Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back from a Great Vacation!

Well, I've been a bit absent for awhile -- I look forward to visiting you all soon and thank you for your patience, your comments and visits.

We've been out west -- and then I've been running to catch up, both at work and in terms of holiday preparations. I'm sure most of you are hard at work on that score, too!

So, over a few posts, interspersed with holiday fun, I wanted to share with you some of my vacation.

It started in Las Vegas, where we were at Rick's trade show. There was precious little time for fun there, but I did a couple of things. The first -- the "must do" -- was visit the conservatory at the Bellagio for their annual holiday floral extravaganza.

This year's theme, Winter Wonderland, included a visit to the North Pole, where penguins abound!

I loved the animation -- this guy peered at his plans, lifting them closer for a better look, then gazing about.

This one popped in and out of the igloo.

I liked this little guy with his scarf and sweater.

The polar bear was made of carnations. I was told that doing the display costs $1.5 million. Well, this is Las Vegas. There are hundreds of thousands of flowers and naturals.

The reindeer on Santa's sleigh were made of pecans.

Here's a closer look.

I loved how they used items from past years -- but in different spots and in different ways.

They were still working on it, doing some finishing touches, which was fascinating to watch.

It truly was a Christmas fantasy land.

That night we got off the strip and went downtown. They lit the Christmas tree that evening and it was quite the hopping place.

Santa was there.

So was the Grinch.

And Michael Jackson, too!

We don't know who this fellow was, but he really made an impression!

They say Elvis is dead -- but not in Las Vegas!

There was lots of live entertainment -- a dancing trio...

...a sax player...

...and outstanding and sophisticated shops! (Well, not really, but they were colorful!)

I loved the colorful lights on the enclosure above Fremont Street.

All in all, a splendid night.

Finally, back to the hotel -- where even the guests know how to dress!

Vegas -- you love it or hate it, but it never ceases to have surprises!

Our next visit took us to family in Arizona. Stay tuned!


Anya said...

It looks fantastic Winter wonderland
very cool ......
Love your pictures :-)

Nice to see you again
and I hope you are relaxed from that vacation !!

Hugs from us
Kareltje & Anya

Janet said...

I love Vegas! I guess it's the glitter that gets me. The Winter Wonderland looks great but then the Bellagio always does everything in a big way.

Marilyn said...

Love the Bellagio. I have the Chuiley glass ceiling as my screen savor on my laptop. How wonderful to see the Christmas decorations. I am always there in the late spring. One time they had a gazebo full of live butterflies. It was beautiful.

Annie said...

Penquins, Reindeer, and Bears . . . Oh . . . oops, and a semi-naked Elvis! Oh MY!!

Linda said...

How glorious!!!!!!!!!! Oh My is right!

~*~Patty S said...

oh you DO get to take some wonderful trips Jeanie

I will have to come back when I have time to savor each and every pic and word

just now starting my baking
fa la la

your photos are fabulous!

Wrightboysmum said...

Vegas looks fab and the photos are great. Glad to see Elvis was there and I adore the pecan reindeer.

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