Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Few More Cards to Share

You might think I go to the lake and just laze about all day. A farm market here, read a book on the beach there.

You might be right. (Recognize that background you shared on your blog long ago, Joanne?)

You might think I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, looking for the next great recipe. And you wouldn't be wrong there, either.

You might think I'm out partying. Too true.

But there's a tad more. I've been trying hard to build some card inventory. Here are a few of the recent ones.

It disappoints me greatly that more people don't send cards these days! I love working with this size and format.

Sometimes people just need a little lift -- a card to cheer them when they're sad.

I've been thinking that I should up the price a tad and include the postal stamp, so people can just write the note and address it.

What say you?

I'm listening!

(A Note: I haven't been a terrific visitor and even worse commenter the past couple of weeks. There are some good reasons -- travel and stress to name two. I miss you and I so appreciate it when you still visit and leave me a comment. I promise -- I'll be back as soon as I can.)


Cheryl Rice said...

Love, love, LOVE your cards, especially the ones with kitties and pups (of course!) Keep up the great work, Jeanie!

Tracy said...

Super sweet cards, Jeanie! They all have very high feeling of felicity about them! Travel sounds good... stress, not as much. ;o) Hope you find your balance back soon.

Joanne Huffman said...

I'm so pleased you used the background. I really like your cards and you've certainly made some beautiful ones here.

Jane said...

Keep em comin'! If for no other reason that we have a sale in November. Adding postage is a brilliant idea. Hallmark is doing it on selected cards and I thought at the time it was such a smart idea. These days I don't often have stamps because I do pretty much everything online. I think there might be others who find themselves in the same situation. The same thing applies to checks. I ran out and don't want to order a whole box more. I rarely use a check these days.

Deb said...

Your cards are beautiful. I do this with cat pictures of mine and my client's cats. I love doing it.

Retired English Teacher said...

Love these! You are so creative. I think this must be a good stress reliever. I really liked the one with the nurse and the dog. How darling! Also the girl in the contemplate card is so cute.

Marilyn said...

Loving your cards. Stamps on them could be good, but what if they don't mail them right away and the postage goes up? Just thinking. The one with the kittie and teacup is so very cute. The little girls and the birthday cake brings back memories of a birthday long ago, I like it too. You are doing a great job on the cards. Enjoy just being lazy at the cabin too.

Mae Travels said...

Marilyn is right -- so you need to use Forever stamps that are always going to be good for current postage! They might not be as decorative, but it's practical. And maybe there could be an option of an envelope with or without a stamp?

I'm guilty about sending email instead of cards -- but what I really gave up were commercially printed cards. I think it's sad that the trend has become so pervasive, since your cards are in fact unique works of art. I wonder if instead of including a stamp you could find a way to encourage framing them on a little easel?

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Jeanie, your cards are so beautiful and creative! I agree with you that a card someone can hold and keep means so much more than an e-card. Going through a box of my college treasures, I came across a valentine that I got in college -- my first from a guy and it was from a man I loved so much (who later broke my heart by marrying another but who remained a very dear friend to this day). That card meant the world to me when I first got it -- and was a treasure to me when I held it and read it nearly 50 years later!

Becca said...

I was just telling a friend from church (who makes the most beautiful hand crafted cards for every occasion) that I've saved everyone she's ever sent me. She seemed surprised!

"But they are small works of art!" I told here.

And so are these :) Simply beautiful.

Take care friend - don't let the stress wear you down too much :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh fun! Your cards are so beautiful - what a treasure for someone to receive one!

I hope the stress in your life regulates soon... And that life calms down!

anno said...

One thing's for certain: you sure are making beautiful memories up there at that cottage! Gorgeous cards, Jeanie... hope you're having lovely times to match!

Janet said...

I like all of these cards. Most people enjoy receiving cards in the mail and especially when it's for no reason other than you're thinking of them. Including a stamp would definitely make it easy.

Karen Owen said...

Beautiful cards! I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but the puppies are awfully cute.

Rosa said...

They are all wonderful! Oh, I have been the WORSE poster and visitor. What happened to me?? So fun to visit you again. xo

Anonymous said...

oh, Jeanie, these are fabulous. and sweet. and artsy. and nostalgia-esque and hip and delightful. Yes, yes, up the price, include the stamp - you can do whatever you like - these are wonderful. You are inspiring.

And BTW, I totally get it about being busy (and stressed) and just kinda crazy with all the stuff gong on regarding the job and all.
We'll all get caught up. In the meantime, hope you can steal some downtime and enjoy the summer days, er,daze, no, days!

~*~Patty S said...

I too have not been getting around like I once did...time!
where does it go!

SO enjoyed seeing your creativity...great that you've had a chance to play!

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