Friday, August 13, 2010

WOW! I'm Honored!

Have you visited Our Wisdom of Words (WOW)? It's a blog group that supports "bloggers of substance" and regularly features different blogs -- all kinds, all topics. They are called "Bloggers of Note" or BONs, and this week I am one! (For those new to the Gypsy, that's me, below!)

We tell a little about ourselves to those new to our blogs and feature links to several of our favorite posts.

So, if you are new to The Marmelade Gypsy, this blog is pretty eclectic. If you scroll down a bit, you see posts about my recent vacation to North and South Carolina. Sometimes I'll feature an attraction from Michigan (my home state), like an exhibit at the museum or a local festival. (The photo below if from the Chihuly exhibit at Grand Rapids' Meijer Gardens).

Other times, my recent creative activities, which may include collage or knitting.

And there are always lots of photos. Flowers.

Farm markets.

Food photos to accompany a favorite recipe. Like I said -- it's eclectic!

The Marmelade Gypsy is named after my orange cat, Gypsy Rose (who is a boy, but I didn't know that when I named him).

You'll see him featured regularly, too!

I started this blog in December 2007, when a colleague offered to teach a group of us about blogging during those slow days prior to the holidays. "Holidays? Slow?" you might ask. Well, I work for a public television station licensed to a university, and once the students go on break, it seems slow, even if we're in the midst of a million other things (like pledge campaigns!)

I do public relations for our station -- that means a lot of writing every day, often revising press releases for our social media platforms (I do those, too) or for media relations. You'd think the last thing I would want to do when I'm not working is write.

That used to be true. I used to do a fair amount of freelance writing -- until I realized I never got a break.

Fact is, doing The Gypsy is not like work; it's really a joy. First of all, I'm writing about things I love, things (and people) that move me. I get to use my own photos (which inspires me to take more and be more thoughtful when doing so). And it is as eclectic as I am. You are as likely to read the reviews of wine from our wine tasting group as you are to see photos from a trip or hear reminiscences about childhood. (If you like wine, check out the wine posts on the labels at your right!)

What started as a bit of an online journal has become a connection to wonderful people throughout the world with whom I'm in contact both on and offline. I've had the great good fortune to connect with several bloggers face-to-face, and that has been a joy -- we feel like old friends from the beginning.

Many bloggers will say this community is extremely supportive and I concur. My blog friends have "been there" with words of support during times of family illness or loss. They have shared my joy at something fun and offered encouragement to try (or continue to try) something new.

Basically, I found that blogging fit me like a glove. I enjoyed the writing so much, I started a second blog, Chopsticks and String, which focuses primarily on books (though this fall I will expand it to include books and more). I also participate in Unconventional Beauties, a blog started by Anne to focus on self-portraits.

My friends, relatives and my partner Rick often say that to me "everything is a blog post." Not quite everything. But Rick and the kids have had their share of face time, and I am often teased that I see the world through the camera lens instead of through my own eyes!

The truth is, my theater background taught me to be extremely observant and I suspect I see the world all the more clearly for that -- I'm just fast with the shutter button!

Now and then, I am moved to write about a person who has been significant to me or a particular life event that was quite influential. Many times, those posts center around my family -- not just Rick and the boys, but the family that is no longer with me on Earth. I try to use vintage photos when possible. The post about my dad and his military service in India is one of my favorites.

Other times, I may get off on a tangent and consider something more thoughtful. Since I do a lot of collage, I one day realized that our lives are sort of a living collage -- I wrote about that here.

Finally, holidays always play a key part in my posts. Last Thanksgiving was one I was particularly grateful for. Rick had recently been in a serious bicycle accident; I had been dealing with some health problems and the holiday was upon us. As one who plans holiday dinners to the max, I found myself not knowing quite what we were going to do. The post "What Was Missing This Thanksgiving" addresses how we celebrated that beautiful day.

If you are one of my regular readers, I want to thank you for coming back time after time! More than 600 posts since that day in 2007 when I wrote my first one, I have found blogging to be a joy -- and a big part of that reason is you.

If you are new to The Marmelade Gypsy, I hope you will return or check out some of the subjects on the link list over on the right to see if any of those topics interest you. I hope you'll come back, and I look forward to getting to know you, too! (Next time: the best day of my vacation -- and your stimulus dollars put to good use!)


S. Susan Deborah said...

Congrats on the BON. Eclectic is indeed THE word to describe your blog.

Joy always,

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm visiting from WOW - and as a fellow 'eclectic' I'm delighted to meet you :)

Sandy said...

I found YOU and Gypsy long ago and haven't visited regularly in a long time. Looking at today's post, I see I've been missing a lot. I'll do better. :-)

Sandy (half of WOW)

Ruth said...

This post shows, in a nutshell, why your blog is so homey. Just like the photo of you in yours.

Sugar Bear said...

Congrats to you Jeanie! A great honor! I loved reading this post. Even though I'm not new, I didn't know some of those fun tidbits.

Joanne Huffman said...

It is ALWAYS a pleasure to read your blog.

Heather said...

Congrats on the BON. You are more than worthy. What a creative life you live! I, too, love blogging, and am constantly planning my next post. I, too, am always looking for great photo ops. In addition, I'm a translator and write for a living, but I still need to write more. I'm so happy I discovered your blog. It was very inspiring. PS, I have a cat that I am very fond of. His name is Pistache. Heather

Becca said...

Congratulations on the well deserved recognition! Your blog is a place I can come and always be entertained, uplifted, or educated :)

HerzBlatt said...

I could not have described your blog better myself!!!!
For me your blog is always a journey to the USA....I learn a lot about the people there...their customs and traditions...your culture....historical things.....I see interesting all your 6.534.996 friends...*lol*....I admire your Christmas decorations.....have nice meals with you....go into American theatres, museums,operas, shows,festivals,watch music groups...the lakes....your marvellous different oceans....sample a lot of wines.....learn about TV astonished about antiques....your your anchesters....even accompany you to Paris, where I never have been, although it is only some hours away from my with you in good and bad times....laugh and cry with you and sometimes share my sorrows or worries with you.....
.. it's nice to know that you are around !!

HerzBlatt said...

Sorry, I forgot a very important thing: I learnt a lot about cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitty said...

Congrats on the BON. If anyone deserves it, you do. You are an angel in my eyes - only an angel could see and describe the beauty in God's world. Love,

~*~Patty S said...

you are SO deserving!!!
Happy Weekend to you and yours!
word verification: deduce
sometimes they are really fun :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

Congrats on your BoN Day!

Your cat looks like such a sweetie and this seems to be a great blog you've got here! Thanks for letting me stop by.

Katie Gates said...

Happy BON day from a fellow collage. Mine has always included a layer of cats. That seems to be the one and only thing that doesn't change...

BONNIE K said...

Oh I'm so happy to see you as a BON! This is a wonderful post that beautifully sums up what you do so well!

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Hello, it's a pleasure to visit on your BON day. You have a lovely blog, and I really enjoy your beautiful collage work!

Savira Gupta said...

Congrats on the BON and it sure is eclectic.

OJ Gonzalez-Cazares said...

congratulations on the BON! I'm up to read some more (you've got me at "wine tasting group reviews") - I love wine! - off to read some more.

Maegan said...

Congratulations on you BON! I am new to WOW but your post has me hooked! I love all the pictures! I'll be back soon! Have a great weekend!

Dogwood said...

I love you blog. Wow, I love all you write about and your pictures are wonderful. You sure do deserve the BON. I'll be back watching for your next blog post. Enjoy your weekend. Be silly a little and laugh lots. Dogwood~~~the owner of Rocky.

Karen Owen said...

You deserve the honor. Thank you for giving us this fresh and interesting blog — always beautiful to look at and fun to read.

Tamara said...

I like the approach you take to blogging, and I enjoy the photo's that help you tell your stories. Congratulations on the recognition of your efforts and contributions. Will be seeing you 'round.

Privet and Holly said...

Congrats on 600
posts! That is
really, really
Your blog appeals
to me because of
the variety of
topics that you
cover....and your
beautiful photos,
too! You can
definitely tell
that you have an
arts background.
You are also a
thoughtful and
sweet blogging
I always love
hearing from you,
xx Suzanne

BECKY said...

HI! Congrats on being the BON today! I'm visiting from WOW. I love your blog. I feel the same about my blog. I love writing and my blog is sometimes humorous, or sentimental, etc. I like to post pictures, too. Please stop by!

Dogwood said...

Check it won my give-away! Exciting. Email me your mailing address and I will get your gifts in the mail this week.

Have a nice day! Cory/Dogwood

Dogwood said...

Check it won my give-away! Exciting. Email me your mailing address and I will get your gifts in the mail this week.

Have a nice day! Cory/Dogwood

Relyn Lawson said...

How wonderful, congratulations. Plus, I loved learning more about you in this post. Your "the sea" artwork really makes me happy.

Rosa said...

Well deserved! i <3 u!

paris parfait said...

Fantastic post, Jeanie! Congrats on the much-deserved recognition. We already knew you were a Blogger of Note! :) xo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You deserve it. I enjoy your blog so much. It just feels good here. I told my husband that you seem to enjoy you life. Live well!

...ahem... may I say that your father had bedroom eyes? what a handsome guy...

Linda Jo said...

Congratulations, girl! You are sooooooo deserving. And...I agree about your dad with the comment above....he was very good looking!

ForgedinPaper said...

Oh I liked this post a lot. You write so well about blogging and the community and just life. Keep it up please and the shutter finger ready.

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