Friday, April 9, 2010

The Eyes Have It!

This is me before.

This is me after.

This is what I see when I look out of the wrong part of the glasses. A little fuzzy.

This is the executive assistant.

I don't need my glasses to see how cute he is!

(Actually, I'm able to see distances better without the glasses than with -- and since this is why I got them, I suspect a return visit to the eye doc is due. It'll get right sometime!)


Annie Jeffries said...

I am so sad that I have to wear glasses. You would think after 20 years that I would be used to the trifocals that I've been "lucky" enough to be "blessed" with from the beginning of the siege on my eyesight. After 20 years of visiting an optomitrist, I've now decided it's time to see an actually eye doctor. I wonder what he will say.

Good luck with your upcoming visit. Indeed, if you are blinking and complaining, it is definitely time.

HerzBlatt said...

I know this problem...when I have new glasses no matter if for reading or distances, I am sure, that the day I pick them up from the shop my eyes have changed a bit.....Eyes are so different from one day to the other, it depends wether you are tired or not or your common condition is good or not....there are so many reasons....It is very difficult to find the right day to test them.
I never go to an eye doc because you have to wait ages.....first for an appointment and when you are there, you have to wait hours again...terrible!!
I let all tests do at an specialised optical store. They normally have got a very good equipment to check my eyes.

Sugar Bear said...

I think they look great Jeanie!

Janet said...

Great frames! I've worn glasses since I was a kid. I did contacts for many years but when I needed bifocals I went back to glasses. I seem to have the opposite problem as you....I take my glasses off to see anything up close but can't see a thing if it's very far away.

Be patient....they'll get it right. It usually takes a couple of adjustments.

Anya said...

You are looking great with glasses
I have no glasses only sun glasses
The frame is very nice :))))

Hugs for Gypsy
from Kareltje =^.^=

joyce said...

I think you look great with your glasses! Are they new for you, or were you wearing contacts before?

anno said...

I love the new look! And I hope you'll be loving your new vision soon, as well -- and yes, make sure your dr. gets it right... makes all the difference in the world. Good luck!

Mae Travels said...

If you put them down on your nose a little you can look over them for distance. Then pick your stereotype for what you look like. At least that's what I do.

Joanne Huffman said...

I have been wearing glasses for about 50 years and I dearly love them. My most common problem is when I try to view the world through dirty glasses; it always amazes me how much better things look after I clean my glasses.

GwendolynKay said...

Nice glasses. You look very chic!
I have to wear mine constantly now.

Rosa said...

The glasses are fabo!!! Good for you. Spring on in! (I had to wait until this month to get new ones, and I am SO ready!) xo

GYP!!!! (from bella <3)

jet1960 said...

You look lovely in your glasses! I think they make you look younger, not that you needed to anyway. I am very nearsighted and then recently farsighted, too, so mine are transition lenses. I still catch myself looking over the top of them to see things clearly that are small and closeup. For reading or such, they do help. I do think I have lost a little of the sharpness of vision that I had with previous regular glasses for far off things.

Anonymous said...

Love the glasses! Glad you're headed back to get them right. I still can't get the hang of it when I'm there with the "does this look better than this?" flip. "Ok, now does this look better than this?"
Honestly, on any given day, my answers could be different. I need to go in to get mine checked as well.
Ah, but every time I put them on, I say, "really? this is how we're supposed to be able to see? Awesome!"

I LOVED your Easter pictures, and the eggs and your table!!!! So, Rick painted raw Easter eggs. A great idea! We're still eating our way throught the hardboiled ones (enough, already!) so I think he's onto something there.

But those muffins? Yum. And the berries and whipped cream? I'm headed to the store as i write this and one should never grocery shop when one is hungry. Hmmmm.

Linda Jo said...

They look great on you.... they even made your hair lighter! ha! I have glasses, too....take em off for pictures tho. I'm sooooo vain!

Unknown said...

I just got new glasses too! Love my frames, hate the lenses- first time in a life time that they seem wrong (blurry and my eyes are strained). I'll be going back to the doc too.

Yours are cute! You look fab in them. Hope you get the prescription worked out.

Anonymous said...

Your eyes sparkle regardless, Jeanie! Can you imagine, back in the day before glasses?! Must have been awful to be blurry all the time. I get such a headache when I go to work and my "readers" are sitting on the kitchen counter.

Well happy spring,anyway. It is spring in Michigan, now, isn't it? My white muscari are blooming along with a couple different daffs. Lovely with the chirping robins and cardinals in the background. Ahhhhhh.... at last.

~*~Patty S said...

lovely pics of you Jeanie!
it takes a while sometimes to get vision squared away

wish they had super glasses that would help my night vision .. geez!

paris parfait said...

Those glasses look great on you! Reminds me I'm due for a visit to the opthamologist.

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