Saturday, September 26, 2009

Summer Into Fall

Taking a Pink Saturday break for a couple of weeks, but I'll be back soon. If you've never visited before, scroll down a few posts to catch my last week's Pink Saturday -- a wonderful shop in Northern Michigan that knows how to mix pink, blue, white, impatiens and lovely French antiques for a beautiful look!

On the last evening of summer several days ago, I took a walk in our neighborhood. About eight blocks away from my house is a man made wetlands, instigated by our drain commissioner after assessing property owners a small fortune during a sewer separation project.

Rick was heavily assessed, so whenever I walk down to what he calls "the ditch," I always say quietly to myself (and occasionally to him), "Thank you, Rick!"

It was damp and muggy on Monday evening and the air was thick with the smell of rain and grass, the ground still damp from an afternoon shower.

Lots of people were walking on around the perimeter of "the ditch," some with dogs, others with iPods. I was enjoying the quiet and the colors, getting ready to burst.

I call these "fire bushes" and they were certainly a brilliant red. Yes, fall is coming. No, fall is here.

Clumps of purple asters and cat tails surrounded the water's edge.

The sun had set before I arrived, and in the twilight, the clouds were taking on some lovely colors.

I'm not sure, but I think this was a nest for some water creature.

And the colors. A sneak preview of what is to come, I think.

I have a love-hate relationship with fall. It is beautiful, and what's not to love about that.

But it seems so short -- not in days, perhaps, but in all the things that make it fall -- beautiful reds, yellows, golds and purples; sunny, crisp days, and bright blue skies.

Soon enough the leaves will fall, the crisp days will turn cold and the bright blue skies will be filled with clouds that will dump snow.

So, I will love it while I can and moan a bit when the leaves drop and leave a spider web of dark branches against the sky.

Yes, it really is fall.


Anya said...

Great pictures from fall.
Its here also the beginning from fall, I love the colors from the leaves :)
Have a nice weekend :)))

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I came over and took this lovely walk with you, Jeanie! Beautiful colors and wonderful smells - thank you.
Aren't the simple things in life the most rewarding? You've inspired me to find a place to walk away from the city today.
Happy fall!! Thanks for being such a good blog pal - I appreciate you.

BONNIE K said...

I love getting into fall pictures - it is by far the prettiest season.

ForgedinPaper said...

I know what you mean about fall not lasting. I can't decide if it's a last gasp before winter or just running headlong into winter. Thank you to Rick as well! Happy Pink Saturday.

Amy said...

Am I PMSing? Your pictures made me all emotional.

Fall here is kind of a quick affair - it goes from green to brown. Not much in between to enjoy...

HerzBlatt said...

I love the day, if not yet, then in my second life..:-))...I will come to the big lakes and see the Indian Summer.
An older lady I know was there and she told me enthusiastically about her sightseeing tour on a ship along the lakes.
I am not sure wether I can afford it in this life, because she also told me the prize of her journey.
But I love the winter,too. I prefer the cold and darker days and especially the snow. Unfortunately it is predicted, that because of the environment and the higher temperatures we won`t have any snow in future. That would be terrible.
Your pictures are great again!!!

Jen said...

Not only is it fall, but I'm FEELING it, today - cold in my bones. Sort of a good feeling, and sort of not. The farmers market was great, as always, though.

Susie Jefferson said...

The perfect season in which to have a rest, step back and take stock. Have a great couple of weeks, and "see" you soon. Happy Pink Saturday!

anno said...

That was a beautiful walk. Thank you, Jeanie! (thank you, Rick!)

Joanne Huffman said...

Love the colors in these photos. I felt a hint horribly cold November rains in yesterday's drizzle. I love early fall, but not the second half of it.

donna said...

I luved the walk around Rick's ditch. The photo with the asters and cattails is divine. This was a beautiful post.

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Love walking by your 'ditch' :)
I too have had to admit that Autumn must really be here ... finally some cooler temps.
Some years ago when winters broke my heart for several reasons, I had to get myself off the couch and look at the bare trees with new eyes ... it was the only way to make it thru another I see Mother Nature's 'architecture' when I look at bare trees .... striking designs and more shades of brown and gray than I could have ever imagined.
As I grow older the seasons come faster and faster, so I always wonder why I fuss about it .... I guess I enjoy things the way they are usually ... oh my I've chattered on.
I'm headed back for another look at your wonderful photos Jeanie ... thank you for helping me embrace this change of season oxo

Beth said...

I love the pics, Jeanie. So pretty. I did a small post about Fall today too. It finally made it here yesterday.

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