Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Sweet Surprise

As you probably knew, Rick and I have been on the road, returning from a trip to South and North Carolina by way of Columbus, where we stayed with our good friends, Lin and Larry.

When we arrived at their home they pointed out a spot to us beneath a maple tree in their back yard (which, because their home is built into a hill, was beneath us). There was a small brown patch at the base of the tree and with a better look we saw this.

This sweet fawn has deer daycare at their home! Lin said the mama deer drops off the fawn each morning at sunrise and returns at dusk, where they leave together.

The next morning, Fawn is back.

This sweet thing moved only once from its spot to shift positions, even though we were on the deck above cooking out.

 Always watching, never concerned. Safety was simply understood.

I can understand Mama Deer's trust. If I were to have any challenge that required the greatest trust of a confidante, I know exactly where I'd go.

I'd settle into a comfy chair in Lin's family room with a big glass of iced tea and no matter how frenzied I might be when I sat down, I would rise feeling relieved and more at peace.

There is something so special about having a safe place -- whether it is your home, a special spot in the world that you can simply "be," or a comfy spot where you are wrapped in the loving arms of friendship.

 We have started our holiday in the South in with a special sweet surprise that lifted my heart and filled it with joy.

Over the next couple of days we will go from the ocean in Myrtle Beach, SC to the North Carolina mountains. We will work hard and play hard and connect with dear friends and family.

But without doubt, one beautiful memory of this trip will be our stop in Columbus with Lin and Larry and our Sweet Surprise.


  1. Oh my gosh, that deer is so beautiful, and he/she photographed especially well on that blanket of green! I'm glad your trip got off to such a wonderful trip! Travel is fun but can make a person feel off at times when you are away from the comforts of home, so it's great that you started the trip off at such a warm, welcoming place!

  2. What a wonderful, heart-warming way to start a vacation! So glad it got off to a wonderful start, that you had a good time and are home safely. Love to both of you.

  3. What a terrific series of shots. I have never seen a fawn so close and your pictures bring this little animal alive. It is so sweet and charming looking. Have a great trip. You are going to great areas. Have fun!

  4. Such a sweet fawn! And a sweet way to start your vacation -- may you find many other sweet surprises along the way!

  5. Jeanie, what a sight! This precious fawn is beautiful, and you took some great pictures of it. I love all the different lighting that you tried. Deers are magical animals; I truly love them and am in awe when I am even near them. This must have been a treasured moment for you. Thank you for sharing your pictures, they are wonderful. :)


  6. Oh my . . . so very precious . . .
    I like that momma!
    Very nice sweet surprise . . .

  7. Oh sweetness! How special to have that fawn visiting your friends each day and trusting for safety. Everyone needs a safe place such as this. Happy travels and safe all along the roads.

  8. What luminous photos of the fawn. They bring tears to my eyes. A safe place - we all need one! PS Love Rick's shirt!

  9. What a darling. Your photos are lovely, Jeanie. You can almost feel its' softness. I hope you can get an update on how babe and momma are doing.

  10. that is a very sweet surprise. Enjoy!

  11. OMGosh, look at that sweet baby! Beautiful, beautiful pictures.
    I trust your trip has been wondrous.

  12. Wonderful post, we all need a safe bless to be, thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Hugs, Valerie

  13. What a great way to start a trip. Loving post and beautiful photos. I can't believe the baby fawn stays in place all day. What a unique daycare!! I fell in love with this one.

  14. Hi, Jeanie! Oh, my goodness... that FAWN! Imagine waking up to that every morning!! Your photos of this sweeT baby are simply GORGEOUS!! Look at those eyes...*swoon*... Look forward to more from your trip! :) ((HUGS))

  15. Wow, that sweet fawn is adorable and what an amazing story. I wonder if all deer mamas leave their fawns like that? :) Erika

  16. WOW. First of all, your musings are so striking. Sometimes I feel guilty enjoying all the comfortable, earthly pleasures such as a sweet cottage, a beautiful garden and a lovely environment to enjoy with Ruben, while there are many people in the world who are being deported, bombed out and threatened every day. They have no where to go.

    But I see this deer, who has a safe place to BE. Nature has its place to teach us that every one of us needs a place to find shelter and PEACE. This is such a stunning moment, Jeanie, and you must have quite the zoom in on your camera! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Oh how beautiful is that little fawn - so sweet. the mother knows that her baby is safe there.

    So glad that you are having a wonderful vacation visiting friends and family.

    Enjoy your trip and thanks for this beautiful post.


  18. that was a nice surprise - great photos!

  19. Jeanie, that is just so sweet! The photos are wonderful and the little fawn looks calm and content to wait. Yes, you are so right about our "safe place" and if we have one or maybe even more that one we are indeed blessed. I hope you and Rick have a wonderful trip………...

  20. But this is most peculiar. Why would Mommie leave beautiful Bambi alone and didn't return till evening? And why wouldn't Bambi move? Is she hurt or maybe sick? This is so strange. Although a bonus for you since you can take all the photos you like with Bambi posing for you so still. You can even draw or paint her.

  21. What a beauty, and what a beautiful experience for you. I noticed Arti's questions, and sent along this little article to her. Just as with birds, we're sometimes too quick to assume young have been injured or abandoned. I learned my lesson with some baby cardinals many years ago. I thought I needed to "rescue" them, since they barely could fly and seemed to have been abandoned. When I got too close, here came Mom and Dad, giving me the very business and driving me away. Oh, whoops!

  22. What precious photos of that beautiful fawn Jeanie!!!
    Nature never ceases to fill me with wonder and it's always a thrill to get to see it up close and personal.

    On our walks on bike trails around our neighborhood we keep seeing a mama deer and her "twins". I need to start carrying the big camera again. So far we've just stood and admired them.

    Thank you for sharing ♥

  23. such a dear deer fawn. truly beautiful photographs of it!

    our deer are much more skittish unless one feeds them which is illegal with a large fine.


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