Monday, July 18, 2011

Back at the Lake!

Rick's at a bike race. so I spent the weekend at the lake with the Gypster. No mice. At least, none I saw!

It's a much quieter weekend than the week of the fourth -- not too many boats and most are relatively quiet. I confess, I love our sunsets.

This was a particularly beautiful one -- deep oranges and pinks in the sky.

It's the stillness of the lake I love most. Interesting, because as a kid I remember all too clearly how loud we were! We made a good deal of noise, running around the beach, splashing in the water and hopping into the boat to go skiing or bombing around any chance we had. We'd ski all day, stopping only for snacks or when we ran out of gas.

On this weekend, I have done lots of cards -- I'll share them soon (still haven't shared the others yet!). And read a book you can learn about here on Chopsticks and String. I hit town where the Alpenfest was taking place, took a quick look at the crapht show and do some photos of the rides (that's another post!) and raptly watch the Tour de France.

I love this quiet time -- it gives me a chance to regroup from rather a lot of personal and professional stress lately. I don't feel compelled to do chores, tidy up, work on the basement, do laundry. So, I relax. I truly relax. I don't do that enough.

Life is good.


Jennifer Richardson said...

I feel the tightness in my shoulders begin to unwind
and muscles smoothe out long
and supple as I read along
and watch that gorgeous sun set, right there with you
....thanks for this little

Marilyn said...

Yes, I agree with Jennifer. There is a lightness and de-stressing on this particular weekend. I hope it continues through the week. How wonderful to have this time to relax and do nothing. Your sunsets are gorgeous. What a lovely view of the lake.

beth said...

enjoy your time always seems to go so much more quickly then the time we have at home.....xo

Barb said...

Hi Jeanie, Your photos make me relax, too. Such lovely sunsets. My son was in the Leadville 50 Mountain Bike Race this weekend. We were his crew. Yes, and we're watching the Tour, too.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

You've given us all a lovely, absolutely delicious virtual vacation, Jeanie! Thanks so much! And I'm so glad that you're focusing on relaxation instead of chores. Good for you!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those pictures are beuatiful! I love how quiet and calming the lake it, too. I just love sitting out there in the morning with a cup of coffee and a good book.

I won't be up at my parents' cabin much this month, but next month I want to get up there for 1-2 weekends.

Jeanie said...

Beautiful pictures of the sunset and beautiful words conveying your sense of calm. I remember days at the lake when I was growing up just as you do....lots of activity and noise.

Annie said...

I just love visiting your lake with you, J.

Bree said...

Plant me in your pictures. On the beach. I want to go tomorrow. Wish this humidity would go away. Yuck

Retired English Teacher said...

Those sunsets are amazing. I need to go to a lake and do exactly what you are doing. I'm glad you had the time. You needed it. You deserved it. Drink it in. Enjoy. Refuel.

Joanne Huffman said...

It sounds and looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

oh i'm so glad you have refuge at the lake ~ glad you are taking time just for you :)

Sandy K. said...

Beautiful...I can feel the peace wrap around each word. Very important. I think the older we get the more reflective we get, and hence the need for quiet. It clears the head and soothes the soul. Thanks for sharing:)

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