Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So Many Stores, So Little Time

On my last full day in NC, we all went about our independent lives. Rick, of course, took to the mountains on the seat of his bike.

Kathy had a full day at work and Skip was at the Y. I went shopping! My first destination was an antique store in Foscoe, halfway between Banner Elk and Boone.

Let me say that I could just crawl into this booth and live there.

See those Fiesta dishes? A couple came home with me.

And I was only stopped from buying kitchen implements because I'd already hit the booths in the front of the store.

One had many French things -- tapestries (so they said)...

...books, tins, and a splendid box which appeared old, or at least used (and at $40, out of my range).

And I really wanted to buy this china -- but I needed another set of china like a hole in the head. Eight -- or is it nine? -- is enough!

And see that blue pitcher? I wanted that, too. I'd like to think I was restrained. I wasn't that much... but no dishes (except for those Fiesta bowls!)

Then on to the Mast General Store. It opened in the 1880s in Valle Crucis, NC and while it carries contemporary merchandise, it is very authentic.

And very old!

It hosts a working post office...

A bottle-top checker board (when I was here when the kids were small, Kevin and Rick enjoyed a game of bottle-top checkers; it was a fond memory) and a porch idea for setting a spell...

...and a great candy selection.

Among the many things I bought there were lots of edibles, table linens, and this oil cloth (the cherries on turquoise) for my art table. Time to start using the cutting mat again...

They have taken great pains to make the exterior as genuine as the interior with its Esso sign and tank...

And clean white wood.

When we were here so long ago, the US had just invaded Iraq. The headlines were far less dramatic...

And yes, it was hot!

I would have felt I'd deprived myself without a beverage from a bottle!

Off to Boone. This is the home to Appalachian State University and a fun city in which to kick around.

There were so many art co-ops I can't begin to count them all. Jewelry, pottery, cute little gift things, you name it. No photos from those -- I have the merchandise to remember those by! But I did love the Boone Drug Company (1919) -- and enjoyed a snack at the soda fountain!

And no, I didn't eat this cake. But I wanted to!

Back home, we enjoyed our final dinner -- Rick and I made his caramelized onion pasta and yes, I will post the recipe one day when I get it in my hands, not his head! As we talked we enjoyed a four-star sunset over the mountains.

Alas, the next day we had to leave -- but not before I spent a little time "shooting" birds -- you'll see those next time!


HerzBlatt said...

I have great fun watching all your interesting pictures.If you will come to Germany one day, I go with you to every flea market around....And then you will fly back with the "Antonov"..the world biggest transport aircraft...*lol*
But you have to sit next to the aircraft captain, because there is no other place for you....
Best wishes
your crazy German friend

BECKY said...

Oh gosh, this was wonderful! As I read the words and gazed at the pictures, I was transported back to my childhood and days of summer vacations when we passed through similar sites!! Thank you! (and with that...I must finally get busy with my List of Things to Do, because I read such a lovely post!)

Linda Jo said...

What a great post!

Joanne Huffman said...

Great imagery, evocative prose. It must have been a wonderful day.

Mae Travels said...

Just one word: OILCLOTH!

My mother would thumbtack a fresh length of it to the table from time to time (I have no idea how often). Then we modernized: a formica-topped table. End of oilcloth. What a nice photo.

I like the rest of them too.


Dogwood said...

What a fun place! I sure hope to visit there some day. I will start saving my money as I saw lots of great purchases that I could make...eek. Enjoy your days. Keep cool. Cory/Dogwood

~*~Patty S said...

wonderful taste of Americana Jeanie!

what is it about china that can make us weak in the knees! I am a bowl "freak" among other things LOL

Love your photos and thank you for taking us along for the fun!

Tamara said...

I dont think I could control myself with those gorgeous tea cups and jugs. What a wonderful place to visit the past. thanks for sharing.

Melissa B. said...

Fiesta Ware just happens to be my fave. And old timey Coke bottles, too. Fun times!

Annie Jeffries said...

Jeanie, you make NC so appealing. I never was terribly interested in visiting there but after the many posts I've read of your adventures there, I just totally want to EXPLORE and DISCOVER.

Oh, and I WANT the little chicken in the top picture. Now I'm going to google Mast General Store and see if they have a website.

Relyn Lawson said...

So? How on Earth do you get them to let you take pictures? Do tell.

They are wonderful, by the way.

Maegan said...

What wonderful pictures!! You make me want to go visit something terrible! I'm glad you had a good time on your trip! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Rosa said...

Ooooh, I love it all. But I gotta see that oilcloth on your table! Those colors are fabo!!! Can't wait for the recipe. YUM! xo

Becca said...

I love those old fashioned general stores, especially the penny candy.

And dishes and glassware are my favorite antique collectibles :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like such a lovely day. I pretended I was there with you, and had a wonderful time!

I will be winging you an email this weekend..... I have spoken with you many times in my thoughts, which helped a lot, but now it is time to let you in on the conversation!

Ahhhhhh. Thanks for the little getaway.

Anonymous said...

J - We have GOT to go shopping together. You are a magnet for the greatest places. this entry was a walk down memory lane as well as oh-that's-perfect lane! I would have talked you ino the pitcher. I love pitchers. And oilcloth???? I haven't seen it in ages but love it - we made "sit upons" with it in Girl Scouts and of course Mom always had it for picnics, transforming crazy "rustic" picnic tables when we picnicked or camped out into beautiful and/or fun places to sit and eat. And the dishes - glad you treated yourself to some Fiesta ware.
A wonderful picture story, thermometer included (great idea) and has me wishing I could go for a country ride...maybe tomorrow...

Privet and Holly said...

What a fabulous
day full of all
the types of things
that I love to do!
You should have
bought that Johnson
Bros. plate as it
was a very good deal!
I've been eying that
very same pattern and
haven't seen one piece
priced that low.....
This was like stepping
back in time ~ loved it.
xx Suzanne

Beth said...

You always have so much fun on your adventures! And great pics to prove it.

Anonymous said...

The third photo down. Right in the middle. Those large salt and pepper shakers with the Bittersweet decal? Part of a Universal Cambridge range set. There would be a grease container to go with them. My grandmother had that pattern, and I had a couple of sets, but sold them, along with a pitcher, some plates and cups and saucers. I still have her old casserole with the decal, though.

I wish I could have gotten you to my house before I began dispersing so much of my collection. You only think that store was good! HA! I'm whittling away at it, and trying never, ever to look at pictures like this. They only get the old juices flowing!

ForgedinPaper said...

I love the oilcloth it will look so good in the studio. I do wish we had stores like that here and I'm a sucker for coke in a bottle it's the best it really is.

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