Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I happened onto the Charlevoix Applefest by mistake. I had no idea it was happening, but my autumn road trip kept taking me that direction. My first clue was the traffic jam!

But once I found out what was happening and figured out a shortcut, I was in for a lovely time in one of Michigan's most beautiful small northern towns.

Charlevoix is on a stunning blue lake, and with the cloudless sky, it was reflecting blue in all its glory. The boats looked all the more pristine by contrast. (And really, there were quite a few in the water.)

The applefest combines two things -- a giant farm market where the major commodity is apples.

And an art fair. More an art/craft fair. Well, some craft. Some crapht. You can see some tents here and people enjoying a fabulous day!

One artist stood out in particular. Susan Winter. I happen to know her as she is related to my friend Judy, and I'd always admired her pressed paper work. Now she is working wonders with antique postcards of the area, from around the 1915-30s period. I don't have photos, but I can tell you, her work is stunning and gave me some ideas about using the cards I have at home about the area of Gaylord we visit for the cottage. Her Etsy site has her "naturals" switch plate covers. (Alas, no postcard images -- yet!)

Well, I love fall foods, and so I had to buy these Brussels sprouts. I've never bought them off the vine like this. (For some terrific posts on Brussels sprouts, visit thoughtful posts on Cul-de-sac Chronicles and The Task at Hand.) (You may have to scroll down a post or two!)

These came from a place called "Marvin's Gardens," which I thought a most clever name!

Of course there were other vendors -- and the fall colors just seemed to pop!

Doesn't this look just like fall? Sure does to me!

And this one. I just want to crawl into this autumn warmth and goodness and hold it close.

Of course, the art fair and farm market aren't the only benefits of Applefest. The line for the caramel apple stand was the longest. And the kids were loving the pony rides.

And the petting zoo, which was right behind the riding field.

People were buying cornstalks, and I can visualize their decorating for the season soon after!

Well, I think it's time to get home and make something with those brussels sprouts! Just remember...


Annie said...

What a surprise to stumble upon. Lucky you. Hey, perhaps you should check the Etsy link for your friend. It didn't go to Etsy. :-(

Privet and Holly said...

Gorgeous pics, my friend!!!
Looks like the perfect
kind of day....art.....
ponies! Now I need to see
if I can visit this Etsy
shop. Have a wonderful day!
xx Suzanne

Anonymous said...

I love the brussels sprout photo! And the perfect term "crapht." There's a lot of that going around, isn't there?

mae of maetravels.blogspot.com

~*~Patty S said...

how lovely to come upon such a delightful event and in such a beautiful setting too!

Autumn is a fav season ... you've captured it beautifully in your pics Jeanie!

Marilyn said...

I just love visiting other places in the country. How fun to stumble across this festival and enjoy the sunshiny day.

Sugar Bear said...

I adore brussel sprouts! I never had them as a kid - my mother doesn't like them and never gave us a chance to like or not like them. Just had them for the first time a year or so ago and now eat them all the time! Chelsea loves them too. Looks like the Applefest was a great find.

Bella Rum said...

Wow! What beautiful photos. I love the Brussels sprouts. Ha! Thanks for the mention.

Isn't it the most fun when serendipity happens. How fortunate that you came upon this applefest. These pics make me want to visit right now. I just keep scrolling through them. Love 'em.

Dogwood said...

more wonderful pictures of fall produces. lovely! what a fabulous road trip. i love all that you saw! you are a very lucky lady.

Janet said...

Apples and produce, crafts, and a beautiful autumn day....what could be better!!

Leovi said...

I like your blog, is interesting.

Ruth said...

The produce is heavenly. I wonder if it was a better year for all the farmers this year, it sure was here. There's no place better than Charlevoix!

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, I think I can smell all of the wholesome freshness now!

Sandra Evertson

Melissa B. said...

Don't you just like these serendipitous finds? Love your snaps...fun times!

Plus Size Barbie said...

I would love to go to an applefest! I've never seen brussel sprouts on a vine like that either. Were they any good!?

Relyn said...

These images are marvelous. Especially the first two.

Rosa said...

I LOVE this time of year!!

Wrightboysmum said...

What a great find. It's fab when you stumble on thses little hidden gems. I've seen the Brussels like that before but I still hate them lol. They are part of our traditional Christmas dinners.
While I remember my email address is
Take care.

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