Tuesday, July 12, 2011

He Looks So Innocent

Look at that face.

And watch him sleep in the warm afternoon sun, oblivious to the fur coat he bears so elegantly.

Not so fast. Oh, he is a dear. Sweet as all get-out, with his snugs and purrs. He even brings me gifts.

At the lake we were laying in bed, and it really wasn't time to get up -- the early morning sun was deceptive. But someone had been up for awhile, and wanted to share his morning with us. These are paws that kill.

He nudged and meowed and persisted until I reached out and touched what I thought would be his head. Instead, a gift. A small, warm, gray, deceased body. Right there on the top sheet.

So, I took a Kleenex, covered him and put him under an overturned wastebasket -- just in case he wasn't as dead as I thought -- and tried to go to sleep again, despite the pawing and digging of the Incredible Killing Machine Gypsy Rose for his treasure.

Needless to say, I later took a walk into the woods with the wastebasket...

(A note about this -- several months ago, Gypsy began bringing his toys to me in bed as I was trying to sleep. It seemed very cute and sweet. It was a prelude....

I'm participating in the Paris in July postings. My first is here at Chopsticks and String -- another Aimee Laduc book!


Dogwood said...

Great photos of Gypsy.
Cats are so funny!
Rocky and Gypsy have to be related. They look so much alike!
I love orange tabby cats.
They are the best.
Rocky says HI.
I have posted two photos of Rocky on my blog today.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Love your story! The Marmalade Gypsy is a wonderful character and obviously loves you if he'll give you his treasures! It reminds me of a time, many years ago, when our only outdoor cat Freddie gifted our next door neighbor, in bed with a migraine, with a newly deceased hummingbird he had picked off from her hummingbird feeder and plopped down on her chest. At any rate, that's quite a wake-up, isn't it?

anno said...

Awww... even when he's in trouble, the Gypsy is still adorable! Great story, too: isn't that one of the reasons we enjoy our pets so much?

Marilyn said...

How cute is Gypsy in these pictures. He must love you lots to bring you such special gifts. At least he is keeping the population of critters down in the cabin. Joy-Boy sends his regards.

Becca said...

They will do that, won't they? No matter how domesticated we think they are, their true nature comes out once in a while!

But he's so beautiful, how can you scold? lol

Deb said...

He is celebrating his wild side but alas, we animal lovers don't want them to do that. Perhaps one just once in awhile will satisfy him. I knew someone who's cat was always 'gifting' and one hot night they opened the window in a bedroom that did not have a screen and during the night their cat jumped up to the low roof, into their room, up on to the bed and she was awakened with a dead rabbit on her head.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh dear.....sounds very
proud of himself:)
He is a beautiful boy.

Jeanie said...

I guess the glory in the gift is in the eye of the giver. In this case I think you were being well honored.

Tracy said...

Gypsy is such a handsome boy...*swoon*... He reminds me a bit of our ginger boy, Charlie! Many thanks for your kind thought on my new blog. It's still me, so there's bound to be the occasional Pink Purl-esque feature on travels, home matters and more. ;o) Thanks for stopping by with well wishes ((HUGS))

Joanne Huffman said...

He is, after all, a hunter. And, you are, obviously, the love of his life.

Ruth said...

He such a good and loving cat, good at what he does, and respectful of you, in his way. Bless him!

And yuck. I never quite get over these little treats, but at least they are not in the house, on the sheet!

Janet said...

Who could resist that face? And he shares his treasures with you, too!

I thought you were going to say he began kneading you while you were asleep....that's what LuLu does when she thinks it's time for breakfast. She kneads my leg or my back or my arm. Anything to get me to wake up and feed her. Luckily she hasn't wanted to share any of her treasures with me. She mostly catches spiders!

Linda said...

You are so smart to put the wastebasket upside down over the "gift". Sounds like experience at work! Sweet!

~*~Patty S said...

ACK ... proof that things aren't always what they seem I guess

I can almost hear Gypsy purring in the last pic ;)


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