Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost Home...

In the airport waiting for another delayed flight... but I am almost home -- sometime around 1 a.m. -- do not ask or I will cry... so tired;;;

A Jeanie. A camera. A garden -- or a few.

Let's talk gardens for a few minutes. And I don't mean my little home plot, much as I wish I could boast (though thanks to friends Kate and Jan who did a yeoman's job of planting and helping with potting "the farm," it's a lot better than one would expect!

This is Luxembourg Gardens -- or Jardin du Luxembourg. Located in the heart of Paris, my guide book tells me it's the most popular park in the whole of Paris. With a layout centered around the Luxembourg palace, it has fabulous statues and sculpture -- queens, saints and even a Cyclops! It was certainly busy the day I was there.

Great photos to come from here, and many other wonderful sights. A grand time, but a tiring one.

Thanks for checking in and sorry I can not easly reply to comments now -- but soon.

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