Saturday, November 14, 2009

All Work and No Play...

...makes Jeanie a cranky and dull girl!

So lately I've joined a couple of things -- a new book club and an art group formed by Jane Rosemont. This past Sunday we gathered at Margabeth's art studio to play with glass.

Our "bring along" assignment was a name tag. I made mine two-sided (they never stay the way you want, do they?). I picked the house motif because house and home is so very important to me. This is one side.

The door reminds me of the blue doors to my friend Jerry's courtyard in France -- heavy, wooden, wide, with wonderous things on the other side.

I just liked the rusty fence (which I bought at Artiscape two years ago), and the cat is a titanium pin from an art fair eons ago, the back long broken off. (Yes, there must be a cat!)The letters are cork stickers.

This is the other side.

Over the base papers, some wallpaper, me (about age 3)and some buttons. I used copper foil around the edges. I loved this particular photo because at that age everything is new, exciting, opening up. With this wonderful collection of creative women, I get that same feeling of excitement, discovery and learning new things.

After munching on finger foods, we started to play in the glass. I did this once eons ago at a workshop. But it's very new to me. It all began with a big pile of colored glass and some base pieces that were clear that we could use if we wanted.

Then came the fun! Stacking glass bits on top of one another, not really having a clue how they would turn out.

I came up with three. Two had holiday colors -- but our guide, Margabeth, warned us that red could come up yellow, orange or pink! We'll see.

The other was more neutral tones. I built it around the brown piece which reminded me of a guitar.

And here are some of my friends' pieces.

Margabeth will fire them and I'll show you a before and after when I get back the finished pieces!

I'm so very grateful I have creative friends here as well as online, so I can make art with people!


Annie said...

Good morning Jeanie. Loved the little name tag and your bring alongs made it so YOU - literally. LOL

Can't wait to see the glass fired finish on the other. I've never played with stacks of glass like this before. I can't guess what they will all end up looking like.

Beth said...

Oh Wow, Jeanie! I would have loved to been in that group and make some of those. I am finished with swaps and going to start working on soldering pendants and make some jewelry for X-mas. I love the name tag you made too. Can't wait to see the pieces after they are fired.
Hope your feeling better!

Janet said...

What fun! I've never played with glass.

Your name tag is great. I can see that wonderful smile of yours even at three years old!

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beth said...

garbage that anonymous now....yuck !

SO SO glad you're having fun playing !!! it does make us happy to get our hands much ! that your creative juices are flowing !

BONNIE K said...

I also loved the nametag, and this all sounds like so much fun!

Ruth said...

I'm like you, Jeanie. If I don't find time for creative expression, I start feeling dull too.

It must be great fun to do it with friends. The name tag is a cute collage, with meaning. So sweet with your photo!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Your name tag is fun-- and how cool to be able to do fused glass! I look forward to seeing your end results!

ols1 said...

I love your house motif - how very artistic you are. I look forward to having the time to learn to do these craft projects - I loved your blog today - very inspiring.

donna said...

When it comes to arts and crafts, I can barely keep up with my 7-year old grandson. You and your friends do amazing projects. Nice post.

Herzblatt said...

Great idea to experiment with glass!!! What does it mean when you write, that Margabeth will fire them???? Is it a treatment like to bake pottery???

Joanne Huffman said...

I'm trying to catch up on blogs. I love the photos of Gypsy and I agree with you about the wonderful love/therapy animals provide. Your glass looks lovely, I bet they turn out perfectly. Isn't it wonderful to have a local art group!

Julie H said...

I am always amazed by dichroic glass - will look forward to seeing the finished pieces. The badge is great! My Charles has been sitting waiting at the front door so I will let him in, walking through to the back and out the cat door (a short-cut instead of going round) made me think of that!

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