Sunday, January 17, 2010

Las Vegas, NETA and a New Year!

Happy New Year!

That was the message in the glitzy Vegas hotels, as they prepared for the Year of the Tiger. After all the meetings were over, my friend Maryanne and I headed out to do a little shopping, eat a great dinner and catch some beauty.

But first, a wrap of the NETA meeting.

I went to a number of sessions on social media and heard some of the PBS folk talk about things like the next new big thing -- mobile, live-streaming, hand-held television signals (as if we don't get enough of it in our daily lives!)

And I was able to hear the inspiring Paula Kerger, president of PBS, speak.

Fresh from the PBS press tour in LA a few days before, she shared news that Bill Moyers and NOW were leaving the schedule but being replaced by a new show called "Need to Know," which she described as falling between the timely nighly news of "PBS NewsHour" and the more in-depth reporting on "Frontline."

And, she said Patrick Stewart wowed them at the press tour as he spoke about the two Shakespearean plays he'll be in for "Great Performances" next season -- the title role of "Macbeth" and Claudius in "Hamlet." I feel very proud that PBS can bring this caliber of performance to students in high school who may never get to see a Shakespearean play live (or, a good one, at least) into the home and classroom.

She also talked budget in the system (not good, but is it anywhere) and about the power of the education programming for children. Her speech was indeed worth hearing.

But, back to the bright lights and big city. Our hotel was WAY out there, so we took the shuttle in and walked about past some of the hotels. Here are a few of the sights along the way.

At Treasure Island, this sea sprite (catch the octopus in her hair) on one of the pirate ships...

Another of the pirate ships...

Overlooking the canal at the Venetian...

... and a peek at the Venetian tower...

We didn't have a lot of time, so we decided to spend it in the Venetian, with its Canal Shops and great restaurants. And, it's simply beautiful. This trio was playing in the "square."

The square itself is framed by shops, and the ceiling painted to look like the sky, and beautifully lit.

The canal runs through the building, and tourists can take gondola rides. I snapped a photo of these three gondoliers standing about and looking rather bored -- when I went to get another, they noticed me and came to life.

As you would expect, the window displays were pretty elaborate.

And what do you think that shoe is constructed from? Look closely!

It's made from hangers! And this one, celebrating Happy New Decade, made great use of pecans!

We ate at a marvelous restaurant called Woo, one of -- if not the only -- family owned and operated restaurants on the strip. We shared appetizers, salad, plum sake to die for and this unbelievable frangipane cake with pressed almonds, served with raspberry sorbet. The restaurant was lovely -- spare and elegant. (This phot was near the restroom; we were at a tall table.)

Then back into that lobby again. The thing about Vegas anywhere is that it is pure excess. Some is over the top. Some it totally gorgeous.

This fell into the gorgeous category.

And the tiger was magnificent.

I was rather fond of this beast, and couldn't resist overshooting!

Can we get a little closer?

I couldn't help but be in awe of these wonderful lanterns.

And the coin motif was great!

It almost made coming home with a 103 temperature worth it! Happy New Year -- again!


Wrightboysmum said...

What a great looking visit, fab photos. I love Patrick Stewart he's such a good actor. I have Hamlet on the Sky box to watch. Hope you get the temp sorted out and don't over do it.

BONNIE K said...

You need to stop traveling! It always makes you sick! But the pix were beautiful. I loved the Venetian. Do you have the flu?

beth said...

take care of you....and damn that fever !

do you ever take those fizzy airborne tablets when you fly ??....I always do and at least in my mind they work!

oh and the shoe...totally cool !

Debbie said...

Wow what a fabulous place to visit - I loved your photographs they were really postcard quality. Hope you are feeling ok.

anno said...

Vegas really does seem like a place to inspire dreams of new possibilities -- love your pictures! But... a fever of 103 degree? Sure hope you're getting lots of rest and feeling much better very soon.

Joanne Huffman said...

Welcome home and take care of yourself! I hope you're taking some time off to recover. As always, your photos are wonderful.

Annie said...

What a fun place. I really need to do some arm twisting and get Don to take me to Vegas! :-)

Janet said...

Gorgeous photos! Vegas can certainly give a person sensory overload! I love those hanging lanterns!

Get well soon!

Beth Leintz said...

Love your pictures - almost enough to make me want to visit Vegas- its been 10 years since I was there, and the last time I went I said- never again- there aren't enough places to sit and read- duh- they don't want you to be reading, they want you to be gambling.

Hope your feeling better soon. Take care, BEth

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear - I'm so sorry you came home from such a wonderful trip feeling poorly! I was thinking about you last week, knowing you'd bring us wonderful photos, and you surely did.

I'll admit - Vegas reminds me of the amazing window displays that department stores were fond of when I was growing up. But today - I'm not so enthusiastic. For some reason, Vegas, cruise ships and Disney theme parks are belong together in my mind, and they're all on the "do not visit" list.
We'll just chalk it up to some character flaw ;-)

I do hope you're feeling better now. Off to check your most current post to see if there's good news!

Rosa said...

What wonderful photos!!! I love how everyone is looking at you!!! Oh and that tiger? Beautiful!!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Fabulous post Jeanie!
Hope you are feeling much much better now!
Take Care my friend!

Relyn said...

You captured some amazing images. My favorite is the trio in the French look outfits. Feel better soon!

Relyn said...

OK, so they were gondoliers. I still say their outfits look French. What do I know??

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