Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time for a Gypsy Post!

Look at those bright eyes. He's always looking, anticipating your every move, in hopes it might be toward the tin of kitty treats...

Or toward the bowl, waiting to be filled with Fancy Feast...

Or toward the special, magic cat dancer toy!

Sometimes he doesn't see the treats if you toss them too quickly or too far. Yet another characteristic the Gyp and I share. Friday I had my eyes checked and it's bifocal time. (Though they said I should wear my dollar store readers for the computer still; something about the monitor height.)

The doc also said "You must have a hell of a time driving at night!" (which I do) and they reminded me that I was on the very edge of needing to wear glasses when taking the driving test.

Now, it's not that I didn't know this was coming. All summer, driving to and from the lake, I was finding it harder to play the alphabet game, unable to read the smaller print at high speeds from greater distances. (Trust me, playing the alphabet game isn't as bad as texting, but it can be addictive.) If I hadn't remembered that the "Z" comes from those median signs that say "authorized vehicles only," I wouldn't ever get that letter, because they're now too tiny to see at 70 miles and hour.

But wait, there's more. My dentist (aka Dr. Mengele -- so named for the glint he gets in his eyes when he talks about crowns and other expensive procedures and an uncanny ability to inflict "discomfort") -- and whose Mercedes I'm sure I am contributing to -- suggests I get a crown in the near future. The very near future.

Now, you all know my feeling about crowns. They belong on the top of the head, not inside it.

And I'm wishing I'd socked more into my health care spending account.

Meanwhile, the Gypster needs a physical and his teeth cleaned. We share much in common -- we both seem to have sinus issues and crave love and attention. He likes to be pet; rub my back and you have a friend for life.

Well, we haven't started looking like each other yet! (Apart from wearing the hand painted silk scarves...) I wonder if I'd look good as a redhead...

NOTE: I share my feelings on a new book, Jacqueline Winspear's "Among the Mad" (the most recent in the "Maisie Dobbs" series) over at Chopsticks and String!


Zara said...

Hi Jeanie! Long time didn't visit you and your sun-shiny Gypsy!:)I wish you both go through necessary health procedures fast and easily:)I like the photo of both of you! Regards!~Zara

Wrightboysmum said...

I'm mean't to be going to bed (it's late here)but I wanted to read your post before I did. Your post made me smile and I'm needing that. We have an inspection at work next week hence the lack of blogging etc at the moment. I feel the same way about dentist's. Fab Gypsy photos he does like to have his picture taken.

Rosa said...

Oh I love THAT nose!! He and Bella would make the nicest couple. Awwww. She has a little scar on hers at the moment. I think she got swiped while we were in Canada. No one here to protect her preciousness. Oh, welcome to the world of crowns. Actually, they're not so bad. Now, my first crown came when I cracked a tooth. Ouchy. Then it got infected. More ouchy. Then a root canal. Real big ouchy. After that, a crown is a piece of cake! Just make sure they put the right sized one in. Mine was too big and I finally figured out IT was making my front teeth move! And thus why I have been in the dentist chair twice in the past two weeks having the old one replaced. (Ouchy) The new one is absolutely perfect. Now I have to worry about getting my bite back (correct bite, that is). As far as bifocals, have had 'em fer years. I still use the old LONG arm bit looking over the glasses. I think it's oh-so-much-more charming, don't you? hahah loveya! xoxo

Janet said...

He is a beautiful....or should I say handsome cat. That first photo is great! Our kitties get treats every evening and they come let us know when it's time for them!

Eye doctors I don't mind but I don't enjoy seeing the dentist. Good luck with your procedures!

Mae Travels said...

I always resisted high-intensity medical care for pets. They are usually so resilient. But good luck to both of you!

culdesacchronicles said...

Those photos of Gypsy belong on a magazine cover.

I have issues with my eyes too, and driving at night - especially when it's raining - is becoming more difficult. As for the dentist, that's probably my greatest phobia. They can't find the nerves for my back molars, so the Novocain doesn't work. OhMyGoodness!

Good luck to you and Gypsy.

Becca said...

Such a beautiful boy you have :)

I'm quite familiar with those same vision issues, as I started having them several years ago. I had reading glasses everywhere, and found it a huge pain taking them on and off. But my biggest problem was in accompanying, because I needed them to see the music, yet when I looked up the director was a blur!

I've been wearing monovision contact lens' and that's worked out very well. One eye is corrected for reading and the other for distance. So far, so good :)

shoreacres said...

Your throw-away line about you and Gypsy not looking like each other yet just made me laugh. I saw a woman with a huge, black frizzy dog yesterday that probably was a standard poodle with a long coat - and her long, blond, tightly curled and frizzy hair was a perfect match. They both had long legs, too. There's a fellow around here with a bulldog - and they look just alike.

I guess the lesson is: buy an attractive pet, because that's your future! With Gypsy, you'll be in good shape.

As for all that other business - I'm very reluctant to drive at night and have been for about a year. I can do it. I just prefer not to. I've not had to change the prescription for my contacts, but I think there are changes sometimes that don't "measure" in their tests.

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Your kitty guy is gorgeous! I love him. I am in a similar situation with glasses. I have them, but I am needing to accept the fact that need those ugly little lines in them! Ugg! I also chipped a tooth and know I am going to hear those bad words, "you need a crown" too.

Mermaid Debbie

Joanne Huffman said...

How nice to have someone like Gypsy (who looks wonderful in these photos) to go through the aging process with.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

In the first photo of Gypsy Cat, his nose looks like a HEART :) ... SO cute!!!
We all need some maintenance and a tune up now and then don't we hahaa!
I'm with you on crowns!!!
Happy Sunday ... it's a beautiful snowy one here in Virginia

BONNIE K said...

I'm glad you featured Gypsy - don't see or hear much of her these days. It's kind of cute - the 2 of you going thru your vision issues together.

anno said...

Adorable pictures! I especially liked the portrait with both of you at the end.

Good luck with those dental and vision issues... hope you find life much improved once they're resolved.

My word verification thingy was "catusean". Coincidence? I think not!

Sugar Bear said...

Love the Gypsy posts. Hate crowns! Why are they so much money?

Annie said...

You two are quite the elegant duo. He is a very handsome fellow.

paris parfait said...

Wonderful photos! And no doubt you'd look good, no matter what color your hair (a la the Gypsy). :) xo

Julie H said...

What beautiful photographs of a beautiful kitty - you cade make cards from them .

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