Thursday, June 9, 2016

Almost Summer at the Ditch

The last time I posted about the Ditch, it was just beginning to wake up from the winter. It was still devoid of leaves and lushness as the branches of the many trees hadn't filled in and the lily pads were yet to be seen.

A month or so later, it's a different story. In the "off" months, you can drive by the ditch and get a good look to check for Harry the Heron. Now, you can still drive by, but don't plan on seeing anything but the leaves on the trees!

No, you have to walk it, which is what I did recently. No Harry that day. One of the Ditch People I met walking along (Ditch People are those friendly folk who walk this area regularly) said Harry has been pretty scarce this year.

No matter. There was much to see. Bits of color amidst the grasses and foliage.

Lily pads worthy of Monet.

A wild iris. (Or maybe not so wild, who knows?)

These might be wild strawberries. They have the same blooms as the plants in Rick's garden.

The geese had moved across the road to the golf course where several families were enjoying a smorgasborg on the eighth hole.


I loved the sweet downy fur. I imagine, though, that the golfers walking were stepping pretty carefully.

As I made my way back, I noticed a young boy -- maybe eleven or so -- standing off the path, taking photos with his camera. I thought it might be Harry -- but it was something all the more beautiful.

First one deer...


Then another. They burst onto the pond in a shower of spray and then began dining on the lily pads.

They were certainly aware of us, yet knew they were safe in the middle of the pond.

They were clearly enjoying their bath and time in the water.

And I was enjoying them.

I tend to require a fair amount of noise in my environment to keep me from concentrating on the tinitus in my head.

But on this day it was so quiet. Now and then the young boy next to me would whisper "I think she's a mama deer." It was a quiet companionship with a young stranger who was as captivated as I to observe these graceful creatures.

Not a day or moment to forget.

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I really loved this post about the deer. I had no idea that they'd wade into water like that and eat lily pads. They sure are beautiful creatures.

  2. What a wonderful post, and how lovely to see those deer in the water, that must have been completely magical. It looks a lovely place to walk and enjoy the peace and beauty of nature. Those young geese look mighty hungry, too. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed joining you via your photos as you walked along the ditch. Lovely photos.

  4. LOVE. Every summer, I tell ya Jeanie, I keep getting younger. WHY? Because this observation of life and fantasy never gets old. I cling on to the miracle of nature and I've been injected with its elixir. I love those fuzzy wuzzy goslings and these deer...for some people, they are pests, but they are wondrous, elegant creatures. GLORY!

  5. What a great walk Jeanie! I see the lake is now summer ready for all to enjoy. The wildlife is always fun to photograph and I love the snaps of the deer in the lake. Sorry Harry wasn't there to greet you, I always enjoy Harry snaps. Tinnitus! Yes, me too, another thing we have in common! Enjoy every moment you can at this lovely spot. Look forward to more of these lake photos………..

  6. I love all these photos! What a beautiful and peaceful area to visit. I loved reading about your encounter with that little boy and all of the deer. With all the video games and electronics distracting kids these days, it's nice to read about a young boy that is still captivated by nature!

    I hope you see Harry on your next ditch walk!

  7. Oh my goodness! How cool!
    And thank goodness you had your amazing camera with you to capture this. So in awe of you, your eye, and life in The Ditch.
    Thanks for the shout-out in Vivian's blog - I am so looking forward to seeing you!

  8. Oh Jeanie, I see that you have been enjoying nature too. These pictures are simply wonderful. And the deer! I think the deer is such a special animal, and you captured its beauty so well in these pics. wow, I've never seen one wading in the water. I see a lot of geese around here, especially at the trail. That Iris is gorgeous, what a great picture. Oh, I just love nature and it's so peaceful - thanks for taking me along with you at the Ditch.

    Enjoy the weekend.


  9. How absolutely beautiful, Jeanie. The lily pads are dreamy, and the deer so graceful and heartwarming. Love, love, love. Your photography is stunning, medicine to my soul.
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

  10. That's certainly one of those times you'll remember for a very long time; one of those memories you can call on in the gloomy Winter to brighten your spirits!

  11. Your ditch is an extraordinary place. What a treat that you were there at the right time to see the deer. Those geese are so comical when they get to what I call the teenager years. We had so many geese when we lived at Dad's. The wildlife was wonderful there because of the water. When you are near water, the wildlife is plentiful. H saw a deer in the pasture a couple of mornings ago.

  12. Great ditch photos - that camera is doing you proud, Jeanie. Your captures of the deer are awesome. I love hearing that a young person was captivated by Nature. Those lilies are so pure and lovely, too - a very restful post.

  13. What a perfect day. I once visited a lady who had a big lake in her pasture. She had a ton of lily pads and I asked if I could buy some for my garden. I had sunk a bathtub and thought they would look good. But they were expensive to buy. I was overwhelmed when she said I could take as many as I could carry home. The next day, with a big bucket in hand, I waded into the lake and grabbed a few. She told me to be careful because they multiply faster than bunnies. She was right. By the end of summer, the bathtub was overflowing with flowering lily pads. Thanks for the memory I had forgotten for several years.

    Love the beautiful deer, too. It's definitely a perfect, if more than pink, day!

  14. Wonderful post and pictures Jeanne . . .
    I enjoyed hearing about the young boy photographer . . .
    The deer must have been great fun to watch . . . and get some pics!
    "The Ditch" looks like the place to be . . .

  15. Oh my gosh, what a perfect day! Thanks so much for sharing those wonderful pictures.

  16. How very special to share that time with this young boy enchanted by the deer. How fun to chat with the "Ditch" people too.

  17. oh wow!----what gorgeous pictures of the deer! They are so peaceful to watch arent' they?---such gentle and quiet creatures.I love love love that beautiful purple/blue iris! Dang that thing is so pretty!!---you said it's growing out in the wild somewhere?

  18. Iris are among my favorite flowers -- I like your photo. I wonder if there are really wild iris in the US, or if they just escaped from gardens and adapted to the environment. I thought the common spring flowers (tulip, iris) were native to Turkey. Some time I'll look it up.

    best... mae at

  19. Oh my how fortunate to be there when the deer came. I saw some Canadian Geese here this week. I do like the water lilies.

  20. Oh Jeanie, what a wonderful walk today.. I just adore the goslings and the deer.. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  21. Lovely to go on your walk with you. I love the pictures of the deer!

  22. Such a lovely experience for you! You captured it so well. I love how much more we feel in nature in the good weather. It's a wonderful time of year!

  23. The ditch people:)
    Those deer! That purple iris! That lush lily.
    What a beautiful experience.
    Thanks for taking us along.
    I've never seen a lovelier ditch:)

  24. Spring - my favorite season of the year!

  25. The sheer variety of natural flora and fauna beauty in this post is simply breathtaking, Jeanie! The deer.... *swoon*... This time of year is just magical! Happy Days, my friend :) ((HUGS))

  26. Jeanie these are fantastic photos. Wow!

  27. Always fun to visit the ditch with you and your camera Jeanie!
    Great photos and those rascal deer eat water lilies too!
    All the pretty stuff is what they seem to enjoy ;-)
    We were just wondering how our beloved Lotus gardens are doing near Wash DC... where does the time go!

  28. Summer's so full-on here that even the animals and birds seems to have taken cover. We nearly were 100 today, and the heat index was up to around 105 or 107. Something. It certainly makes your photos even more appealing, especially that cool water.

    I had no idea that deer would eat lily pads, but I imagine they are tender and tasty this time of year. And that wonderful iris! It's wonderful to see the ditch so nicely decked out for the new season.


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