Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mail Call!

I've had some wonderful mail over the past few months and I've been very delinquent in sharing it with all of you.

Even now, you won't see it all, because sometimes the camera is in a place that the art is not.

This photo shows items from several of you talented folks. In the upper left corner is a postcard from Nathalie, whose Ruby Floy Etsy shop is a delight!

On the right, a postcard from Janet, one of the most prolific painters I follow. She's always trying something new! (There SHOULD be an ATC from Janet here. Sorry... camera thing...)

Underneath Nathalie's card on the left is a July 4 ATC and inchie from Linda, another prolific creator! (And I have another Linda card, too, that -- well, you know...) I've never made inchies before, but I think Linda has convinced me!

All of those are sitting atop this book...

I won Sally Jean Alexander's inspirational book "Pretty Little Things" from Patty! And she included one of her zentangle horses, too. (If you haven't seen this book, you really must. Even if you don't solder (and it will make you want to), there is so darned much inspiration, so many ideas, that it's quite marvelous.

I can't begin to tell you everything in Dogwood's prize-winning package. It was like the craft fairy landed on my doorstep!

There is a wonderful cloth doll and all the bits and bobs (from yarn to angel wings and fabric) to dress her, glitter dots, tags, floss, more fabric, a wonderful wee notebook (now in my purse), a needlefelted flower and ATC, some stickers...well, you can see!

I really feel as though recently I have hit the jackpot, and I'm delighted to share these women's blogs with you -- talk about fun and inspiration!

Meanwhile, the winner of the drawing on Chopsticks and String was Vagabonde! Congratulations -- your book will be off to you soon! (Now on Chopsticks, my take on "Eat Pray Love" - The Movie.)


Linda said...

I just realized I left the zentangle horse comment on the other post....so let me say it HERE..... if I was to EVER receive one of Patty's zentangle horses - I would frame it!

Janet said...

Mail call is so much fun and you received a lot of goodies. Love that zentangle horse!

Sugar Bear said...

Gorgeous mail! So much better than bills!

Joanne Huffman said...

Fun mail is always a good thing! You have lots of treasures here.

Plus Size Barbie said...

Wow y'all just took crafting to whole new level! It's all so pretty I don't know what to look at!

Plus Size Barbie said...

*First. Yikes, I left out a word!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

What a lot of great loot Jeanie.
I had fun doodling that horse for you and am very happy you are enjoying the book. :)

Incipient Wings said...

Wow, all your loot looks wonderful!
congratulations! love that horse.

Wrightboysmum said...

Wow I love the zenragle horse I agree with the framing comment. I'm so glad the crafty goodies landed your way.

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