Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Tell me to pick my favorite classical composer and more often not I'll say, "Mozart!" I love the life and color and energy in his work -- and his dramatic pieces are pretty powerful too! My mental picture reverts to the film "Amadeus," which so vibrantly showed a part of his life, with all the beauty and opulence that period brings to mind.

So, when Anno suggested we meet at an Ann Arbor restaurant called Amadeus as I began my journey to Artiscape, I was thrilled!

For those of you in Michigan and who may get to Ann Arbor now and then, take note! A visit to Amadeus is simply divine!

Located on Washington Avenue, the tiny pink storefront shows lacy curtains framing the two tables nestled into the front window corners.

And, when you walk in the door, this is what you see: A charming, beautifully decorated haven, perfect for a cozy, leisurely lunch!

Beautifully decorated -- but not overly thematic.

Yes, there is the portrait, and a wall with Mozart-themed art.

Yes, there are marvelous wood carvings of musicians.

But one also finds an upright piano with a collection of creches, patterned tablecloths, lovely vases with fresh flowers on each table.

We are greeted with our own little basket of tiny and delicious rolls. And of course, we pursue the menu!

Amadeus features many Eastern European dishes -- pierogi, potato pancakes, schnitzels and more. I had the "Amadeus Pancake," which was an herbed potato pancake with dill sauce and topped with smoked salmon, all sitting on a bed of greens.

For dessert we split a "Constanza," an orange-liquour sponge cake underneath a small mound of chocolate and then vanilla mousse.

Here's a side view!

And even the bathroom is wonderful!

Now, this post could easily be just a restaurant piece -- Amadeus certainly merits one. But it really is something more than that.

You see, as I was planning my trip to Artiscape, I knew I'd pass through Ann Arbor -- and so when I contacted Anno about meeting for lunch, and it worked out, I was thrilled. Very spur of the moment.

Five months ago, we'd never even met.

As a wonderful blogger whose words I followed, I got to "know" her right here in this Land of Blog. Last December, she and Jen of A2eatwrite and I had a holiday lunch in Ann Arbor. And it was wonderful.

So, as we sat savoring our most delectible lunch (Anne got the Dill Pickle Soup -- it rocked!), we spoke as though we'd known one another forever. We spoke of family and food, writing and blogging. Of the things with which we filled our hours. We could have continued far longer than my travel schedule allowed.

And, a bit later, as I hit the road for points south, I kept thinking how very wonderful it is to find a new friend. One who shares common interests, and one whose skills and talents I so deeply respect.

We should never be too old for new friends, but often, at a certain point in life, we have established our routines and our interests -- our clubs or our colleagues. We stick with the folks we know because we love them and sometimes we don't have the opportunity to discover what we might share with someone new.

Blogging has opened that door to me. Anno is one of the bloggers I've met in the two and almost half years I've done this, but there have been others and I trust there will be more in the future.

We are friends and finding new a new friend is a gift.

I am very blessed.

(Over the next few days, I'll be taking you to Columbus for a fun visit, some shopping, and several Artiscape workshops. But my next post is one dear to my heart -- honoring my mom! Please keep coming back for the next week or so to check up on some great art techniques and more!)


Anya said...

Very nice pictures :-)
Have fun with shopping and visit the workshops !!!

Sugar Bear said...

I love going on these little jaunts with you! Esp. since I can't go to near as many places as I used to (not that I'm complaining).

anno said...

Jeanie, it was wonderful to meet you here -- I'm so glad that everything worked out to let it happen. You are so right: one of the best aspects of blogging is the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends; like you, I feel richly blessed by the people I've met.

Beautiful pictures, too; next time you'll have to tell me more about how you managed to get such gorgeous pictures in that soft, dim light!

Anonymous said...

I love cozy little restaurants and good company while I eat. What could be better? It sounds divine to me.

Joanne Huffman said...

oooh...a new restaurant to try (I get to Ann Arbor occasionally, and usually eat at Zingerman's Roadhouse). I agree with you about blogging and blogging acquaintances and friends.

Mae Travels said...

I enjoyed your post. I haven't been to Amadeus lately, but it sounds as though it's unchanged.

BONNIE K said...

The restaurant (and the food!) look wonderful! I think it's so cool that you have met and befriended fellow bloggers.

Ruth said...

I've been there just once, and I really enjoyed it. Your photos show the many views so nicely, it really is quaint.

Will you and I ever get together?? :) Maybe the summer will allow a little more freedom. I am so utterly swamped at work at the moment, I barely come up for air at lunch in my office, and get back to the hordes at the door. New degree curriculum, which means = CONFUSION for students. :)

ForgedinPaper said...

Looking forward to seeing what you got up to at Artscape. Have fun and enjoy new friends and experiences.

~*~Patty S said...

Lovely of you to take us along Jeanie, a Russian Pancake is sounding lovely just about now!
Great post!

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