Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Things I Love

As most of you probably know, I work for a public television/radio station. And, if you follow the news, you may well have heard of Congressional action to completely eliminate federal funding for public broadcasting. They expect a vote this week.

What you may or may not know is that of those funding dollars, the vast majority goes directly to public television and radio stations, assisting them with their broadcasting operations and programming. Another portion goes to some national program producers who create content. Only a portion goes to PBS or NPR.

Regardless how you feel about public funding for public television, it is important to let your Congressional representatives know those feelings. We are told that the signing of petitions online is not nearly so effective as a phone call, email or fax. You can find more information on the website 170millionamericans.org. Time is of the essence; the vote is expected this week.

I think you know how I stand, but what matters is how you feel. Please let them know. And thank so much.

Superheroes. In recent days, we've seen how everyday people can be superheroes, just by caring enough and expressing their opinion to the right people, making their thoughts known.

Please, let your voice be heard.
Someone asked me how my Valentine's poetry book for Rick was coming along. I do this every year -- a book that includes poems related to events in our year. I've done everything from pop-up books to envelope books to scrap books.

This year I copped out. I discovered Shutterfly.

I wrote my poems, used the easy program and lots of wonderful photos and was thrilled with the result. When I arrived, I just grinned!

Lots of the photos of the year in wonderful quality on beautiful paper. (I have done these books before and I know there are a lot of similar services. Since I switched to digital, most of my photos stayed on the computer. This gets them out where I can see them. Now I do a year book each year, and sometimes special books for certain occasions. If you haven't tried it, do -- they always have sales and coupons!)

Well, after that, I felt guilty -- after all, he has this collection of unique handmade books. This seemed so -- commercial.

So, I did another, with the poems, simply bound. I didn't take pix of the inside, but basically, I just used red ribbons affixed with the Xyron sticker maker adhesive on each page for color to highlight the poems.

I have to say, Rick gives as good as he gets! He made an amazing dinner -- the best pork I had ever had with roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts and fabulous wine. I made chocolate cookie-peppermint stick ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

And he gave me the wonderful Stephen Sondheim book of lyrics and stories. Sondheim is a favorite and I loved it!

Rick and public broadcasting. Two things I love.


ForgedinPaper said...

What a lovely book and I have to say it's what's inside that is important not the cover. I hope the funding isn't cut as DS2 loves Super Why and I think it is important to have services that are not corporation driven much as I love Nickelodeon and Disney. We have the same debate about the BBC here at times as we all have to have a license that funds the BBC regardless of if you watch the BBC. I have to say they do make some of the best programming here. I have a blog award for you although I think you have had it recently so feel free to not do it. Take Care. Sonja.

Janet said...

What a beautiful tradition you have. I'm sure it's nice to look back through all those handmade books and relive all the memories. The new book this year looks beautiful and just because it's printed doesn't mean it's any less personal. You still chose all the photos and poems. I'm sure Rick loved it.

Joanne Huffman said...

Second try at leaving a comment (so slightly briefer). Both books are wonderful gifts for Rick. Love that you got the Stephen Sondheim book (I loved his interview with Terry Gross, which was a long time ago). Good luck on the funding thing - so petty and anti-intellectual to cut it.

Judy Winter said...

I love how thoughtful you and Rick were to the other on this day of love, sharing gifts with real meaning to the other. xoxo

Rosa said...

Our public TV is actually getting better. We're beginning to get more Britcoms, yay! Now, about that book, it is FABULOUS! Oh, I SO need to do that. Wow. You had told me about it but seeing photos really shows what a great idea. xo

anno said...

Consider it done! This news has come as a hard shock -- will be hoping for the best.

On the other hand, I think you may have found the best, at least in Valentine's Day traditions. The books you make, whether by computer or by hand, are lovely, and loving traditions. Sounds like a fabulous Valentine's Day dinner as well!

Marilyn Miller said...

PBS is my favorite station and I would be extremely upset if they didn't get the funding they need.

What a wonderful Valentine's gift for Rick. And he gave you a lovely gift also. You two do know how to celebrate love.

Sally Wessely said...

You are an amazing woman. I like your idea about the Valentine's book. That is a wonderful tradition.

I think we must be concerned about this funding issue. We always listen to PBS. Thanks for the reminder that we must make sure our voices are heard.

JessInFocus said...

I will be contacting them about the public broadcasting. Alex is only 4 months old, but loves Elmo so much!

Yout book isn't a copout I love it! There is also MyPublisher (love that company. I've ordered about 6 books so far from them) and MixBook.

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