Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Pretties

Last Saturday (the day before Easter), my friend Jan and I went to my favorite sort-of farm market, Horrock's for a pre-Easter shopping extravaganza.

Horrock's isn't a pure farm market in the everything-is-local sense (although I do see the trucks come in from regional growers). But you'll also find the fruits and veggies from out of town (sometimes out of country), products they make there (fabulous salsa), basil with the roots still on, typical grocery products (including many interesting imported or ethnic foods), wonderful, inexpensive meat and a good wine selection.

They also have a huge outdoor nursery we will revisit in another three weeks or so and lovely gifts.

I can't walk in without buying fresh cut flowers or plants.

And while I generally do resist the gifty-things, I really am challenged! I could have easily walked out of there with any of the lovelies here!

Going to Horrock's is like celebrating spring!

On another note, when I recently linked to Jane Rosemont's photo blog, she was in Bali and not posting. Well, she's back -- and if you are interested in some splendid photos and portraits from this country, visit her PhotoBlog anytime!

Jane will be teaching a photo workshop in Bali in 2010, with an enrollment of six. In an email to those requesting info she wrote: "Ithink limiting the workshop to six people is wise; it will give me a
chance to work one-on-one with you, and give everyone a chance to share their photos, thoughts and questions."

Stop by for links on the workshop and to check out her photos! (Don't forget to scroll down a few posts to catch them all!)

Finally, I have just posted my thoughts on two terrific Kate Atkinson mysteries. Check them out on Chopsticks and String.


anno said...

Your excursion through Horrock's looks like so much fun! Is the market open every day? Or just on Saturdays?

A photography workshop in Bali sounds like a dream. Even if it's not a possibility for me in 2010, I'm grateful just for the idea. Thanks for the links

Joanne Huffman said...

I've been to the Horrock's in Battle Creek, but couldn't buy anything because I was going on, not coming back hme.


Beth said...

Horrocks seems to be a wonderful market to go too. Love the fresh flowers and the other Lovelies!

Bobbi said...

What wonderful photos! Horrock's sounds like a nice place. I especially loved the green pots and containers!

shoreacres said...

Just home! and since I have a dozen directions I must go - immediately - I did the only wise thing and came here first!

It was a varied and wonderful trip, just like your entries. I'll be catching up with comments - thanks for yours - and trying to figure out where to begin with the tale-telling. Re: your entry on walking, I wish you could have walked through what I've called "Mississippi Monet" with me - a very special little flower and tree place that I have a few photos of I'll post eventually.

Now, off to see if I can coax Dixie Rose from under the bed :-)

Rosa said...

I think if I had the room, I'd fill it with flower vases, tins, anything that holds flowers. I can get a little crazy when I see ones I like. I love the ones you shared!

jet1960 said...

We don't have anything like that around here. I would really enjoy visiting such a market.

Your photos of the garden containers have given me an idea for finishing up a sap/flower bucket I am altering. It was painted red before and I have already painted it the same green I'm seeing in your photos. I didn't do a good job with the spray paint, so I'm looking for more to add to it to cover up the drips.

BONNIE K said...

I would love to go to this store. They should pay you for free advertising.

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