Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Smingus Dingus Day!

Did you know there really IS a Smingus Dingus Day?

I didn't, until today! But it's a Polish holiday and the day after Easter.

From a website: "It traditionally is a courting holiday." "A young man would ask the mother of a girl he fancied for access to their home in the early morning. If access was granted he would come in with a bucket of water and dump it on his sleeping object of affection. For the most part it seems the young ladies were happy to be fancied, and to show thanks they'd rise and beat the suitor with a pussy willow branch (Smingus.) So, the full name for the holiday is Smingus Dyngus, with dyngus being the dumping of the water."

Well, I hope no one gets soaked or beaten with pussy willows today! There are better ways to court!

Here are a few images from our Easter -- and a tutorial for something really cute to remember for NEXT year!

First, our egg dyeing!

Rick really gets into it.

He did this egg, which my my favorite!

Here are some of the others.

Then cooking! The rest of the dinner was pretty regular looking -- scallopped potatoes (I almost had a serious scalloped potatoes accident, leaving out the flour, but rescued it in time, and they were delicious!); ham, asparagus, salad.
But you've got to love dessert!

And doing the table was fun.

Thanks to Jan's suggestion, I found small galvanized buckets on the dollar table at Target, stuffed them with tissue and grass and filled them with treats like hot sauce, fortune cookies, seed packets, socks and sachet (for Molly, Kevin's friend -- it's so fun to buy for girls!), the requisite candy and an egg.

The eggs were in little bunny nests, which I made from washcloths! They were really cute and done in a heartbeat. Here's how. (I saw it on CBS Saturday Morning and instructions are probably on that site, too!)

Bunny Egg Cups

Supplies -- one washcloth (not too plush, solid color), a rubber band and about 8" of ribbon. (Optional -- googly eyes and pom pom for nose, which I didn't do.)
Fold cloth on diagonal. (A long skinny fold...)

Fold in half.

On "ear" (pointy) end, fold back points and put a rubber band around the fold (leaving about 2" of points). This makes the nose.

Tie a bow around the nose.

Put egg in "cup" part.

(If you're doing this with kids, you can add eyes and a nose, but I wanted them to USE the cloths, so I didn't do it.)


Beth said...

Ha, Love the Smingus Dingus day! Thats so cute! And you really did it up for easter too! Love the eggs and the cute Bunny wash clothe egg holder. And the desert looked so yummy! Happy Belated Easter!

anno said...

Those bunnies are just adorable! (Better yet, they look like something even I could do).

Looks like a beautiful Easter celebration at your place.

Happy Smingus Dingus Day to you! No such shenanigans going on around here, though, and that's probably a good thing. If someone woke me up with a bucket of cold water, they probably wouldn't see the most charming aspects of my personality.

Linda Jo said...

How beautiful....the kids and the table. All of it. And I had no idea what today is.

Rosa said...

Yes! When the kids were young, I would let them off school on Easter Monday so we could go to a body of water and sit and reflect and enjoy the day. We got lots of rain today and the kid got drenched, so we were good to go! xoxo PS Always love your informative posts sooooo much! You are just a wealth of information, you crazy girl! (hope your shoulder is so much better. Kinda been out of the loop lately.) xoxo again

Jane Rosemont said...

Jeanie, you are amazing. Bravo! Bravo!

BONNIE K said...

Very cool eggs; beautiful desserts. I am envious of you this year since my dessert bombed!

Oh said...

Loved this, Jeanie - felt like a guest at your table (which would be quite a treat!) the table looks great. And Greg's green egg is VERY artsy!

btw, thank you for your very kind offer to send the Fri Nite Knitting Club. Daughter and I are going to get it and share it, then pass it on to my Mom, the knitter. Still, I wish you could come over and show my daughter a few knitting tricks! She would love it. I did put some pink and green yarn and knitting needles in her basket. We'll see how it goes - she says her friends are all knitting!

more later--signed, Oh

jet1960 said...

Beautiful job on the egg dying by everyone!

As usual, your table setting is lovely! I'm sure the kids were thrilled with their Easter goodies!

Kasia said...

Oh, I love Smigus-Dyngus tradition! When I was a child my parents used to always wake me up on Monday by splashing some water on me. It was fun!

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT tips... your eggs are divine... ours came out HORRIBLE!

Maggie May said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy!

JessInFocus said...

Everything looks fantastic. The bunnys are a great idea! I missed you! Glad you like the photo! :)

Unknown said...

Hehe - all my pussy willows are way past bloom!

Love your colored eggs - that the Bunny wash cloth idea is great. I'm going to have to try that next year.

Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

robin bird said...

jeanie you table looks awesome! i love all the details and complimentary colors. you put so much love and care into the holidays.
i hope you are continuing to improves each and every day! i am sure being back to work has it pluses ;)

Cat with a Garden said...

Wow, you had a lovely Easter - great!

Joanne Huffman said...

What great fun!

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