Saturday, June 4, 2016

Here's to Rick!

Last week I headed down to Michigan's State Capitol for the Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day. Sponsored by the League of Michigan Bicyclists, the day includes face-to-face meetings with cyclists and state representatives and an award ceremony honoring those who support bicycling in meaningful ways.

One of those awards went to Rick! But more on that in a minute.

Lucinda Means, for whom the day was named, was a friend of ours. She moved to Lansing as the first executive director of the LMB and lived next door to Rick. She made a profound impact on him as she did on many, focusing on using the bicycle as transportation, not just recreation. She walked the walk.

Lucinda came to Easter dinner at my house about ten years ago. A few weeks later she died in her home, a consequence of a clot following knee surgery. Her loss created a huge cavity in the cycling world but also served as a motivational inspiration to those in our area who knew her and have worked hard to carry on her legacy. From the perspective of those who knew her, it was a deeply personal loss of a passionate advocate, intelligent conversationalist and woman with a heart and soul who dreamed big dreams -- and then helped bring them to fruition.

Christmas Dinner -- Friends joined us -- Richard, Jim, Kevin, Greg and Lucinda in pink. I think everyone was ready for me to put the camera down by then!

Rick was honored as with the Jim Dougherty Distinguished Service Award. His was one of six awards given to volunteers, businesses, and others in the Michigan cycling world.

He was recognized for many things -- serving as interim director of LMB after Lucinda's death and his work in creating an online registration and membership system; for helping to create state rides like the Kal-Haven Trailblazer and the Michigander; being a founder of West Michigan's Kal-Haven Trail and the Michigan Chapter of the Rails to Trails Concervancy (Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance).

As he spoke he said "Today we all stand on Lucinda's shoulders." And he's right. Living by example.

So, a word of caution to all of us -- walking, riding or driving -- in this summer season. Be careful out there! Drivers, be courteous to cyclists, even if they slow you down. Those few minutes aren't worth it to you or anyone else. Share the road and give them space, slow down if you need to until you can pass safely. Cyclists, follow your rules, too. If everyone plays nicely, we all win. (And walkers -- look around! A bicycle can't always stop on a dime if you walk in front of it!)


  1. Beautiful chapter, even if I am a little prejudiced! Love to you both, and thanks for all the work you do to promote the good, the creative and the love in your community.

  2. Well done Rick! I have read over the months and years of his dedication to cycling but I hadn't realised it stretched this wide!

  3. Nice post Jeanne . . .
    I enjoyed hearing about Rick, his awards, recognition, advocacy . . .

  4. Wow- how amazing. Congrats to Rick too. :) Hugs-Erika

  5. What an absolutely amazing tribute to your dear friend. I can tell you are proud of him. And my congratulations extend to him, too.

    When I was active in my Neighborhood Association, I spearheaded a bike path along the river and through my neighborhood. I wrote the grant request, got two other neighboring associations on board, prepared and presented a Power Point slide show for a district board, then the City Commissioners, the City Planning Committee, and finally the state board. I personally got over 200 signatures and got all three schools in my neighborhood on board when the state came for a visit. Then we were given the funds less our sweat equity, which I also contributed to. So I am in AWE of what Rick has accomplished, since I have walked a similar path, but mine was not on a bike!

  6. Well done to Rick. Cycling s a great sport, and I use my bike here for recreation as well as shopping and getting to my destinations round here. We are lucky to have lots of good cycle paths. Have a great Sunday, hugs, Valerie

  7. Well done to Rick!

    It hasn't been safe for me to cycle since I was in my teens. After that, it got to the point were I just couldn't see well enough and it wasn't safe any more (accidents like slicing my hand open on the side of a parked truck, because I misjudged the distance going around it, taught me that lesson the hard way). It's one of the things I miss being able to do now I can't see. Although, given my other health issues, I could never do it for long trips, because I've always tired too quickly, and I'd struggle with that even more now. But that doesn't stop me missing it.

  8. Congratulations to your Rick....

  9. I knew Rick loves to ride, of course, but I had no idea he was so deeply involved in the sport and the community aspects of it. Good for him, and congratulations on the award!

    A friend and I were talking yesterday about how we miss cycling, but we agreed that both of us are too old to take on bicyling in this area. If I were in a small town, I might, but around here, I'm sticking with walking. The traffic's just too heavy, too fast, and too oblivious.

  10. Congratulations, Rick! Well done.

    (And bikers -- if you are riding where pedestrians have the right-of-way [on the sidewalk, say] slow down and make noise so the pedestrians know you are there, rather than zooming at 20 mph by an oblivious person who might well step in front of you!)

  11. Thank you Rick and Congratulations. This is a great cause.

  12. What a sweet tribute to Lucinada from Jim. Sound like wonderfully devoted people. Congrats to Jim!

  13. Oh what a loss.....but what a memory when someone lives in such a way that even though they have passed, they still live on in US. And congratulations to Rick dearest Jeanie! YES, safety FIRST!!

  14. Your community lost a wonderful rep for cyclist and I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. How wonderful her name leads others forward for "Bicycle Advocacy." Congratulations to Rick on winning one of the awards. Yes, can't say enough for safety, so important. Great post Jeanie……..

  15. Congratulations to Rick! So sorry for the loss of your friend but she made a significant contribution to society during her shortened life. I admire people like that. I also admire cyclists, especially those that use bikes for transportation,even though I am not a cyclist myself. I never had a bike to ride as a child. Now I could get one but am too afraid to ride it in traffic and where I live there are still not enough safe places and pathways dedicated to cyclists though it is improving.

  16. We have a lot of cyclists around here. It's a beautiful place to ride, but these backroads don't offer much space for error. I'm always watchful.

    Congratulations to Rick. It's wonderful that he has something he loves so much and that he devotes his time and effort to it.

  17. A huge congrats to Rick!! And may your friend rest in peace...

  18. Congrats to Rick. What a beautiful tribute to a lovely woman.

  19. Congrats to Rick! What a wonderful award to receive. He is certainly a worthy recipient as he has done so much for the biking community and truly carried on the legacy of a wonderful woman!

  20. Jeanie,

    Lovely tribute to your cyclist friend and I am so sorry for this loss.
    Huge congrats to Rick, I know he makes you proud.
    Thank you for reminding us to be careful when we are all about exercising too.

  21. Yay, Rick! One of the things I love about you (and have learned from you) is how civic minded you are. You care about where you live and about others. I love that.

    By the way, did you know that your "Not a robot" thing takes quite some time to do? I had to keep watching and checking seven different images before it would accept my comment. And, that was on the third try. I just wanted you to know. I thought it was a bit much, and I knew I would want to know if that were going on on my blog. I hope that is helpful because I surely don't mean to sound complain-ish.

  22. Congrats to Rick.
    And yes, both bikers and drivers need to be aware of the other.
    You know I was just looking at Marmalade's picture. My mom had a big orange tabby that had freckles on his nose. When she went into assisted living, my sister took him and sadly he disappeared one day:(

  23. Congrats for Ricky, I wonder how proud you are, sweet friend !

    Hope your week is off to a good start I wish you most wonderful days to come, sending hugs and more hugs to you

    Xx Dany

    P.S.:Sorry for your loss, dearest Jeanie !

  24. BIG Congratulations to Rick.
    Sorry for the loss of your friend Jeanie!


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