Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Few Birds...

I swear everyone thought I was nutty for standing on the deck, camera in hand, barely moving. But I had to get some shots of the birds. First thing in the morning, it was foggy...

...but then, it really wasn't a hardship! With a view like that, who could resist?

So, here you go -- this could be a female finch -- the yellow feathers are my hint.

And I liked this guy!

This fellow should close his mouth while he chews!

The hummingbird shots didn't turn out that well --

These guys really move fast!

I loved the colors of the seed, the sun, the soft brown of the birds' feathers.

And These won't rock your world, but they sure rocked mine!

Vacation. All over for awhile. But like all vacations, it nestles comfortably in the memory and brings smiles for a long time after the bags are unpacked and it's back to work!


  1. Great opening shot of the bird feeders against the mist ... and downright amazing pictures of the finches and hummingbirds -- just love these, Jeanie!

  2. I'm glad you took these! I love pictures of birds! There's a surprise, huh? Have a great weekend.....

  3. Birds and a view. Superb!

    Love the guy showing food in his mouth.

  4. Great bird photos. You must have a really powerful camera. I take lots of bird photos but never as good as yours.

    I have spend the morning watching the birds outside the kitchen window. So much activity. So much fun.

  5. birds are so entertaining and your patience paid off ... we get to see some lovely birdies and mountain views!

    glad you had a lovely time away Jeanie! and you're so right about memories they linger and linger so sweetly!

  6. ooo your Sally Jean book went to the post office on Friday ... now winging its way to you ;)

  7. I love the shot that establishes how foggy it was, and then the beautiful view emerging! Great shots of the birds, too.

  8. How lovely. I'm looking forward to the fall when I will begin feeding my birds again. These shots are absolutely breathtaking! Wow!

  9. Yowser - those little hummingbird fellows look awesome! they are like little helicopters, they way they can dart AND hover and reverse direction. They like the magicians of the bird world, always leaving you wondering if you really saw them or not! Oh yes, this pictures are wonderful.
    As for the others, whether dun-colored or not, doesn't make you wish one would just sit in your hand, to feel the downiness and the flutter and fragility of them all?

  10. Love those Birdie, Pics,,Awesome!

  11. I always strive to get good bird pictures and am rarely successful; you did a great job.

  12. Awesome pics! I'm never successful with these. If I'm outside the birds won't come close enough and I'm not knowledgeable to take pics through the glass of the back door.

  13. Oh I'm so glad there were more bird photos. They are just great.


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