Sunday, May 3, 2009

No Craft Supplies Allowed? Oh No!

A woman of my acquaintance is a particularly skilled knitter. (No, the yarn and items pictured here are not her things.) Recently was called for jury duty. When she arrived at the courthouse, they wouldn't allow her to bring in her knitting, even during the long wait of jury selection.

While she was sent home that day, she wasn't certain that she wouldn't have to return.

With the wizardry that makes her a dynamite knitter, she figured out a way to remove the insert of a ballpoint pen and insert in its place the metal tips of her circular needles.

"Once I got started thinking about it, my mind went wild!" she said.

These were a couple of her methods.

Slip one needle each in a drinking straw in your bag (she recommends 7-11 for large straws in plastic wrap.) This system works best with straight needles or modular circulars that can be broken down to cable and short needles.

Or, try tucking a plastic or wooden tip up under your bra.

"What is this suspicion/hatred of knitting needles all about?" she asked. "One possibility," she suggested might be "fear of the unwanted hand-knit gift!"

She wasn't called back in for jury duty. Nonetheless, the ideas will probably come into good use sooner or later!

Here's my suggestion to add to the list. Come wearing a shawl like the one above, but clasped at the front with a pair of doublepointed needles. (Sock-size would be best!). Yarn is safely tucked into your purse. Or, if you need points, rubber point protectors can also be stashed away.

Any other ideas we can add to the list?! What's the sneakiest thing you've tried to do with art supplies!


anno said...

Jeanie, this is brilliant! And too funny!

Believe it or not, I have never been sneaky with art supplies. Books, yes. But you didn't ask about those...

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend!

Linda said...

That is so funny! We aren't supposed to bring scissors on the airplanes anymore either. Life has gotten hard.

Mary Timme said...

When we try to make safe the act of living, we are foolish. Life is not safe. The very gift of being alive is the beginning of the state we call death. Big deal if we are all safe during life. We weren't made to live without strife (stress) and we weren't made to live forever without special intervention and redemption. So we do stupid stuff like making knitting needles an evil tool. How foolish are we?

The lady handled it with aplomb and grace. Good for her.

Kris said...

Proving where there is a will there is a way...a creative way. tee-hee.
I always take knitting or crocheting for jury duty...hmmm, will have to rethink and return here for good ideas. I was just thinking of a great old Miss Marple film with Margaret Rutherford where she is knitting away in the jury box. the judge found the clicking very annoying but that was about it.
BTW, really enjoying the Dickens run on PBS...looking forward to Branaugh.

Rosa said...

How strange!!! Well, I have to admit, I'm a solid, at-home crafter. No silly shenanigans with me. lol

beth said...

I did get scissors onto a plane, twice...and even though I'll go into an abandoned house and trespass multiple times...that's about it for me being sneaky !!!

unless it's hiding the last cookie from others in my family....then I'm really, really sneaky !!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

guerrilla knitting?

Relyn said...

What an incredible skill. Have you read Her newest book has some lovely things to say about knitting. Made me want to learn patience just so I could get some needles and yarn of my own.

Nathalie Thompson said...

OMG, this is too funny! And what a "crafty" woman!

Oh said...

While I know nothing of how to knit and its supplies, I surely appreciate pictures of hand knit beauties, like these that you have posted!

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