Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Paris

(Jeanie is off-blog for a few days, so if I don't respond to your comments right away, that's why. Meanwhile, The Gypsy is home, missing his mum!)

It was hard to say goodbye to Paris. I didn't particularly want to leave.

Yes, I was homesick for Rick, because he was missing this experience, this place he would love. (And from what I saw, I wouldn't argue with anyone that Paris is the most romantic city in the world!)

And I hadn't held an orange furball for nearly two weeks. This is a cat who takes it personally if you don't hold him, pet him, feed him or love him whenever you and he are together.

But it was hard to leave.

I mentioned in a previous post about Jerry's button box. Jerry clearly understands the importance of buttons and ribbon. And he has the stash to prove it.

He knows how old it is (and some was pretty old!), where it came from, the story behind it.

In other words, it took us awhile to go through this stuff and I loved every minute of it!

Above you've been seeing the ribbon, stashed in a banana box. He had a box of buttons the same size, and just as full. I don't have a photo of the whole button box. But these are some of the treasures he gave me!

Well, you saw the photos of the Musee d'Orsay -- I did that on my last day, and as you may recall, I didn't go to the Louvre. Actually, that's not quite so. I didn't go inside the Louvre, but on my final evening, I got to enjoy it to the max. (All these photos are fuzzy. Bad light, no tripod.)

Our plans for the final evening's progressive picnic were delayed by yet another batch of repeated negotiations with Air France. This week I will mail my angry letter. It has taken me about a month to calm down -- and it wasn't just at the top of the trip, either. It was the little things -- like issuing two return-home tickets for different days, putting the wrong name on the ticket so it didn't match the passport, and a cancellation on the way home.

But I digress. The Louvre.
So, we took off on the 72 Red bus and arrived at the museum at twilight. We missed the sunset where you get to look through the Petit Trianon and see the Arch de Triomphe beyond. In what may be the fuzziest photo of the trip is my memory of that!

When you turned around, you saw this -- the famed pyramid...

We had our wine, cheese, bread, apricots and nuts by the reflecting pool...

And I loved the juxtaposition of the old and the new.

The plaza was filled with people, and it was fun to enjoy this sheltered nook of Paris, sharing it with others.

Then we walked over one of only two foot-traffic only bridges over the Seine. That, too, was packed with young people, a bit of which you can make out on the photo below.

I couldn't help but think of how much our art kid Greg would have loved all of this. Paris rocked! And oh, Paris at night IS beautiful.

We saw the Concergerie -- where Marie Antoinette and many others were imprisoned, which looked lovely by night.

Then it was back to the plaza outside Notre Dame, to continue the picnic! It was another hopping place!

The church with the evening lighting was truly something to behold.

The next morning I learned my flight was cancelled and I'd be catching a later one, but still opted to get to the airport early. We stopped at my favorite boulangerie for a final bit of bread and some cookies to bring home, went to the money changer and walked to the train. Fortunately Jerry came with me! Otherwise, I'd still be walking around Paris with too much luggage.

As we arrived at Air France's terminal, I saw this sign. Let's just say the airport did NOT live up to the promise of the brand.

Ultimately, I was ticketed, baggage checked and said farewell to Jerry. He was an amazing host and a good friend. I'm hopeful he'll find a new apartment in Paris so he can stay in this city. He belongs there.

My return ticket was business class, so waiting in the lounge wasn't bad at all! I left on the day Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died. CNN was abuzz in multiple languages!

This lounge certainly beat waiting in the general terminal! Free wine, sandwiches, magazines, computer... you name it!

The flight home was grand -- business class does spoil a person! And it was mighty fine to be home once again.

A personal note -- I want to thank all of you for hanging with me during my Paris posts! For me, it was a fun way to revisit my trip. For others -- well, I remember when I was a kid and my aunt and uncle went to Europe. They showed us their slides. All of their slides. I think I grew two inches during that showing.

AND, I want to thank those of you who are new to The Marmelade Gypsy for stopping by and coming back! I've enjoyed visiting your blogs in return!

So, I appreciate all the wonderful comments and kind words and your coming back day after day!

Things I Learned:

Just one. Paris is wonderful in every way, from the attractions to the cafes, the boulangeries to the Seine, the people to the Metro and ever so much more. And Heather was right -- that bread is to die for! And yes, someday I will return.


  1. goodbye paris...
    hello a lifetime of memories !

    and that business class does make flying just a bit easier on the mind and soul doesn't it ?

  2. Oh Jeanie! Your photos are lovely. I have never walked the city at night and it is breathtaking. (I'm always too tired!!!) I have a lot of catching up to do. I am so happy you left a note because I had mistakingly missed getting you back on my friend's list when I had redone my bog. I knew there was a special something missing and it was YOU! Oh, I can't wait to hear of your adventures with Jerry!!! HOW FUN!!! Wooooot! xoxo

  3. And I've enjoyed Paris with you and thankfully without having to use Air France. Airlines are getting mighty 'biggety' don't you think?

    The photos are wonderful and I can almost taste the bread!

  4. What a wonderful trip, Jeanie. I'm sure it will stay with you forever.

  5. I feel like welcoming you home all over again! I have enjoyed your photos and comments. Where are we going next?


  6. such a pleasure from beginning to end for me to travel a little along with you Jeanie,
    thanks ever so much for sharing...Paris at night...more magic!!!
    talking about not wanting to leave Paris brought back a distinct memory of my 9 wk trip as a young woman, when my time in Paris was up, I was not ready to leave, but Spain was calling, luckily it rained when I boarded the night train to continue my adventures, making it a tiny bit easier to move on....

  7. Ah! Finally found your Paris trip! I will need to some back to peruse the rest. I am exhausted from Japanese Canadian Myrtle Beach. YOU HAVE BEEN A BUSY WOMAN THIS SUMMER!

    I envy your traveling.

  8. Glad you had a safe journey home. Still catching up on your blog posts.

  9. Memories are made from moments like these - glad you had such a happy time (apart from the airline!)

    Hope Rick and Greg are fine xxx


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