Monday, January 18, 2010

A Quick Update

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to visit, even though I've been unable to visit you! I am slowly catching up, and hope to do more later this week.

To those who asked how I'm feeling -- well, feeding Gypsy is about my max these days, but the temp is down and tomorrow (Tuesday) I should be back at work. Thanks for your concern.



  1. Oh no! Hope you get well soon!! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

  2. Oh, cripes! I just popped over to visit and see that you're not feeling so great. I hope you're resting and just taking it easy. Get well soon!

  3. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! Take it easy when you go back to work - don't try to do too much!

  4. I send you get well wishes
    take all the time you need !!!!
    Take care ...

  5. Oh dear! I hope you are able to go to work today.....

  6. Easy does it, girl! I hope you're feeling better and back at work. I know you'll take the time you need.

    The graphic of the little girl and the kitty is just precious - you always have the best illustrations!

    Hoping you're back to full strength soon!

  7. Jeanie,
    I haven't made the rounds for a few days either...busy painting. Hope you continue to recover and stay that way.

    Love the little girl feeding the kitty. Can't remember, but I think I told you that I had a kitty named Gypsy once upon a time.

  8. I didn't know you had been sick, although I had noticed you absence. Too much partying in Vegas! Whne you're feeling better come on over & pick up the award I nominated you for. ......glad Gypsy's being fed;)

  9. i think today is are you feeling today? i tried back tracking to see when you became ill again but i can't find anything. i hope this isn't a continuous version from weeks ago... sweet jeanie i wish i could help in some concrete way.
    XO much love to you. XO

  10. Jeanie,
    So sorry to hear you are sick. Keeping you in my prayers. Just take your time and get better!

  11. I hate to hear you have been rest and take care of yourself. We will be here when you get feeling better. Your job is to get well!
    Sending hugs alplenty!

  12. so sorry you've been feeling poorly! Feel better! gypsy needs you!

  13. Well, heck. Color me weirded out. I stopped in to see what was new and found this post from Monday.

    "Oh, I've been here," I muttered mentally.

    Then I scrolled through the comments and just like Janet, I let loose with an "Oh, cripes!", but for an entirely different reason. I had not commented.

    File this under the heading, Return to Comment and then Forgot.

  14. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I guess Vegas was too much for you? ;) Enjoyed your trip with you (lovely previous post!)

    Happy Year of the Tiger!

    verification word: "nonicksi"
    Wishing you many days without the "ick" feeling. Si (yes)

  15. Don't go back to work too soon...really you have to be the priority. Sending some Aussie warmth and a hug.

  16. Hey, you! doin' better? egads, girl, a fever and all...ugh...that calls for chicken noodle soup and ginger ale and toast...or maybe, nothing! Hope you've sweated it out! (don't overdue at work. (yeah right) no, really take it easy. Miss you here.

    Will write more later--

  17. Jeanie! I thought you were done with this foolishness!!!
    Hope you are feeling better by now.... miss your cheerfulness. Loved peeking at your Las Vegas trip, though.
    Take it easy now :)


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