Monday, May 11, 2015

Trying to Find My Place

I've been spending more time in my art journal lately -- with notably mixed results.

Napkin, gouache, paper, gesso

I've been including a mix of things there but mostly collage and paint -- gouache and fluid acrylic with a bit of watercolor pencil thrown in.

Gouache, india ink

I think one of my big challenges -- in addition to working on drawing skills -- is finding my own style. It's rather elusive, but then I suspect I need to draw more before the style emerges.

Gouache, watercolor pencil, washi tape, Pitt pen

On occasion I'll work with a favorite photo. Here's the original photo, which was taken from my friend Jerry's fifth floor Paris apartment, overlooking the roofs of his courtyard.

Here is my version. Not ready for prime time but a noble effort.


Lately I've been taking to doing a collage on one side of the page...

Napkin (birds and flowers at bottom), paper, words, gesso, gouache

Then drawing and/or painting a more-or-less mirror image on the other side of the spread.

All gouache

These are kind of fun -- a good stretch and fun working with the paints. The results are mixed to be sure, but I enjoy it.

And sometimes, just pages, picking up whatever I have at hand.

Napkin (bird, flowers) acrylic, papers, mica, words, stamp embellishment

It's practice. That's what I keep telling myself.

Paper, pen, napkin (bird), mica, sygma white pen, Golden acrylic

And while practice might not make perfect in all cases, it should make it better over time!


  1. Your work is lovely . . . so cheerful and happy.
    I like that!
    Have a lovely and creative week.
    Connie :)

  2. I like your birds. You keep them realistic and leave whimsy for the background, which I find appealing.

  3. I love your flowers best too! I didn't get the drawing art gene from my mom or her sisters, unfortunately. Best I can do is work my photography skills better. ;) Kudos!

  4. Good for you!

    I'm sure that the only way to get anywhere is to start, and then to keep going!


    You're a big step ahead of my -- you've started.


  5. I sure love the colorful and affectionate perspective you bring to all your artwork -- the birds are charming, and I really like where you're going with your sidewalk and city-scapes. So fun!

  6. Wow. Those are gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful! You are so talented, Jeanie, and I just love seeing what you create. I am envious of your artistic abilities! I bet it's so therapeutic for you to work on these projects!

  8. i so enjoyed seeing all your pieces of art.
    i like the painting of your friends photo, i like you painting so much more than the photo, it is lovely and inviting.

    the owl really has a majestic spirit, just like owls do.

    thank you for sharing.

  9. I think you have a style and don't realize it. I always recognize your work - and love it. No matter what media you use, your pieces show a great sense of color, joyful movement, and a strong sense of design.

  10. You're doing exactly what you're supposed to do in a journal, play, explore and have fun.

    I really like your idea of making a collage on one side of the page and painting it on the other.

  11. wow, sooo sweet!!! have a nice day, angie

  12. Your drawings are very evocative of Europe. Keep it up.

  13. I think they're all beautiful Jeanie! So joyful and colorful. I especially love the owl. :). Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful art!

  14. I think the results are fun, I especially like the birds. You have a flair for colour. I would like to do this but as I am usually stuck on the couch when I paint, I don't have much in the way of supplies handy. I should try the paper bit, sticking things to the background. I love what you have done

  15. The owl's splendid, but I really like the first, with the Eiffel Tower. I agree with some of the others. You have a recognizable style. I have a feeling what you're really wanting to do is hone it, develop it -- and your skills -- and you're exactly right that practice is the answer!

  16. I always enjoy your art. You inspire me to "maybe" pick up art supplies from their hidden places in the house and play awhile. Love the reproduction of the birds and music and the wavy line of the music.

  17. Wow, Jeanie, your drawings and collages are gorgeous! Love the colorful bird paintings! You can almost hear them sing :)


  18. JEANIE.....WAIT! WAIT!

    That version of yours of Paris? HOLT! DO NOT CHANGE IT! I want it....are you selling?

    I think it IS ready for prime time...oh do tell me, what are you going to do with it? ANita

  19. They do say practice makes perfect, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that you're enjoying yourself doing it. As long as you get pleasure from creating the pieces, which you seem to, nothing else matters.

    Besides, I'm sure they're fantastic; I only wish I could see them!

  20. I like your version if Paris apartments. Last time I told my husband that I wish I could draw or paint. He told me to make pictures (as he does photography) but I lije thus certsin beauty in every stroke if a brush of pencil.

    Regarding style, I think it really comes out after doing many before finally understanding what is yours. Isn't it the same with writing & photography?

  21. Thank you for dropping by Eiffel Tells and introducing yourself Jeanie. I can see a style shining through your work. You must get great fulfilment from your beautiful diary and art. I'll be back to see and read some more. Warm regards, Elizabeth

  22. I am drawn in by your Eiffel Tower as I will be in Paris next week - woo hoo! Oops sorry, no pun intended but it kinda works :) Of course I loved all your little birds. I can see your style it shines brightly, perhaps you're right you need to draw more to feel it within.
    Have a great week.
    Wren x

  23. Your work is lovely Jeanie and I also love your birds and the Eiffel Tower. Beautiful colors and your I love your style!
    Enjoy your evening........

  24. These are wonderful. The little shops with the blue and red doors are my favorite and the one looking over your friend's courtyard. I love your interpretation. You must get great satisfaction from your art. I always feel that you do.

  25. I love these works of art! You may feel you haven't quite found your voice but your works speak to me of joy, wistfulness, living large and in color, whimsy and peace.

  26. I could go swimming in these much light and movement and life happening in every vivid color. Thank you for sharing inspires my eyes to stretch and my breath to go deeper. Such a gift, that.
    I appreciate YOU:):):)

  27. It is always a treat to see what you've been working on, Jeanie. I think you do beautiful work, and I love your sense of color and texture! Your Paris rooftops is sooo charming-I LOVE it! Mixed media is sooo much fun. I think we just learn by playing, testing, trying. You're doing a terrific job with all that! :o) ((HUGS))

  28. I love the good cheer all of these pages project. They mirror your heart.

  29. Your work is all very lovely Jeanie!!!
    Don't's really great to see.


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