can't turn it up anyone - ebay, etc. Is there a good site for finding such craft kits from the 50s that you know about? It has to be out there, and I've just missed it.

Rick-rack is hard to find, now? Who knew.

My favs are the kitty photos, though. What sweet babies.

Wrightboysmum said...

It's great seeing all those great finds to someone who has plans for them. The red bird is a beaut!

changelingthings said...

Those cats looks adorable. I can't have cats because hubby is allergic, but I love our visitor cat that lets me pet him. What wonderful craft supplies too. Lots of imaginative fodder there.

Mary Timmers said...

Jeanie, Thanks for stopping at my site. After looking through some of your posts, I've come to the conclusion that you're my kind of person! I too am obsessed with ribbon! My first love is oil paint, but I love to do crafts and gather friends for craft day! Loved the glass jar snowmen! I'll be back!

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