Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hi, Lily! Hi-Lo!

Rick's Lilies of the Valley come up before mine. There is a different quality of light in his yard. I broadly hinted how nice it would be if he would pick me a bouquet of lilies and surprise me. I did this multiple times. I'm glad I have my own lilies!

This is actually about the time they always used to emerge. When I would go to the cemetery on Memorial Day to plant flowers on my family's graves, I would also pick a few wild Lilies of the Valley from the slope behind their burial spot and place them on my parents', aunts' and uncles' headstones. For a few years that hasn't worked out -- spring was early and by then the lilies were gone.

Tonight (which is last week by the time you are reading this!) I picked a lovely bouquet. As I did, I thought of Vagabonde, whose post about these short-lived gems is HERE and well worth a read. Her photos are lovely, she weaves a magical story and uses wonderful vintage graphics to cap it off. She also reveals how this is a May Day tradition in France, her native country. OK, a month late. C'est la vie!

The act of doing so reminded me of one of the reasons I love blogging. By reading all of your posts -- so varied in style and content -- I learn so very much.

I learn about flowers and decorating and antiquing. I learn about books and about art. I learn about families and love. I get a little history here and there, read some wonderful poetry and learn about all sorts of exotics places -- some of which I would love to visit and some to which I long to return.

Most of all, I get to know you. I get to know what makes you happy or sad. I experience your highs and lows and we share a multitude of feelings. You have often been there for me, and I do my best to be there for you.

So, to you I give a bouquet of Lily of the Valley. They will not last long; their sweet fragrance will fade. But I will eagerly await their return next spring as I spend this year with you.

(NOTE: Now at Chopsticks and String, an artful look at Paris in a wee, delightful book!)


Oh said...

I LOVE your title on this entry! (now I'm singing the song, too - do you know it?)and then there's the "round" we sang at Girl Scout camp of "white coral bells" which I always assumed referred to these lilies of the valley.

And love these precious "muguets" -my grandmother grew them successfully if not accidentally all along the east side of the family home.

So many wonderful connotations with these petites fleurs.

and yes, you are always there for us in your writing and photos and notes. And have introduced us to so many other wonderful bloggers. I will go take a look at Vagabonde. And I did I mention that I ordered WANDERING PARIS based on your recommendation? In fact, it should be here soon!

Will see you soon!

Janet said...

This is such a beautiful post, both the words and the photos. You summed up the way I feel about blogging. And you're one of my favorite bloggers!

PS - Lily of the valley was one of my grandma's favorite flowers. She had them all along the side of her house. They remind me of her.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a beautiful post! those flowers are just so gorgeous! I am so glad things are blooming around these parts! Finally!

And thank goodness for the blogging community. i do not know what I would do without it. I have made some amazing friendships. I mean, just in the last 12 months, I've visited Vancouver, St Louis, and DC - all because of blogging friendships. And I met you, a fellow francophile. :) The support I"ve received (and try to reciprocate) is amazing!

Oh and this is kind of cool - the author of "Lunch in Paris" commented on my blog today! She saw my May recap post where I mentioned reading/liking her book! Too cool! :)

Maryhocam said...

Lovely post. The photos are so beautiful I can smell them.

Sally Wessely said...

My spirit is uplifted by your post. I saw the first photo and said out loud, "oooo look at those." I love Lily of Valley. I really must plant some. My mother has some that came from starts from my grandmother's yard. I don't know if they would even grow here, and I never really know where to plant them in my yard. That is why I've never brought any from mother's yard to plant. After seeing your beautiful bouquets, I simply must plant some. Are't they just the most perfect little flower?

Mother carried them for her wedding bouquet in February. I have no idea how she was able to get them in the winter during the middle of the depression. I carried them in my wedding bouquet when I married my sweet Jim.

Your message was so sweet also.

Joanne Huffman said...

A lovely bouquet! We had lillies of the valley in my yard when I was growing up and you've brought back happy memories of them.

PeterParis said...

You really gave these nice flowers their full value with your photos! Thanks! (Here we had them about a month ago.) :-)

Marilyn Miller said...

I just love lily of the valley and every year I say I am going to plant some and then forget. Oh how I would love some to celebrate May 1st. We usually celebrate May 1st with lilacs, because that is what is blooming then. In Kansas we celebrated Memorial Day with peonies. Isn't it interesting how flowers remind us of different celebrations?

Bella Rum said...

I enjoy visiting your blog because you always have something interesting going on in your life and you always share it with us. And sometimes it isn't a big old huge thing. It could be a simple thing like these lily of the valley.

My lily of the valley have come and gone a while ago. I love them. They're the sweetest little flowers. Great photos. Thanks.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I love your lily of the valleys ~ they take me back to my childhood.

Privet and Holly said...

I have always
said that if I
were a May bride,
I'd carry Lily of
the Valley. They
are right at the top
of the list with
regular lilies, which
are my favorite. My
name is actually the
Hebrew word for Lily!
And I couldn't agree
with you more about
reading blogs. It's
truly amazing what you
can learn and absorb!
xx Suzanne

~*~Patty S said...

one of my fav flowers...but wait...well you know..what's blooming is always a favorite!

our lily-of-the-valley are long past...yours are gorgeous and so worth waiting for each year!

Enjoy Enjoy!

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