Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good Things In Life

It's been a pins and needles summer for me, even when I try to hide it. Unseasonably cool weather, oral surgery, waiting for results from my medical re-testing and wrapping up things at WKAR as I anticipate retirement last month. Life in retirement will be easier with social security! 
I'm 62! Better discounts, more flexibility, looser schedule on the horizon.
I'm also scared to death!
But, amidst all that, there are plenty of good things in life. I've been thinking about a few things for which I'm very grateful. Like Lizzie Cosette.
She'll be adopted a full year a bit after Labor Day and she's mellowed (most of the time) into a pretty delightful cat.
She's even a good traveler, though you wouldn't know it from this photo!
There's Rick's garden, giving off its harvest in spurts to spread the joy.
And his delicious homemade bread. He improves with every loaf!
There is an abundance of beauty and I'm loving this summer's flowers.
Lovely summer dinners on the patio -- good wine, good food.
And good music. I loved spending my birthday weekend at the Great Lakes Folk Festival. This is Irish-American singer Cathie Ryan. I'll post more about this event soon.
Rick used flowers instead of tissue-paper frou-frou in my birthday bag and I felt lucky that he would care enough to take the time to be extra creative!
I have wonderful friends and family, great blog buddies and no matter what happens later this month, I know I will be all right. Because really, I have enough of the good things in life to make even the challenges a little easier. 
Even a purr therapist!

Thank you.


Beth said...

Beautiful Post, Jeanie! You will Love Retirement! I did the first year but last few years have been hectic but I know things will calm down again soon. I can't wait to see all the Art that you will create! Hope the Dr report comes back with good news too!!!
Lots of Hugs,

Mary M-S said...

I'm so excited for you and this next chapter in life! Wishing you great joy, health, and complete happiness, my friend!!

Unknown said...

Best wishes on your retirement!! I look forward to reading some great retirement stories!

Annie Jeffries said...

Needless to say, I am joining the choir of cheering friends.

I need orange said...

Happy Birthday! :-)

Sally Wessely said...

That Rick. He is a keeper. Bread, wine, dinners on the patio, flowers to top off your birthday gift - he thinks of it all. Happy birthday to you! Age 62 is the perfect time to retire. I actually retired at age 61. It has been a glorious seven years in so many ways. I know it will be the same for you.

The challenges don't seem to go away do they? Still, they are made less, well, challenging, when we have good and supportive friends and family.

Cheers, dear friend. You look lovely on your birthday. I hope the year brings you more of what you love and less of what causes you to be on pins and needles. XXX

The Artful Diva said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! You will love retirement. We took early ones (22 years ago!) - living on a budget helps. I do not miss the commute!

Joanne Huffman said...

I'm going to spend the first week of September in Missouri, helping Dean walk through some retirement preparation - it's a big scary step filled with anticipation and anxiety. I know you will enjoy yours and look forward to seeing all the art and writing you will do. Keeping my few flexible body parts crossed regarding medical news for you.

HerzBlatt said...

Happy birthday dear Jeanie....all the best and very very good results!!!! I am sure everything will go well!!!!!

Mary Rose's said...

Oh honey, you'll be FINE. Jeanie Style and Jeanie Grace conquer all, inevitably. You'll be coaching us through it next year and the year after that.

You do look lovely in your birthday pix! XOXOXO Maryanne in SC

Friko said...

A positive outlook helps but being fully informed about what’s going to happen isn’t bad either.

btw you do NOT look scared, you look positively BLOOMING!

Becca said...

I think you're getting into the retirement frame of mind, and will love it all the way around!

Jeanie said...

I think it is wonderful that you are seeing the good in the midst of all that you are dealing with.
I love the birthday bag and I think 62 will be a very good year for you, in spite of the challenges you are facing.

Introverted Art said...

wow I hope I look as beautiful as you at 62

Marilyn Miller said...

Retirement is a bit scary before it happens, then after you are happy for it. Purr therapists help.

anno said...

What a purr-fect birthday! Everything looks just gorgeous (and I've got to echo the Retired English Teacher: that Rick certainly IS a keeper)! Change is always scary, but I have no doubt that you will tango through your next stage with humor & grace. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

PeterParis said...

Retirement is really nice! I'm sure that with your attitude to things, to life... you will really enjoy it!

Tracy said...

The big birthdays are a bit sobering, aren't they? But you look fabulous there on your birthday, Jeanie! And Miss Lizzie almost a year old too... the time goes! Purr Therapist--I love that! ;o) Fun to see your garden... and Rick's great bread. In between the rough there are many diamonds, aren't they? Thanks for sharing your diamonds with us, my friend. ((HUGS))

shoreacres said...

You've had so many big challenges of late, but I can't imagine retirement being a challenge! Oh, I wish it were one that I could tackle!

No matter. You're going to discover what one of my very good friends discovered this past year. Once gone from the office with its responsibilities, gossip, "challenges" and politics, she barely gave it a thought. There isn't a week that she doesn't say, "How did I ever have time to work?"

Happy Birthday, and Happy Retirement, and Happy Kitty and Happy results from the Doc! And no one caught the "funny" in your post.
You said, "...wrapping up things at WKAR as I anticipate retirement last month."

Last month? Methinks you have one foot out the door already!

Shelia said...

Well, it certainly sounds like you've got it all down. I'm sure you'll just fall into retirement and will love it. I wish you a Happy Birthday and you're just as pretty as can be.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Happy birthday, Jeanie, and best wishes for a wonderful retirement! Big changes are always a little scary, but, oh, so worth it! Along with the challenges, you have so many blessings in your life -- all the ingredients for a glorious retirement!

Barb said...

Happy B-day dear Jeanie! Today (the 14th) is our 47th wedding anniversary. You're right to count your blessings. I know you'll love retirement. Hope you're feeling well - you look great.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Happiest of birthday wishes to you, dear friend. You look absolutely radiant in your birthday smile. Life is so nice when you have many blessings (and gifts) to count.

Best wishes for the changes in the months to come... for retirement.


~*~Patty S said...

Best of Luck and Many Blessings as you embark on these new chapters of your life dear Jeanie!

Jenny Woolf said...

Jeanie, another nice and optimistic post - thank you so much.

And thank you too for the wonderful gift! I was so thrilled!!! I am going to blog about it in my next post.

And you don't look 62... wow!!! how do you do it?!

skiourophile said...

Happy Birthday, and all the best for your retirement -- just think of all the lovely things you will have more time to enjoy now.

Bella Rum said...

Okay, first of all, let me say that I want a man who makes homemade bread. H used to make it in the bread maker - not quite the same but pretty darned good. Maybe I'm go up to the attic and bring that machine down.

The flowers in your gift bag are beautiful.

You will love retirement. Trust me. People who have as many interests as you do very well in retirement. You'll have time to pursue them You'll wonder how you ever had time to work. I think it will help your health, too. We love it.

Vagabonde said...

What a lovely optimistic post! That’s the spirit! Happy birthday dear friend – you look smashing. You will enjoy retirement for sure and will be very busy – I don’t think I could ever go back to working as there is so much to do in retirement – books to read, cats to play with, wine to share, trips to take and all the good things….

Joanna Jenkins said...

Happy birthday and congrats on your retirement! Change is scary sometimes but it sounds like you have a happy life that will have MORE time to enjoy!
Cheers, jj

OldLady Of The Hills said...

A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR!!! I think you will take to Retirement like a Duck To Water!!!
It will be interesting to see if there is any improvement in your Health Issues...I pray there will be. Just lack of sress at the job will bring more peace of mind and body...!

Lizzie Cossette is a really BEAUTIFUL Cat....And I'm glad she gives you Purrrr Therapy!

Those tests results take forever!!! One wonders about the whole thing when it takes this long to decide if you really have this or not....

For whatever it is worth, my dear, you look GREAT in that picture!!! Young and Beautiful! Tell those doctors to take a hike!!!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh....And I forgot to say, what a Blessing Rick is!!!! So loving and caring---So very thoughtful---And Baking Bread, to Boot!!! He is a real Sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, so much beauty and joy surrounding you, and I would probably notice the bread first. :) You look so pretty sitting at your pink and blue table set with so much love. Enjoy every moment, my friend. Life is just that...moments.

Here's a birthday wish for you:

"I wish you bluebirds in the spring, to give your heart a song to sing,
And then a kiss, but more than this, I wish you love.
And if you like lemonade to cool you in some lazy glade,
I wish you health, and more than wealth, I wish you love.
I wish you shelter from the storm, a cozy fire to keep you warm,
Most of all, when snowflakes fall, I wish you love."


Janet said...

I certainly fell down on the job! I'm late for your birthday!! And you're retiring, too. That's great. You'll love having all that free time to do anything and everything you want.

Happy (Late) Birthday!!

Linda Jo said...

I do hope you had a great birthday! Retirement will be awesome! You will fill your days with joy! Fear not!

paris parfait said...

I'm sure that so many good things are ahead for you, dear Jeanie. And whatever challenges arise, you will meet them with grace and courage, as ever!

Jennifer Richardson said...

a very happy 62....may each of these days be sweetness and light:)
(I love the way you don't let the fear drive you)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Even though your birthday is long past now, I'm still wishing you the happiest of birthday! I consider you to be a very dear friend. You leave the best comments that always have so much insight and really build me up. I am glad that you have a list of 'good things' in life to reflect on. I love that Rick used flowers instead of tissue paper. he is such a gem! I know there is a lot of uncertainty ahead but it seems like you have a lot to cling onto as you go through the changes ahead. We will all be rooting for you!

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi there.....I started SS at 62 and have never regretted it for one moment. Stay calm......great things are in store for you....retirement opens so many doors...and I KNOW
you will knock on all of them!



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