Monday, December 6, 2010

A Magical Garden Kingdom

In the charming town of Northville, MI, you'll find a haven from all things stressful, a spot of beauty that will enchant and delight.

Gardenviews is a small home/garden shop on the town's main street. While we were there, the town carolers stopped by for a song.

Whomever does the buying deserves kudos. I couldn't resist these glittered floral sprays. They aren't overdone -- rather subtle, but the effect is magical.

Everything is beautifully displayed.

They have an assortment of decorated trees -- these are just a sample. Some are divinely elegant with ribbon and minimal decorations. Others are simple and small.

Had I been given an unlimited budget, I would have bought this beautiful stone angel.

Her face reminds me of the sadness of the world.

These poinsettias were velvet -- a soft blush with golden glitter.

I wish you all the magic of the holiday season.

I wish you a Gardenviews of your own.

And I wish you peace.


  1. The last statue with mother and child is beautiful, love the algae!

  2. Wonderful photos. It looks like a great store.

  3. Love the Christmas time of year! So much wonderful inspiration out there.

  4. Oh I would have enjoyed this shop too. Now that was a very festive thing to do.

  5. I enjoyed the vicarious trip through this beautiful store. I was amazed to see that stone angel. It is modeled after a large cemetery that I have used in my art quite a bit. I love her face too. You can see one of my favorite collages in which I've used her at

  6. Beautiful store ...I love the picture with the Father Christmases, and the one with the floral sprays. And now you've got me thinking of what it would take to have a winter gardenscape all my own... something else to dream about!

  7. I love shops like that. My sister and I used to enjoy finding special places like this one. Even if you can't buy everything, it's fun to look.

  8. what a great spot to visit...very beautiful...great photos Jeanie!

  9. I want to go there! I really really want to go there!

    We have lots of beautiful shops both in San Francisco and Grass Valley but that place is over the top wonderful!

    Enjoy your day. Hugs....

  10. What a wonderful shop. Don't you wish you had unlimited funds and could travel everywhere and do nothing but explore hidden corners like this one?

    Hah - verification word is Consist. A real word for once.

  11. Where do you get these shops with carolers coming through, too? if we have one in STL, I haven't found it yet. How delightful! I love it. And love the look of the shop. Oh, 'tis the season indeed!

  12. How cool that the carolers were there to add to the magic of this wonderful store.

  13. That is a beautiful shop. I would have found it abit stressful tho...because I couldn't have decided what to buy!

  14. I love Gardenviews :) Were you in Northville for the Victorian Christmas weekend?

  15. What a great shop and the statues look lovely.


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