Monday, September 27, 2010


You do it, I do it.

We do it in the kitchen.

We do it at the art table.

And I've been doing a lot of it lately.

"What's booprep?" you might ask.

Booprep is all the slow, boring, or tedious work that must be done to get something ready so we can do the fun part.

It's priming the kitchen walls before painting, preparing your ingredients before cooking so you have them at hand, putting the base coat of paper on tags, making a background page to cut up for collage, or covering wooded birdhouses with gesso.

Not all booprep has to be dull. I find cutting out collage bits a rather enjoyable form of booprep. Rolling yarn into a ball, however, is not -- especially when it's tangly or your executive assistant has started the work for you in advance and done it incorrectly.

You will not find this word in any dictionary, though I am considering lobbying the Scrabble folks to see if they might include it.

I discovered this word one day while commenting on Kristine Campbell's blog. It was my verification word.

I love verification words -- they're kind of a pain to type but sometmes they feel so serendipitous! I just love it when it's a real word that fits what the blogger wrote about. Or, even an "unreal" word that with a little juggling seems to come through.

Booprep. It's what we do.


anno said...

Booprep! I love it! So good to have an excellent word for something that takes up so much of life...

Plus Size Barbie said...

That is a really awesome word! The weather today is good so I opened the windows to let the house air out. I'm letting it air out because I'm about to attack with vengance using cleaning supplies!

I guess today's Booprep is not so bad!

Janet said...

I love your new word! Sometimes those word verifications are so funny. (mine here is reddati) Booprep work is necessary and usually gives a better product than if you skip it. I'd be happy to do some booprep in the studio.... anything would be better than this seemingly endless paralysis that has me in it's clutches.

Wrightboysmum said...

Booprep is such a cool word. I love the birdhouses they look good more pictures please? Your executive assistant is really taking his job seriously as well.

Dogwood said...

fun fun blog post. you made me smile. great word.

thank you for the "Cherry On Top Award." i answered the question and gave the award to six blogger friends.

have a nice evening and be a little silly!

BONNIE K said...

An excellent word. A word we will remember!

Privet and Holly said...

Funny, I actually
thought that you
were talking about
Halloween! As in,
getting all the witches,
goblins, ravens,
pumpkins, etc. out
and up for the holiday!!
Yes, it is funny to
see these weird words
come up when leaving
comments. I always
assumed they weren't
real words, at all : )
My first lesson of the
xx Suzanne

Joanne Huffman said...

An excellent word. For a while, I collected verification words with the plan to write them down on a piece of art. I still may do that.

Linda said...

LOL I thought it was getting ready for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coffee and a Book Chick said...

I love some of those verification words, as well! Too funny -- love your pics!

Ruth said...

I never heard of this word, but I sure have felt impatience when I have to do it. :)

Anonymous said...

love it!

Beth said...

I am boopreping today. Taking down my pool and preparing for winter. Also just gessoed a few canvases for some fun pics. I do like that word alot!

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