Friday, January 18, 2013

Eat. Sleep. Pee. Play. A Cat's Life

The other day I came home from work -- fighting the flu or an infection, exhausted and knowing I can't take any time off of work for a few days. 
I am so done. All I want to do is cry. Then curl up with tea or cocoa and look at my Christmas tree (yes, it's still up), snug with Lizzie Cosette (always brief -- she isn't a lapper), read a book, watch something on telly that requires no mental participation and fall asleep as soon as possible.
So, I walked in the door and Lizzie is yowling as she always does when I come home, not for the joy of seeing me but for the promise of her measly bit of wet-food dinner.
"Bon soir, Lizzie," I say as I usually do. "Comment ca va?"
And she says, "Oy, whadda day I had today!"
"What did you do?" I note the rug in the hall is scrunched up.

"Well, I had breakfast. And then I took a nap. And then I went downstairs to pee and poop. And then I took a nap."
"Wow. What else?"
 "First, I looked for my mouse in the chair."
"Then I stretched -- and then I watched the birds and that rapscallion Bushy the Squirrel at the bird feeder."
"How was that?"
"Same ol', same ol'. Then I took a nap. 
"That's it?
"No. I tried kicking around some of the low ornaments on the tree..."
"And then I started jumping in the pillows on your bed. They're fun. 
And as long as I was there, I took a nap."
"Then I came in, right?"
 "Oh, no! Then I got up, had a little bit of my crunchy food and I played with Mouse. 
And then I took a bath. 
"Then I took a nap. 
And then I pushed one of your Ricola off the night table and kicked it around. And then I took a nap. 
I'm SO glad you're home. I'm starving!"
I think I want  my cat's life.


Maggie said...

Fabulous post, Jeanie.
I always thought my dogs had a hard time of it, but Mselle Cosette seems to have it tougher!
Hope you're feeling a little better today and have a wonderful weekend.

Jeanie said...

I always pictured my dog and cat (when I had one) sitting on the couch fighting over the remote when they were home alone. Lizzie looks like she has settled in well and is enjoying the joys of her forever home.
I hope you are feeling well by now.

Joanne Huffman said...

A cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do. I enjoyed reading and looking at Lizzie's day. I hope you're feeling better and can drink lots of hot beverages, eat some chocolate, read some good books and watch some mindless TV over the week-end.

Annie Jeffries said...

I'm laughing and chuckling and so wanting a cat again. Endless source of amusement.

Beth M. said...

Oh, yes! I want my cat's life, too.

But it's funny how he makes my life better just being in it. :)

Friko said...

Well, at least Millie goes out for a run with her mates. Lizzie has a hard life, I can tell. It’s all go.

Perhaps you could do what she does in brief snatches? You need to look after yourself too.

btw, she is gorgeous; those eyes!

HerzBlatt said...

What a funny post, dear Jeanie!! And you are right!! We should sometimes copy our pets and then we know the really important things of life...:-))

Relyn Lawson said...

So. If Eat. Sleep. Pee. Play. is a cat's life. What would mine be?

Work. Work. Work. Work. Sleep. Snack. Work.

Good thing I love my work.

anno said...

Jeanie, I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, and I am not laughing at you in your distress, but I am indeed laughing: this post is hilarious. Lotta truth here, friend. Hope you're feeling better soon. In the meantime, wishing a cat's life for you this weekend.

Marilyn Miller said...

Smiling here! That second picture is priceless, she is looking at you like "well when am I going to be fed?" I recognize that look. Hope you are feeling better and getting some rest. What you have sounds like what I had at Christmas. Take care of yourself.

Janet said...

Lizzie Cosette definitely leads a tough life! Just as our cats do, too. HB and I always joke about "eat, drink, poop, play"...that's what they do all day.

~*~Patty S said...

ah the life of a cat :)
fun photos and narrative Jeanie

hope you're feeling tip top very very soon!

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Ah yes, the old push-the-cough-drop-to-the-floor trick. They seem to make great toys. I really enjoyed this post because we delayed replacing our cat when she died and we noticed some of the plusses of being catless. But you and Lizzie are reminding me of the fun we are missing. It may be time....

Enjoy a cat's life this weekend and feel better soon!

Introverted Art said...

I constantly desire to have my dogs' life too... you know, poo, pee, eat, sleep, get scratches, the works... but then I remember vet visits and having temperature taken... ;-)

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Although the expression is "a dog's life" I would take a cat's life any day. It is difficult to get in all the naps, but they really try.


Dagmar said...

Oh I can do with that one too.
She's adorible and you're discribed her perfectly.
Hug Dagmar

Luna und Luzie said...

This is a lovely kitty post, Jeanie!
Lizzy is a sweet cat!
Maybe our Luna meet now your beloved Gypsy ! She has been helped over the bridge last Tuesday.

It helps to imagine that all our angelkitties are playing there free on a green meadow...


Anonymous said...

You took adorable photos of your beloved..They must be fun to be with!

Susan Bailey said...

Yeah, tell me about it! I love how you implied your cat's slight air of disdain. Cats always find the most comfortable places to sleep. The new thing are my fleece PJs - Jenny is in total heaven kneading on those!

Hope you feel better soon!!

My Unfinished Life said...

day after day after do they manage to do it and enjoy it too :)

they are certainly not stressed out on having the same routine :))

Sami said...

I too want a cat's life! But not all cats (or dogs) are that lucky of course. Yours are and mine are (all 5 of them!!) My Fluffy looks a lot like your beloved Gypsy.
I'm not sure if I found you via the "grow your blog challenge" or if I saw your cat's photo in another blog and hopped over...

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I want your cat's life right now, too! I feel pretty worn out but have a 3 day weekend so am hoping I feel a bit more restored come Tuesday. I hope you kick whatever bug you are fighting! And I hope this is a restful weekend fo ryou!

Anonymous said...

Oh, to live a cat's life. These photos are priceless. I hope you're feeling better. It's awful to have to work when you're sick. Take care.

Barb said...

Great dialogue, Jeanie - I think your kitty naps enough for all of us! Just think - soon you'll have a Cat's Life!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...So very cite! Her life does sound pretty darned good!
Hope you are feeling better, my dear....So much illness going around these days...

shoreacres said...

Every single photo is perfect. She's so obviously "at home" now, and happy. What a joy she must be to you - well, perhaps not so much when she's yowling, but then again, maybe our kitties have that lesson to teach us, too. What lesson, you ask? Why, that it's perfectly all right to yowl like crazy when life isn't right!

I hope you're feeling more right, and had a wonderful weekend. And give Lizzie a pet for me.

Tracy said...

Ah, this was sooo cute and sweet, Jeanie! A day in the life of a cat... yup, you summed it up brilliantly. I definitely want to come back in the next life as cat in the good, loving home. ;o) LOVELY to see lovely Lizzie Cosette--her green eyes are so pretty. And love that little gray smudge under her nose! Hope you are feeling better very soon, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

Jennifer Richardson said...

it does sound heavenly, doesn't it:)
hope you're feeling well rested and quite mended,

Deb said...

Oh my goodness...this was cute. Love that you got her in all her splendor. Yes, that is a cat's life plus the time we get for cuddles. I'm sitting here typing with Annie on my lap. This is my favorite time with her. Feel better soon. Hugs

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Yes! I read this and I left a comment, too!

A really nice huy named "CLIFF" left a comment on my Post asking for "HELP" explaining how to do pictures---If that has been a problem for you---he gave me the "FIX" as Blogger suggested...!
Many other people said something about using Google Chrome as the answer to ALL Blogger ills...!

O-town Ramblings said...

Oh, to have a cat's life. Or for that matter a dog's, as my dogs are spoiled rotten. I loved all the pictures of Lizzie. She's very cute.

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