Friday, January 22, 2010

Great Minds!

Well, great minds like Debbie and Joyce must think alike, because I recently the same wonderful award from all of them! It’s the Kreativ Blogger award!

Thank you so much! Debbie hails from Australia and her blog includes her beautiful photography, photos of her sweet pug and often thought provoking commentary. Joyce is from British Columbia, CA, and has marvelous poetry, an oft-illuminating look at her world and with a URL that includes the words possumkitty, it's no surprise a lovely feline is pictured!

To have this award is to pass it on – the instructions are as follows:

1. Thank the person giving the award (or in this case, the persons!)
2. Copy the award graphic to your blog (check the sidebar at the right!)
3. Place a link to their blog(s) – Debbie’s and Joyce’s are most certainly worth a visit!
4. Name seven things people don’t know about you (bel0w).
5. Nominate seven bloggers you admire.
6. Place a link to these bloggers.
7. Leave a comment on their blog notifying them of the award.

That “seven things” part is pretty tough, given that I generally spill whatever is in my mind on The Gypsy pretty regularly. But here goes.

1. I often wear hand warmers in my office at work and at home.

2. I used to be a bookkeeper for the health department (and if you know me, you know that was a professional stretch.) I also used to dispense pills at a pharmacy -- and while I'm used to taking my share, I can't believe they let me do that. Rules and regs were a lot different in the 70s!

3. I used to stand with my friends in the yard of my parents' home at Christmas and we would make our own mechanical-dummy Christmas pageant, moving with painstaking slowness and mechanically for what seemed like hours in the end in the cold as people would drive by during their Christmas light rounds.

4. My earliest memory is of a fire in our house at Christmas; I was about three (this was our Christmas card that year).

5. I used to be a pretty darned good singer till my sinuses messed me up!

6. Rick and I met because I was evicted because of my illegal cat (Stimpy).

7. When I was a nine or ten-year-old kid and we all talked about what actress we would be if we could, everyone wanted to be Sandra Dee. I wanted to be Judy Holliday.

Naming seven inspirational bloggers is tough, because I think most of you I've passed awards onto in the past. So, while the rules say fill out the seven questions, if you've already done this, please accept the award and offer it up to "anyone." Meanwhile, I'll nominate:

Nathalie of An Artists Legacy -- Her art is beautiful and her Etsy store is terrific!

Ruth of syn-chro-ni-city -- Take eloquent use of language and combine it with thought provoking words and astounding photos. You'll love it!

Janet of Just Me and My Art. Janet used to have The Lavender Loft (and I need to change her blog name on my blogroll!) Recently, she's been going whole hog on her art and her growth is astounding, her inspiration amazing.

Bobbi of My Muse and Me writes some of the most thought provoking poetry I've read in blogs. And she's prolific at it, too, which is an inspiration in itself.

Relyn of Come Sit by My Fire may be one of your old friends; she came to me this past year and I revel in her lovely posts.

Patty of Magpie's Nest always has new art. Always. I don't know how she manages to produce so many beautiful pieces, but she does and I am in awe.

Sonja of Secrets of a Stamp Stash Collector is another dedicated artists who works often and whose blog is a joy.

Well, now I feel bad I didn't single out some of you others. Really, if I didn't find inspiration in your blogs, I wouldn't visit! You are all Kreativ (and Creative!) bloggers!

And again, thanks for your concern on the past post! I'm much improved, still getting energy back but feeling very nice indeed!


BONNIE K said...

Oh good - more blogs for me to check out! Congrats to the winners! And I have learned more about you!

Ruth said...

I'm so sorry about your illness! I'm glad you're on the mend.

Thank you for the award and your kind words!

#3 just cracks me up. :)

beth said...

that baby picture of haven't changed a bit !...seriously, that is still so you !

Janet said...

Love that baby photo!....and the story about being the mechanical dummies!! Thanks for the award and the nice things you said about me. Now I'm on my way to visit the other blogs you mentioned.

Karen Owen said...

Jeanie, that photo of you as a small tyke is so cute! You were a very pretty little girl - still are, for that matter.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

You are a dear Jeanie!
Many thanks for putting me in such fine company and for saying lovely things about me too!
Fun reading more about you, you are nothing if not entertaining and interesting!

Annie said...

Adorable. Some things just never change, like that cute little moppet with the curly hair.

Relyn said...

Oh, aren't you a sweet friend. Thank you for thinking of me. I think I'll go off now and play along. Check in soon, I bet I'll have it up.

Wrightboysmum said...

Glad your feeling better and thank you for a lovely blog award. Had a bad week at work and your kind words have lifted my spirit today. Will try and get it done this week. I would love to wear handwarmers at work as our air con is freezing but not allowed. Oops should have saved that as one of my seven things. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Love the your-cat-is-illegal eviction. Once upon a time I was ordered to either move along or stop feeding the birds. I moved.

Glad to hear you're feeling better - no relapses, now!

Ravenous Reader said...

Good to hear you're feeling better. Stay well!

Congratulations on very well deserved awards, too, my super creative friend :)

Linda said...

InTeRESting!!!!!!! I wanted to be Sandra Dee....of course.

Joanne Huffman said...

Judy Holiday is a much better choice than Sandra Dee.

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