Sunday, November 1, 2009

Something to be Grateful For

November is the month of Thanksgiving, and I for one, think we should be grateful more than one day a year, but each and every day.

I used to fill pages and pages of a gratitude journal. Now there isn't a night that I go to sleep before enumerating at least five things a day I'm thankful for.

Sometimes -- on those very bad days -- it can be a stretch.

But once I shake off the "bad," I realize that in every day -- even the most trying -- there is something for which I am grateful. (More often than not, it's the orange furball sharing bed space with me!)

So, in every post this month, I'm acknowledging one thing for which I am thankful -- even if there's nothing else in the post!

Today -- as you can see by the photos here -- I am thinking I am grateful for my friends Linda and Larry, with whom were supposed to be spending this weekend.

Earlier this year, I mentioned Lin was one of my "notables" -- people who have been a powerful influence in my life. If you didn't follow the Marmelade Gypsy back then, you can read about Lin in this post.

Unfortunately, I got some bug (not the flu), enough of one that Dr. Lin suggested I would be better off home in bed (and I really felt that, too, not wanting to spread crud across state lines.)

So, why am I grateful? Well, after determining on Thursday night that traveling was a bad idea, Lin -- dear Lin -- called me the next day and we talked for a good hour. And I have to say she really listened to my frustrations about being sick all the time, my disappointment in not coming to visit, and my fears and concerns with having chronic lung issues. Listened, shared, allowed me to pick her wise doctor brain (or offered without my having to pick) and opened her warm compassionate heart.

And when we were finished with the conversation, I thought, "I am so grateful -- once again -- that this woman is part of my life and has been for more than 40 years."

Who are you grateful for today?

ALSO: Now on Chopsticks and String, "Burned Out: Part Three, Keeping Fresh." Here's a peek -- after you comment here, c'mon over and continue the discussion! And get a few shout-outs to bloggers whose work is fresh, inspirational and/or diverse!

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When does style get in the way of growth? Or does it? Or does it really not matter? And how do you bring in creativity to your own style? How do you keep it fresh?

In the past two posts we've talked about style -- and repetition of style. I call it redundancy when I'm being critical, but it's also what we "do." more


Ruth said...

Bless you. Your practice is important, and I think it makes a difference in the energy around us.

My post today is along the same lines . . .

anno said...

What a great post, Jeanie, and an important reminder.... one I needed to hear. Thanks!

Pam Aries said...

I can't beleive you got Gypsy to wear a hat! haha.. I love your reminder to have an attitude of gratitude!

Becca said...

Thanks for this positive reminder...I do have much to be grateful for, even in the midst of all the trials lately :)

beth said...

ah yes....being grateful !
sometimes we take what we have, for granted...and wow, am I ever working hard NOT to do that as often as I used to.....

BONNIE K said...

Yes, thanks for reminding us to be grateful. I'm glad you and Lin were able to have that talk, and more than that, I'm glad you didn't travel sick!

Pam Aries said...

Hey Again Jeannie..You are so right about me..I have a new feeling! I a m very happy and I a m at last on track with my art and feeling passionate about it all...THank you ! It's funny... you know...that other people can feel it too...wowo!!

Pugelicious said...

What a great idea to have a gratitude journal. I have dear friends too that I am very grateful for - they give us strength and let our spirits soar. I hope you are feeling better.

Beth said...

I sure hated to hear your sick again. I wish I lived close and could bring you soup and offer comfort. I am so glad you have a wonderful doctor friend like Lin.
She sounds like a excellent friend.
Take care of yourself, Dear!

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs♥

Unknown said...

A gratitude journal and gratitude posts. GREAT ideas! Thanks for the reminder to count my blessings. Too easy to get bogged down in grumbling and not remember that life is pretty good, actually!

robin bird said...

well sweet jeanie i am grateful to you and for you. that is something i know without needing to think much. I wrote about another friend whom i am grateful to know on my blog today... i love this idea of posting something i am grateful for in each post this month!!! i will follow along. you are an amazing soul my friend. you work hard at going with the flow of life.
XOX be well. breathe deeply and my mom would say: "gargle with salt water three times a day!" (wether you need to or not:) and: "turn on the vaporizer at night!" (whether you need or or not :)
i'm gargling today because i have a sore throat :(

joyce said...

That is a wonderful idea, to post one thing we are grateful for all month. And also, to think about 5 things every night before we go to sleep. Thank-you for that. Even though our Thanksgiving was last month, I will join in your month of thanks. For today, since I already posted, I am thankful that although me & the boys are all sick, its nothing too too serious yet, and I think we're past the halfway mark.

jet1960 said...

Good reminder about gratitude. I've had that on my mind this week, thinking about how blessed we are, even if it is just to have a roof over our head and food to eat.

Relyn Lawson said...

Team Lawson has a similar habit. During our bedtime routine with Sloane we start out our prayer time with praises. We go around and around our tiny circle listing things we're thankful for. What a perfect way to end a day. Giving thanks.

Unknown said...

your post was inspiring and thought provoking so Thank you - and hey I want you to know that even though I have been out of the loop, I still think of you often my special friend.
And hey if you are back at work maybe I can call you (do you still have the same number) let me know when you are back to work and I will call, or give me your home number

take care xxxx Love ya!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

such a lovely post Jeanie! I try to begin and end each day with gratitude!

One of my favorite quotes is: Gratitude is the memory of the heart


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