Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Countdown! Almost Here!

Run for your life, Tom Turkey! Your days are numbered!

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I'm grateful for the people who really make my life worth living.

That would include Rick and the boys, of course...

My family and wonderful friends, who hang with me when times are tough, laugh when they are funny and care in so many ways.

Those friends include all of you who read The Marmelade Gypsy and who leave wonderful comments. I love visiting your spots, too. Thank you for inspiring me, motivating me, and enriching my life with your ideas, creativity and thought. You make me smile more often than you know.

I am grateful that we have food on our table, a roof over head, and enough love to keep us going when we get sticker shock at the store.

Enjoy that turkey or whatever you have to celebrate Thanksgiving.

(And if you happen to be in a spot of this world that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you find something wonderful to celebrate this Thursday!

Harvest. Don't you just love it?


  1. Have a wonderful thanksgiving

  2. I wish you a great Thanksgiving among your wonderful family and your fit looking husband....enjoy your meal and the evening!!!
    Best wishes from Germany!!

  3. Love the Turkey photos and had a giggle at the countdown. I think Thanksgiving is such a nice thoughtful idea and I wish we did it too. Enjoy the day and spending time with your boys.

  4. I wanted to stop by tonight and wish you a happy, happy Thanksgiving. Tomorrow is bound to be crazy and I didn't want the holiday to pass without me wishing you the happiest, most delicious Thanksgiving ever.

  5. I am thankful to have 4 whole days off! I love that turkey plate you're showing there. Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. Brightest of Holiday Blessings to you and yours Jeanie!
    I am very thankful that we have connected here in the land of blog!

  7. You always have the most delightful photos for holidays.


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