Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Trees are Out!

Outside hints of spring are everywhere. Fat buds look almost ready to burst, pussy willow bushes are in full "flower" and crocuses are sprouting up like cheery little bobs of color in yards, beds and even in the middle of lawns!

(Years ago, a lovely local Renaissance man named Kyle Euckert, who combined acting, directing, design, music and a totally unrelated professional career, told me he loved to plant crocuses in the middle of a lawn, so they popped up randomly early in the spring with wild splashes of color. Kyle died -- golly, it must be at least 15 years ago; probably more. His loss to the community arts scene was a enormous. Every year when crocuses bloom, I think of him. This fall I am planting little "Kyles" in my front and back yard. A memorial of sorts -- and a lovely good idea.)

Well, my trees are "blooming" inside the house! Welcome to my Easter trees!

I've been very big on trees since I was a kid. Strong memories of mom blowing out eggs with abandon are front and center in my heart at this time of year. The wee tree above in the art room is one of the earlier ones.

This tiny satin pearl-laden eggs were made with our friend Linda Petroff Knapp, who (along with her mom) made fabulous Faberge-like eggs. These were kits the four of us did together.

This is the bigger tree in the living room. My friend Bonnie P. gave it to me when she moved to Colorado and I've been filling it up ever since! Cathy's bejeweled egg is beside it, and when Ilook, I recognize the decorations from many friends.

Some of the eggs on that tree are originals from those craft-with-mom days, when my technique wasn't very good, but sincere! Hers was much better. Below is one of our earlier egg trees, back around 1963 or so. Alas, that branch isn't quite so full now. (In fact, it's in a tree in the basement, looking a little sad, lonely and bare.)

Of course all of these have had some purchased supplements! More than a few!

Now, below is the newest entry to the tree group. Because, yes, I had a lot of decorations!

This is the simplest of all time -- a bunch of tree branches in a tall glass vase with floral marbles and jelly beans to anchor it.

After knocking it a bit in the hall, I moved it to the top of the china cabinet. At first, I was distressed because the branches were on the wide side, rather than tall. But in that spot, closer to the ceiling, it's perfect!

My newest egg comes straight from Faberge-territory! Suzanne brought me this big green egg from her visit to the Hermitage!

Like my Christmas tree, putting out the Easter decorations bring back lots of special memories. Certainly the memories of mom are the strongest, as we both loved making things and decorating them, too. Easter at Plymouth Church, with its enormous choirs, brass instruments, and choir breakfast between the services -- dad was always a "server."

Because I went to college in East Lansing and break seldom coincided with Easter, our home was open to all my friends for Easter dinner. That was a good feeling, too.

My egg trees remind me of friends -- I mentioned Suzanne and Bonnie, but my friend Lin also is responsible for many of the Easter decorations throughout the house, as is Cathy! So, putting them up is like spending time with each of them.

Easter is a tough holiday for me at times. But when I look at the eggs, the trees, the bunnies... I smile.


beth said...

geeeeez....I want to come to YOUR house for easter !!!

Beth said...

Wowsa,,,you have some gorgeous easter trees! I don't do much for easter, a few bunnys here and there. Speaking of bunnies was that a live bunny under the tree that was your Moms? My inquiring mind wants to know.
Have a lovely friday!

Joanne Huffman said...

Your Easter trees are delightful - full of comforting memories and spring beautie.


Annie said...

This is so sweet Jeanie. I think this might be so simple to make and would be a lovely hostess gift to bring if one is having Easter dinner away from home with a friend or relative

jet1960 said...

I love your egg trees! What a special memory to have about your Mom. I thought it was a new thing to have Easter trees, but now I see from the vintage photo of your Mom's lovely tree that they've been around awhile.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh what pretty trees, Jeanie. And did I see a real bunny in the 1960's photo? I assume you didn't have cats then!
Easter was always travel time for me as a kid. My dad was a teacher, so he had the week off with us. We always took an "American History" trip that week. Somehow, the Easter bunny found us wherever we were, though! And I have spent Easter in every corner of the U.S. ;)

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