Monday, May 18, 2020

Quarantine Life: Watercoloring My Roots

Louise Penny is one of my favorite authors, thanks to her wonderful Adam Gamache series. I receive her periodic newsletter and her words here resonated with me.

Am really hoping this finds you safe and healthy.  I am both, and relatively sane.  Have decided I am not actually stuck at home - I am now a "writer in residence".  And this quarantine is beginning to feel normal.  
How comforting, how disconcerting is that?  Comforting that we can indeed adapt, and quickly, to this radical new reality.  But disconcerting that it can feel anywhere close to normal.

I find I am both more relaxed and more anxious.  The rapid, scary, dismantling of all that we'd known and taken for granted, has slowed.  The restrictions on our freedom are now in place.  So there is less shock.  The ground beneath our feet has stopped shifting.  

And so have we.  
I find I am now less frightened.  But more worried.  About what the world, our lives, will look like when this is over.  About what 'over' even means.  

But then, I eat another chocolate bar, go for a walk, phone a friend, and feel better.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Louise Penny~~~~~~~~~

Or, you watercolor your roots.

We've been "in" for a long time, haven't we? I know I will continue that life for a long while to come. While I want those who are in businesses that have closed during the quarantine to again be able to work again, I have no desire to venture out of my zone, to step inside any store or restaurant or even order take-out. If they are counting on people like me to save the economy, they are in for a big disappointment. About the only economy I'm saving is Instacart.

The first grill out of the year felt all the more exciting! We've had a wretched cold, rainy spring and when you get a good day, you savor it!

I just don't trust people in restaurants or take out to be healthy or careful. I trust Rick.

I have lived my life in optimism and trust. Never blind trust, but still, trusting, willing to see the best in people. In recent weeks I have seen that -- and I've seen the worst. And everything in-between. 

I am shocked and disappointed that so few wear masks in public or mind social distance. It seems such a selfish thing to do. The more one is "out," the more they have the chance to catch covid-19 and pass it along, whether they have symptoms or not. That is a fact. These people put everyone's lives in danger. I'm sure that's not intentional but it still feels both ignorant and selfish, "all about me" in cases like this.

I am angry at protestors who storm my capitol city, many from out of state, and many who advocate assassination of our governor with threatening tweets, posts and signage. Their motive is more political than related to the virus. (I must confess, as they protest this morning at our capitol, we are in the midst of a thunder and lightning storm. I will happily mop every drop of water that rains into my basement if it will keep up all day.) I am aghast that a customer shot a security guard simply because he asked him to put on a mask before entering a store. At a different store, when asked by the clerk to please wear a mask, the customer grabbed her arm and wiped his nose and face on her sleeve. What has our world become?

As Louise Penny says, I am less frightened but more worried about what the world and our lives will be like when this is over. If it is over. And I don't think it will be. Not for a very long time.

I have seeds in starting trays and some in the ground. The trees in my neighborhood were in full bloom.

I loved passing them by and admiring their array of pink and white blossoms. Now only a few remain in flower.

I've read four or five books; felted gnomes and Santas, ducklings, lambs and French-attired bears. I've made scones and cookies, casseroles and soup, coffee cakes and muffins. I've painted birds and houses and the Toddler Twosome.

I'm close to finishing my book on our family history. I've enjoyed many walks to revel in nature at the Ditch and quiet moments with Lizzie at home. I've spend wonderful evenings with Rick and if it was possible, this has brought us even closer.

I read blogs and loads of articles I find in various sources. I watch British mysteries on Acorn, video on Netflix. I think I've seen every Perry Mason episode and way too much news. I disinfect my groceries and make lists of all the things I can cook.

And yes, the rains have come. And yes, I've been bailing my basement. This was the what I walked down to. And then it got worse. Fortunately, it is storage only and everything is elevated so no damage, but it's just super annoying.

I've lost eight pounds and my hair has grown out a good inch or so. I've whacked at it, unable to see the back of my head as I cut blindly. I don't worry about this too much because the only person I see with any regularity is Rick. Everyone else is too socially distant away to notice.

The roots have gone silver -- there's a good inch or so that I see at my hairline or when my hair is heavy enough to droop from the top of my head.

And so, I watercolored my roots.

Have you tried finding hair color online? Good luck with that. Good luck with finding powdered root color, too. It exists. They're just out. Just about everywhere. There is a world of women who are beginning to look like their mothers and it scares them. It scares me.

Now, lest you should think I've gone totally around the bend, I only do this on occasion (it washes out nicely, which isn't necessarily a good thing) and since I can only see the front, it is of marginal purpose.

Use a stiff brush and the cheapest water colors you can find. This is not the time for your Windsor-Newton or Daniel Smith palette. You'll only be able to get what you can see unless you're better with a mirror than I am. I suppose I could ask Rick to do the back (no -- not on a bet!) but the rest of my hair covers it up! It worked quite well. (No watercolor? Eye shadow and applied with a stiff brush works, too.)

Oh, and don't go walking in the rain or else you'll be dripping watercolor down your face. Other than that, it works just fine!

It's not like there's anything else pressing. Just think of it as a break in the action.

Or, learn to live like Lizzie. Eat. Nap. Nap. Eat.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

I've enjoyed this post so much! I particularly loved seeing the gorgeous blossoms, and the water color roots. And I'm going to check out the mystery series you love so much, because, like you, I adore a good mystery!

I was so blessed that my hair stylist dropped off a complete hair coloring kit to my front door with my exact color, gloves, a mixing bowl and instructions so that Mr. FGH colored my hair out in the garden. : )

I hope you are continuing to enjoy the days, and seeing the beauty all around us, friend. Xo Lidy

Valerie-Jael said...

Here the majority of people are sticking to the rules, there are exceptions, but not too many. We need to be so careful. There were protests in any big cities as some people are convinced it's a world conspiracy and Bill Gates is to blame....Well! I don't care about my hair, though, and if I want it a different colour I can buy do-it-yourself colourations from the drugstores or online, as It seems to be back in stock here. Sorry about your basement, that's a lot of work to get it dry. Stay safe and well. Hugs, Valerie

eileeninmd said...

Hello, to you, Lizzie and Rick. It your Blooms are beautiful. It is nice you have Rick to BBQ the meal. Hubby and I have ordered carry-out from our local favorite restaurants. Knock on wood we have been fine so far. Cute shot of the squirrel. It seems like the last 4 years the crazies have come out of the wood work, some are down right scary.
I am sorry about your basement, you must have had a lot of rain. Take care, stay safe and calm. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

Lowcarb team member said...

The blossoms and blooms are beautiful, such gorgeous colour.

So sorry to read about your basement, you can do without things like that. Hopefully it's all sorted now.

Enjoy your week

All the best Jan

Prims By The Water said...

BBQ YUMMY. I am hopefully going to to that this weekend. I dont dye my hair anymore, so the hair dye is no biggie. Glad you were able to watercolor yours. Janice

Sandi said...

I know this is not on topic, but your handwriting is SO NEAT!!! It is beautiful. They should make a font of it.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Seems like both joy and angst in this post, Jeanie. As far as masks are concerned, it astounds me to see the level of of emotion it appears to have generated in the US. It seems to have become equated with the very notion of freedom, and seems ridiculous to tell you the truth. What's next? Seatbelts? And when you see the kinds of barbaric acts you refer to, it illustrates that the thin veneer of civilization in society is very fragile indeed. A friend in Australia has a daughter taking a Phd in astrophysics in Maryland and he is worried sick. He is convinced that armed conflict is going to break out and given the volume of weapons in the hands of private citizens the prospect is terrifying for him. The dichotomy is that if she simply returns to Australia now she forfeits her research and all that she has done towards her doctorate. Troubling times!

Karen said...

I'm with Ms. Penny too!
We get out for drives. M. has to work, but he maintains a good distance from the clients and has a good wash up when he finishes for the day. We don't order food. I feel reasonably sane as long as I don't have to go to town. Unfortunately I have to pick up medication a couple of times a month and the pharmacy wants to see me in person for that. *If* I do need shopping, I mask and glove and run in and do it on those trips. The pharmacy I deal with sells everything but fresh produce and meat.
Gardening is in full swing here. Lots of reading and sewing too!

DUTA said...

I like the picture with Rick at the table. He's got a nice haircut, a smiling face, and.. good food.

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

Hope you've looked into getting your basement sealed. They have membrane systems now that really work. Standing water like that can cause a lot of mold issues.

Unfortunately, wearing masks or not has become a blue/red thing with the help of the same people who are sponsoring the protests in our state and other blue states around the country. Half of them don't believe in science.

Leave it to an artist to find a way to paint her roots. LOL

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Jeanie, as you know I feel the same as you about this apparent disregard that science tells us about Covid-19. For the life of me I don't understand the ignorance! I've not had trouble getting hair color from the CVS Pharmacy. My sweetheart has helped me with it two times now. I must say, it's so much cheaper than going to the beauty shop and lasts about the same amount of time! I'm so glad you and Rick enjoyed an outdoor dinner. I'm so sorry about your basement! You don't need that. Please take care, my friend.

Mae Travels said...

I hope you liked the book — I read it a while back and thought it was really entertaining. I think I have one more of his books that I haven’t read. Your basement looks totally unnerving. I’m glad you have managed to have a healthy attitude towards it. My late brother-in-law was a civil engineer and he always said that if you didn’t like to see a wet basement, you shouldn’t go down there when it’s raining.

Be well... mae at

My name is Erika. said...

I'm with you about selfishness when people don't wear masks. I don't understand people who think it is all about them and not public good. And why is it OK to wipe your nose on someone's sleeve because what would you do if someone did that to you? I think there are selfish people in every state. Maybe if we had some actual leaders in the federal government. But your governor is a strong lady obviously. Good for her. And I did love Louise Penny's statement. So true. And a good perspective. Writer in residence. I love it. And I'm with you about the first grill of the season. It's like doing yard work, it feels fantastic to do normal things outside. Your table looks wonderful, better than a restaurant. And sorry to hear about your basement. Hugs-Erika

Sandra Cox said...

If I do the watercolor on my hair I'm going for blue or pink:)
I don't get not wearing the masks nor throwing dangerous tantrums when asked to do so. And the fact that these people are being enabled is unacceptable.
Glad you had a lovely cookout.
Take special care.

Sherry's Pickings said...

i've been hacking away at my own hair for weeks. i too don't give a hoot how it looks at the back as i can't see it:) Hubby says it's okay but he would say that. i've been using clippers on his head and he looks very...balding. i've been cooking and baking, and not much else. my brain is just too fuzzy. we have been getting takeaways to support local businesses... i'm assuming the cooking kills the germs if any:-) It hadn't occurred to me to disinfect my groceries. that poor guard - did he/she survive being shot? what is wrong with people!?!

Iris Flavia said...

Yes, the phone is a big helper at the moment...
Oh, those watercolors! We had them in school, but just half of it, certainly, the basics.
No rain since weeks here... And yes, trust your own cooking! Looks yummy, too.
So fifferent here. People wear masks - we certainly see your protestors in the news and how they do it I have no idea, each day they give us "numbers".
So many died, so many are healed... HOW? I´m coughing since weeks and no one asked me. Or Hubby. Or anyone we know. And we asked around.
Beautiful flowers to cheer up :-) And "Peanut"!
Oh, nonono.... I hope it´s "just" water. Hubby always got stinking mud in, too.

LOL, you´re like Hubby, he cuts his hair and doesn´t care, ha that´s a rhyme even.
Well he´s gray all over, so no watercolors. Fun idea, though!
Eye shadow!!! LOL. If mine existed it would be...30 years old. If that would still do?
Lizzie rocks.

Tracy said...

Hi,, Jeanie! SO NICE to catch up with you! It's still some days, isn't it?! Like you're, we're still not taking too many chances... and life will continue a lot at home for some months to come, I think. We're getting OK with that... Better safe than sorry, that old saying! But I do think this "new normal" will be the new normal... :/ It's been shocking the things that have been happening back home in America there. I makes me very say. It's not 100% perfect here in Norway, but we've not had all the crazy protesting and reckless behavior--or shootings! Sad, sad times... We just have to find those glimmers of a silver lining, and keep some hope alive. To keep kindle, keep alight the joy of small things in our heart--we need those fires to keep going! And we need our fur-babies more than ever, don't we?! ;) So glad you & your are continuing to keep well, and keeping safe! ((LOVE & BIG HUGS))

shoreacres said...

We all cope in our own way, and make our own decisions. Just last week, I stopped by my favorite restaurant's new taco truck and had their marvelous fish tacos for lunch: a taco never tasted so good! I do hope you're spared any further annoyance from that misbehaving basement -- and don't worry about those roots! After all, in their own weird way, they're a sign of continuing life!

Sami said...

I had to laugh at the watercoloured hair roots Jeanie, I had no idea that was a thing.
I'm lucky I only have a few white hairs but I never coloured my hair before, so I think I will eventually just let it go gray? Will see when I get to that stage.
Pretty flowers and love the squirrel, so cute.
We are lucky in Australia that we are below 100 deaths, and in our state of Western Australia, we haven't had infections for the past 2 weeks. Life seems to be slowly returning to normal, at least the Govern't plant is for things to be normal by end of June.

The French Hutch said...

Oh Jeanie, You've given me the best laugh and good feeling I've had in quite the while! I could have written this post, well almost. I feel so much like what you've described. I'm home and planned to stay here like you. That is until.......I cracked a tooth! Of all times to need a dentist. I would ignore it but it has started to bother me and it's only getting worse so I'm off to the dentist later this morning. Of course they already take precautions but they told me all they do to take extra Covid19 precautions. I have no choice I guess, I don't want this to get out of hand with pain. I'm pretty sure I'll need my first root canal, ugh. Well you are a genius to think to use your watercolor on your roots. I also use Instacart and ordered hair color before the big run on boxed color. I haven't had the courage to use it yet but I'll have to soon. And, my hair is getting way to long, I guess I'll need to cut it myself, husband refused! My stylist called when she opened but I told her I wasn't ready yet. What a strange time we are living. I don't worry so much for myself but for the young ones. I know I'll never feel comfortable out and about again! Thanks for the smiles............

Joanne Huffman said...

I am mostly in; but have gone to old people's hour at Hardings once and to the post office twice (mailing out masks and aprons for Becky). I have also done take out twice. When I was out, everyone I saw wore masks and kept distance. I have taken myself on a couple of drives (remember those beautiful days?) and loved riding with the windows down (didn't wear a mask). I am confused about wearing a mask for a walk; I don't come near anyone, but don't want to be caught if someone would rush up.

La Table De Nana said...

LOL you used Grumbacker..Opaque? My least fave for sure.
I would love all grey hair..but it's down my back would take forever.I have so many's hard to tell it's growing out.
My son-in-law the lieutenant was tested for Covid after feeling ill after being w/ a new police officer that fainted..all is well.
I am not even going to go to a nursery and you know how hard that is..I started my tomatoes..and have flower seeds germinating in bags..and pots..
I cant stand the protesters..people who toss gloves and masks on the floors..
Plexi glass going up everywhere..

I wish someone could just fix your bmt once and for all..not fun for you:(

Take care!

Louise P. yes..I have kind of stopped for a while..

Have you been watching World on Fire? Had no idea it wasn't just one season.

We never went to restos or did take out before so this is nothing:)
That part.

crackercrumblife said...

I love that you used watercolors! :) I actually have been able to order hair color through Amazon, and have colored my hair already three times since this started. Or rather, Billy has for me. Lol.

I haven't had take out either, it scares me. :( Although some of our local pizza places are doing half cooked pizza so we take it home and finish it ourselves. I don't think I would be as afraid of that.

And I agree, what is happening in Michigan!!! I am so disappointed.

But take heart, I think this will pass sooner than we think some days. We have lots of smart science people working on this, and I think they are working together rather than apart. :)

Marie Rayner said...

OH my Jeanie, I can so relate to everything you have written. I don't think our world will ever be the same again and I am not going to feel comfortable going out and about never if ever again. There is just so much they don't know about this virus. Everything is a guess at best. I don't trust any of the information out there. Only time will tell. I am sorry your basement is flooding. We don't have basements here. So if the floods come they are right in your house. Thankfully we are up high where I live. My sister in Nova Scotia experiences flooding in her basement just about every year! I was not a person who dyed my hair before the pandemic, so nothing has changed there. I decided years back that I was just going to grow old gracefully. Thankfully that has stood me well! Hope you have a good week Jeanie. Spring is springing and summer will soon be here. Love and hugs and blessings to you. xoxo

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Lizzie's way of life seems good! :D

Wonderful photos. I've been staying away from people and shops (grocery shopping is now done online), and I only go out for the odd walk.

I finished reading Elton John's autobiography "Me" last night, but might pick up a crime thriller next.

I hope you're keeping well!

gigi-hawaii said...

Well, you do what you need to do to be happy. Your hair doesn't look bad. But, the water in the basement? Whoa!

carol@The Red Painted Cottage said...

Jeanie, I'm so sorry to hear about your flooding basement, again! I hope at some point it will be able to be fixed. We are in the process of having our roof redone, and we had leaking the other day in our living room ceiling on both sides of one of our skylights. A call has been made and as soon as they can get back out, they're going to have to recalk around it. We'll wait awhile before we have the ceiling repainted just to make sure there's no more leaks. Good for you on trying watercolor on your roots. I would never have thought to do that. I used eye shadow many times prior to letting my hair go natural. I'm fortunate that I have a beautiful shade of silver grey that's come in. Mr. Cottage did call in an order of Chinese carryout for Mother's Day. I was more than ready to enjoy it. Other than going through drive-through bank and Starbucks, I've been nowhere. On the other hand, Mr. Cottage is going out more that I would like, but he assures me he wears the N95 mask and uses lots of sanitizer afterwards. Then he washes his hands once home. We have a friend who had to get a COVID test last week prior to her elective surgery and she tested positive. She has no symptoms and she's older than us. She wasn't happy about having to be in quarantine, for real! I've hardly written any posts because sitting to use the laptop provokes my sciatic nerve, but I'm going to try getting a quick one out about our geese and their babies. Stay in and stay safe! We're heading up to the cottage this weekend and it will be my first time out with others, but we'll be keeping our distance with our neighbors!

Victoria Zigler said...

Great news about all the creative things you've been doing. I'm managing to do better at that now too, though I can't help but think Lizzie has the right idea, and there have been times I've been tempted to do something similar.

Sorry about the basement getting wet again. Hope it doesn't get worse.

Tammie Lee said...

It sounds like you have accomplished a lot. A good time to be home when spring offers less than appealing weather.

Be careful with watercolors in your hair, some have toxic ingredients in them. But then again, so do most dyes, that is why one is not suppose to dye their hair while pregnant. hats are safer ;-)

lovely day to you Jeannie.

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

oh my that bbq grilled meat looks good - Rick could cook for me anytime. The shot of the squirrel is adorable and of course your kitty. Stay safe!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

You express very well the stages I am going through as well! It seems like I went from settled to anxious over one night. And now I can feel my brain slipping. Sort of like in sensory deprivation. I'm just going to go with it! There will be still more stages I'm sure. Another thing for sure: it will be a long haul and not the temporary situation so many people seem to think it is. I'm thankful and glad we are safe at home and really have everything we need. It could be so much worse!

Stevenson Q said...

I very much enjoyed this post dear Jeanie! Thank you so much for sharing us your adventures in the past days. I love Louise Penny's positivity on that article you shared. It just resonates optimism and a matter of perspective to make this quarantine not just bearable but actually a time for growth and happiness even. I love that lunch you had with Rick you guys are really super cute! I feel so sorry about your Basement and I hope it will get fixed some ways soon. Sending you hugs from the Philippines and thank you for always giving me a smile through your posts!

PS Love the watercolored roots! Since high school I had to dye my hair due to a lot of greys already and I dyed my hair all colors from blonde to brown and all and even black. Most Filipinos have dark brown hair and my real hair is a medium brown so dying it black makes my face look whiter and so in the past few years I opted for a chestnut brown dye (which I can't use lately so I'm ricking my brown and grays now.

Pam Richardson said...

Life has certainly changed and I have adjusted somewhat. I rarely go anywhere except to take dinner to my sweet Daddy. I haven’t tried coloring my hair, I am afraid I would end up a shade of pink or green. I have been reading and doing some plans for upcoming projects. I have gained weight and have been on a diet for six days. I have to get the five pounds off. Stay safe Jeanie!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Oh, Jeanie, I am laughing so much about watercoloring your hair that it made me almost forget about the dire talk in the first part of your post. Even though dire, I totally agree with everything you said and more. Our county does not seem to know that masks exist and it makes me furious. I know my hairdresser is going to call soon to set up appointment and I'm afraid that I am going to ignore him. I just can't yet. So much more has to be proven to me before I will venture out. My girl friends, I know, will be calling for lunch dates, and I will tell them the same thing. Not yet, it is way to soon. They will probably think I am crazy but wait until they get as old as me and then they can make judgements. Will we ever get back to normal? It's going to be a hard go..Take care and stay well. Rick looks like a wonderful cook and that will have be enough for now!..xxoJudy

GretchenJoanna said...

Spring is beautiful! Um - except for its coming into your basement! One more thing to keep you busy at home, I suppose, putting stuff up out of the wet.

I admire all the bird photos SO much. Thank you for continuing to update us on your sightings! This week I saw a Bewick's Wren and a Titmouse. They have been around many times but don't visit often.

Pamela said...

Lizzie is such a darling!
Good for you on finding a way to color your hair! I haven’t noticed gray roots here in Japan, so I think people are finding a way to color their hair. Hair color seems to be a big business here.
I am shocked by the protests and threats in the US. How selfish these people are to endanger so many others.
Our world has changed.

Jenny Woolf said...

This was a great post, Jeanie, with just the mixture of courage, frustration, fear and hope that we are all trying to get into balance right now. I specially loved your photo of Spring blossom - the blossom has all passed here but it was just wonderful when it lasted, in the pollution free air, all bright and shining and optimistic. Like you, I'm trying to remind myself that the only thing is to live day to day and not cross bridges before we come to them. It's not quite so easy for us lucky folks who have always felt in control of our own lives, I suppose. And a bit of a peeve when the "here and now" includes a wet basement! Certainly hope you can get that sorted soon, with refreshments provided by Rick, maybe?!
Don't you envy Lizzie, not having to think about such things? I bet she is happy!

Sketchbook Wandering said...

OMG, how funny and creative: Winsor Newton for hair roots! I'm with you about the whole opening up of businesses, though if my local art shop opens to 5 people at a time, I may stop in. Here only some, more rural counties, are allowed to open things. Our YMCA was going to open June 1 but the governor decided No. thank god, on behalf of the staff and the community. (Many of us weren't going to go anyway). You continuie to have a productive and creative time. Optimism and creativity come from within, in spite of many external circumstances.
I had a basement like that once. It stressed me. But that was me and my nervous system, many in that situation don't worry.
FYI: I have set up 2 mirrors facing each other at angles, so when I cut the back of my hair my hands are free and I can see. However, it didn't fix my choppy look in back, LOL.
So nice to read your rich post. Yeah, those cats!!

Sandra Cox said...

The trees in bloom look glorious. The little squirrel is a hoot. And Lizzie looks royal:)

Rustic Pumpkin said...

Sorry about your flood, not what you need even in the best of times. Everything else seems tickety boo, and hair roots is something I don't have to worry over as I let my grey shine through about four years ago. The day before our lockdown I saw my stylist. I said to cut it short as we dare, and now nine weeks later my hair still looks good and I reckon I have another month before it begins to annoy me.

~~~Deb in Wales~~~

R's Rue said...

Beautiful flowers.

Danielle L Zecher said...

I definitely agree with the part about being more worried. I feel like we’ve seen a very ugly side of humanity through all of this. I don’t understand the violence toward governors who are keeping their states on lockdown. You don’t see the people in favor of lockdown trying to figure out ways to make the people who are going out and about get sick. I think we all like to be right to a certain extent, but I really hope, in this case, that those of us being more cautious are wrong. Because if we’re right, it means that so many more people will die.

The other thing I don’t understand is how upset people are getting over things that are at worst, a mild inconveinience. Are masks annoying, hot, uncomfortable, and prone to fogging up your glasses? Yes. Are they 100% effective in stopping the spread? No. Are they absolutely worth all of the hassle if they protect anyone at all? Definitely. And I don’t see how it harms you to have one-way aisles in the grocery store. If the people who say COVID is overblown and no big deal turn out to be right (I do NOT think they are, just going with a big IF here), then so what if everyone wore masks and walked the right way down grocery store aisles? What will that have harmed? The flip side is what if the people who say this isn’t over and say there’s going to be another surge turn out to be right, and everyone went around without taking any precautions? So many more people will get sick and possibly die. I see that as a choice that makes itself.

I’m with you in not minding if the protesters get rained on. I did see in the news, though, that dams in Michigan have failed, so I really hope you’re alright.

I’m impressed with your weight loss! I haven’t weighed myself in a while. I’m a little afraid to. I tend to eat when I’m stressed and when I’m bored, so this hasn’t been a good time for me for healthy eating.

Thanks for your posts and comments. It’s nice to be connected with people who have similar concerns.

Sandra at Maison De Jardin said...

Jeanie, I agree with you about being more worried. The other evening I listened to a doctor from The George Washington Univ. hospital speak. He talked about spending a long day in surgery. Then he was on his way to his car and stopped for a moment and looked all around him and noticed the many, many people without masks. He said, "I feel betrayed." Thoes words really caught me off guard until I thought about it and you know, he is right. All the medical people ask from us is to wear a mask and we see it here also. Everywhere, I just don't get it.

Your governor is a lovely and intelligent woman. I have heard her speak and I wish her the best and admire her for standing up. I pray she will stay safe.

Until better days I am in the garden when I can and go out very little. I am also with you on the take out. We don't participate either.

I love your trees, they are beautiful. And also enjoyed the thoughts of Louise Penny.

Jeanie, know I am sorry about your basement and I wish you sunny skies and soon. We are in rain and cold as well. Enjoy your weekend and all the best to you and Rick. Stay well.

Bella Rum said...

Oh, I feel so much the same as you. In what a fine pickle we find ourselves. I think it will be a while before we have a vaccine or drugs that will help with the symptoms enough to lower death rates.

The mask thing annoys me, too. I don't understand why everyone isn't wearing a mask. The protesters annoy me, too. We've had them here, too, toting guns and yelling at others. Crazy times.

The watercolors made me laugh. You are resourceful. I need a haircut... intensely. :/

Anonymous said...

I don't think my comment worked so I'm trying with Anonymous. Bella Rum

Oh, I feel so much the same as you. In what a fine pickle we find ourselves. I think it will be a while before we have a vaccine or drugs that will help with the symptoms enough to lower death rates.

The mask thing annoys me, too. I don't understand why everyone isn't wearing a mask. The protesters annoy me, too. We've had them here, too, toting guns and yelling at others. Crazy times.

So sorry about your basement. Ours flooded a number of times when we lived in Maryland. Yuck.

The watercolors made me laugh. You are resourceful. I need a haircut... intensely. :/

Sally Wessely said...

You surprised me. When you said you watercolored your roots, I had no idea you meant your hair! I think that was quite creative, and innovative. I have some of powdered root cover, the type for covering holes in the head, or at least places where hair doesn’t grow. It is black though and wouldn’t work for you, or I’d send it to you.

I have done pretty much total social isolation up until the end of last week. Until then, I had ventured to the grocery store twice, to the doctor a few times because of a stubborn sinus infection. We have done take-out since the beginning, but rarely. Usually we just order the groceries we need and pick them up, or we have them delivered.

I think it depends on where you live in the country as to how safe you feel. Our county had a lot of outbreaks and the numbers were high until just the last few weeks. While stats showed an informed view of risk, I stayed home. When things leveled out, I ventured out the few times I mentioned.

On Saturday, I had my son and grandson here in the house to put together some cabinets that I ordered on-line. They have mostly stayed at home and practice good precautions, so I felt safe.

Then, on Sunday, I traveled. We decided to go across the state, a five to six hour drive, to check on things at my mother’s house and look into estate matters. It was a decision we took very seriously because I didn’t want to pick up food along the way or use restrooms. The numbers of incidents in the county where my mom lived were very low, 53 cases overall, 0 deaths. So I felt the risk was minimal. My emotional well-being seemed to need to be addressed by going to her home. I had not been there since just about ten days before she died, and we could never have a service.

The hotel was dicey. I hope we don’t get sick because of that hotel’s lack of taking the situation seriously. In the end though, I feel better having gone. Time will tell if the risk was worth it. We were so careful with masks, gloves, disinfectant to clean surfaces, isolating as much as possible, and practicing distances when we had encounters with others. Let’s hope that was enough to protect us.

I so agree with Louise Penny. Even when we traveled, I was not frightened, In the beginning of the pandemic, I was. Seeing the way people don’t protect themselves and others has made me worried.

Stay safe. Keep on doing what you are doing.

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Jeanie, this post has hit every chord of what I think about. When the protests first started in Michigan, I was convinced they were paid actors to do it, and they may have been. But now, I think people have jumped on that bandwagon, and they're at it for real. Water coloring your roots is quite clever! I've been lucky to find the formula my colorist uses, so I've loaded up on it. I don't like doing my own hair color, but I refuse to let my hair turn gray, so I deal with it once a month. Yes, the futures is definitely something to worry about. Stay well!

Beyda'nın Kitaplığı said...

Yemeğini kendin yapmak kadar güzeli yok. Barbekü bayılırım. Evde ve sağlıklı kal.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful post, Jeanie. I'm definitely concerned for you. We've had rains on end, too, so my basement has definitely taken a hit. Unlike your basement, mine has a full bath and my studio. I've learned to keep any and everything paper off the bottom shelves. I feel for you because I use a lot of Lysol to keep the mold away, as well as disinfect everything I bring into my home.

I feel for your state and your governor. I am saddened that the ONLY people being rude and abusive are the ones who don't wear masks and WON'T wear them.I could go on and on about how I feel, but I think we are in agreement, so won't beleaguer the matter. Most people I see from my front porch are smiling and waving and just happy to see I wave to them.

Sorry you had to color your hair, but I had to laugh when I saw what you meant by coloring your roots. Very clever, dear. Love all the photos, too.

Red Rose Alley said...

I understand your concerns, Jeanie. Even though our state is slowly opening up and with caution, you won't see me going out to the restaurants, shopping, etc. for awhile. Your grilled meal looks so good. I have been craving barbecue lately. Oh my, look what the rains did to your basement. Are you on a slope or something? Awhile back, I got some hair dye and just recently dyed my hair, so was glad about that. Can you dye it yourself, or is the stores all out of hair dye?

Hello Lizzie, aren't you the cutest?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Add this to the list of things you probably thought you would never do! These times require creativity, though. I, too, have been disappointed by the behavior of others. I was really upset to hear that the Catholic Church and some other churches were defying our governor’s orders and would resume in person services on Tuesday. They did have a negotiation session and our governor agreed to let them have services at 25% capacity. That still feels extremely risky. We know that the super spreader events have occurred during events with sustained contact. We definitely will not be going to church. I get that people are lonely and their spiritual health is at an all time low but now is not the time to be gathering. Especially in our state where cases are still on the rise. :(

Arti said...

Louise Penny sure knows how to adapt... I share her 'secret': " eat another chocolate bar, go for a walk." Lost count of how much junk food I've consumed in the past months. :) I think I've come across her books in bookstores, didn't know she's a Canadian author!

Sarah said...

Jeanie, I admire you for all you are accomplishing. I wish I could say the same! I want to see your French-attired bears. All of your felted projects sound fun.

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