Friday, November 27, 2009

How I Named My Blog Day

Ruth is promoting "How I Named My Blog Day" on December 1.

Edited Note: Ruth's sign-up post has dropped "below the fold." Here is the direct link to that post and the comments page to sign up! Thanks, Annie, for letting me know!

Much of the copy in this text is based on Ruth's entry but hers is much more fun! Still, read on...

The idea is "How did you name your blog?" Sometimes easy, or a really complex decision that means something powerful to you and intrigues others.

(Why The Marmelade Gypsy -- and why is it spelled that way?) Are the photos in this post clues?

Did you have lots of ideas, or just one. Regrets? Did it launch a new business or path?

Ruth's "inquiring mind" wants to know! So, she's asking bloggers everywhere to take a break from your regular content stream (be it life in general, a thematic blog, a deeply thoughtful series of posts) and tell us ALL how you came to choose your blog name.

Ruth says (and I quote, but really -- you must visit her fabulous blog with gorgeous photos and such delightful content): "On December 1, publish your own "How I Named My Blog"post!!!!

Participate with THOUSANDS - perhaps TENS of THOUSANDS - of Bloggers around the world in this first time ever highly anticipated truly GLOBAL event!

And yes -- she is going to bestow a Major Blog Award to ONE blogger for "How I Named My Blog"

A straightforward name of small proportions may impress her with simplicity, subtlety, nuance and grace?

Or your ordinary name could "unfold a titillating and seductive tale - fiction or non-fiction."

Will your post on this be poetry, humor, essay?

And best of all, she will explain how she named synch-ro-ni-zing on December 1st, too.

(But will she also speak of Paris Deconstructed?)

Ruth says there are no rules or criteria (except no epics), and all are welcome.

Go to THIS LINK (Ruth's) and comment at that post that you are going to participate in posting your very own story of "How I Named My Blog" on December 1, leave the URL for the blog where you will post it, and she will list and link to your blog that day!

Ruth will "read every last one of the posts posted by posting participants and choose a WINNER!!!!

December 1. Be there or be square! Prepost if necessary!

(Really, you must go to the link and read her whole post -- even though I cribbed the top part of it unashamedly. This is a wild and crazy woman on the loose!)

If you want to know more about The Marmelade Gypsy's back story, don't forget to stop back here! And let me know you're playing, too!


beth said... fun is this ?
I am off now to go see ruth !!

anno said...

My blog? Well, I basically just borrowed a shortened version of a nickname my husband gave me (the long version: annophilopolous), and made it my place. End of story.

Your story, though? With a twitchy-tail lead-in like this? Sounds a lot more fun than mine -- sure am looking forward to your tell-all finale!

Annie said...

Jeanie, I'd like to participate. Went to the link you provided but didn't see anything as I spooled that referred to it. Did I miss something?

ols1 said...

You know Jeannie, your blog title was what brought me to your site. I enjoyed Ruth's blog. What a great idea!

robin bird said...

i feel so special to have met the gyp when he/you first started his/your blog :) i don't remember what the blogs name was at that time but i do i know it was something other than what it is today... am i giving away too many hints? ;)
p.s. my story is so terribly mundane. i just couldn't find another name with the word bird in it to use so it became bird tweets. it has grown on me but still it would have been so much more elegant to have been able to come up with some like gliding swan, or lonesome dove. but nothing with the name robin in it. ugh..

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