Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Cards, More Fun!

Here are more of the cards -- a few variations on a theme, as you can see.

I love my cooking ladies!

These images were from Vintage Workshop and I really do use them over and over!

The one below -- not sure where that came from -- but I love it!

Of course you have to have a cat card...

Or two...

Or three! (Or at least I do!)

And this little one was just so darned cute! I believe this image came from a disk my PBS/blog friend Shelley gave me long ago!

The card below was courtesy of a most generous friend, Shoreacres, who sent me a marvelous box of treats after the death of her dear (and crafty) mom.

I'm so grateful for this image and all the other marvelous bits of jewelry, buttons, fur, yarn and more in her box! (And yes, you'll be seeing more creations made from it here in future posts!)

This one is for Rick.

He just wrapped up a four-day, 400-mile bike ride captaining tandems for Nino and Marie, two of his bike riding friends.

Along with a group of intrepid riders, they pedaled from Lansing, MI to Mackinac City over four days -- one of which included a terrible downpour -- fortunately only for about a half-hour, but that's long enough!

Any time I spend with this gang is bound to be fun! I hope this annual tradition continues for years to come!


Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Your cards are just the best, Jeanie! Thanks so much for the day brightener!

anno said...

What fun! I am loving your cats & hats and that wonderful cowgirl! thanks so much!

Marilyn said...

I always love seeing your cards. The bike group does look like a lot of fun! What a nice tradition for Rick.

Janet said...

Your cards are so cute. I like them all.

shoreacres said...

The cards are just splendid - and the best news of the weekend is that Debbie Little-Wilson, the cowgirl artist who's inspired a couple of my posts (and whose work hangs on my walls) escaped the fires. She was panic-stricken that her studeio would be impacted, but all is well.

The green kitty-card is wonderful - that girl looks so much like you! And the pair of cats is great. But oh, my - I love what you did with the cowgirl!

Stefanie said...

Jeanie, I like your cards very much.They are all artful and wonderful. Especially the one with the white kitty on it.
I love all the vintage style.
Have a great week!

Joanne Huffman said...

I like your cards; they bring a smile to my face.

Dawn said...

Great, fun cards them xxx

Mae Travels said...

The kittehs need an LOL cats caption, don't they?

(I <3 LOL Cats)

Laura said...

Your cards are stupendously fabulous in every way!!!! Love, love, love them!!!!

~*~Patty S said...

lovely Jeanie!
the image of the little girl with the great mixing bowl looks so real!

Judy Winter said...

You do so much terrific art, JC, but I really see something extra special in your cards and think it's a great focus for you. Keep it up talented buddy! So very cute. xoxo

Becca said...

Those cards are splendid! I immediately thought of my mom when I saw the cards with bakers and cooks :)
You have a real talent for these - I've called them miniature works of art before, and they are becoming miniature masterpieces!

Tracy said...

Your cards are so lovely, Jeanie... I just love the vintage-inspired ephemera you use & embellish with--so charming all of them! Cycling... Gosh, I've not been on a bicycle since I was a kid...yikes! LOL... Happy Days ((HUGS))

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