Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Big Boo Boo!

An autumn image to lift your spirits this October day!

Sometimes I work fast.

And sometimes I work really fast, approaching a quick deadline.

Well, I really goofed up our eNewsletter this week. It's election season, and our radio station did call-ins with our two candidates for governor. They're now online at WKAR's election website.

Well, I was adding in the URL for it and writing the little blurb for the eNews -- where I told them that the call-ins for the bubanatorial candidates were now available online.

I think it was a Freudian slip.

(It could have been worse; I could have referred to one as a bubanatorial candidate and the other as a gubernatorial candidate. And I didn't make the typo those of us in public broadcasting fear above all others -- that's accidentally omitting the "l" from public. )

And if you can't be honest with your blog buddies, who can you be honest with?

(If you're a public television fan, check on my tips of the week at Chopsticks and String. And remember, even without a TV, you can watch great quality video online at PBS. org or just come to our station, right here!


anno said...

Love it! Been known to make a typo/blooper once in a while myself... glad to know I'm in good company. But "bubanatorial"? Ha! I'm going to be laughing over that one all day!

Mae Travels said...

Did you mean leaders of the boobocracy?

Vagabonde said...

I have looked at your past posts. You do have beautiful fall photography. Here our trees are still mostly green but by November they will have turned. Your mistake is funny one or two letters changed in a word can make a lot of difference…

Marilyn said...

The pumpkins look like the ones I have in my garden. Bubanatorial is quite funny. Now I off to check out Chopsticks and String.

Anonymous said...

Dear J, Thanks for your long lovely email (rec'd the other day) and geez, aren't we the busy ones, but yes, Feb for a blog meetup, weather being cooperative then. (altho' according to a caterpillar's markings that I saw today out in the river valley, it should be a mild winter - ahahaha! we'll see.)

Anyway, your typo is hilarious and I dare say people wouldn't even see it. The eye makes so many corrections when reading but honestly, it's rather brilliant. And not all that awful unless pronounced aloud.

You do SO many things in your job - I haven't a clue about doing web stuff...and what? you mentioned in your email that you have tickets to D Sedaris??!!!!!!!! wow, wow and triple wow. That will be a grand event, whether you get an autograph or not.

Hope you blog about that one.

Speaking of deadlines (as you did in this entry) I must now excuse myself and go finish a piece about a restaauranteur, and hope that I can make if half as interesting as she was.

and then? feet up, book in hand, downtime!

ciao for now, Oh

BECKY said...

Hilarious, Jeanie! Freudian slip, maybe, as you also suggested?! And...oooh, what's that I read in westcobich's comment....David Sedaris? Is he coming to your PBS station, or are you attending a public concert?! I LOVE his humor! I'm off to check out Chopsticks and String, too, because YES, I AM a PBS FAN!! :)

Joanne Huffman said...

An appropriate Freudian slip, given the state of politics. The pumpkins look great.

Plus Size Barbie said...

I imagine no real harm came from any of it! Just think, now you have another great little story to share over dinners and the like!

Karen Owen said...

Too funny! You would think you were from the south - bubbas and goobers!

Wrightboysmum said...

I love the pumpkins and at least you reslised the mistake. I'm always hitting my comment button and then realising I never read the comment correctly for spelling and it's too late to redo it.

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